Monthly Archives: July 2017

Farewell Ladies and Gentlemen

Today, it’s impossible to catch a Qantas plane, or a London train, without being subjected to LGBTQ propaganda. Unsuspecting users of the London Underground were recently blinded by rainbow colours as transport bosses announced the ban on Ladies and Gentlemen. According to The Australian: “It has been the formal way of addressing an audience...
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Why We Can’t Afford to Lose the Fight for Family

The fight for family began long before the wheels were put in motion to perpetrate the final blow. The degendering of marriage tears down the final bastion for children that guaranteed their chance at a family with both a biological mum and a biological dad. This bastion grants them their full identity, the most primal...
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The End Game for Rainbow Activists

The inevitable has happened. An 8- month-old baby boy in Canada has been issued a health card with a "U" in place of “M” or “F” in the space for "sex.” The “genderless” baby is in the care of parent (non-binary transgender person) Kori Doty, who, according to BBC News aims to allow...
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