Monthly Archives: October 2011

Silencing opposition to same-sex marriage

Over the weekend two prominent columnists focused on the threats and intimidation directed at those who support man-woman marriage, and the tactics used to silence them. In The Australian, Angela Shanahan wrote of the legal threat, withdrawn at the last minute, against Toowoomba GP David van Gend for a column in which he...
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Senator Boswell on the right to speak freely on marriage

Senator Ron Boswell has made an important contribution to the marriage debate in a speech recently delivered in the Senate. Responding to the legal threat made against Toowoomba GP Dr David van Gend for a column he wrote in support of man-woman marriage, Senator Boswell said that: “If people like Dr van Gend are forced to appear...
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Unacceptable bullying in Tasmanian marriage debate

As evidenced by the recent Tasmanian parliament’s motion calling on federal politicians to support same-sex marriage, the marriage debate is increasingly characterised by name-calling and abuse, particularly by those claiming to pursue tolerance and acceptance. The debate showed that supporters of marriage are increasingly the target of aggressive attacks in the public arena, with Tasmanian opposition...
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