Monthly Archives: November 2017

Statement from Australian Marriage Forum President

Three months ago, when this postal vote process was announced, our Media Release said no public vote, no Parliament, no court had the authority to repeal nature and change the meaning of marriage. We said that marriage is based on an unchangeable truth: that only man and woman can create new life; only man and...
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It’s Just the Beginning

Tuesday marked the end of the Marriage Postal Survey that saw 12.6 million Aussies have their say about what marriage really means to us. We have seen tens of thousands of Australians step forward and volunteer or donate to help educate friends and neighbours about the real consequences of redefining marriage. We’re so thankful to each...
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Time’s Running Out to Have Your Say – For Freedom

This is a defining moment in Australia’s history. The outcome of this postal survey will echo through generations to come. As former Prime Minister, John Howard, and Paul Kelly, editor-in-chief of The Australian, have said: The idea that you can change the understanding of something as fundamental as marriage without changing anything else is an “intellectual...
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