ALP grants MPs same-sex marriage conscience vote

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  1. Raymond

    As with so many of these issues where the decision has already been made beforehand behind closed doors, I now ask the question: “If 100,000 signatures do not make any difference, then just how many are needed to be representative of the people’s wishes?”
    A federal member in a nearby electorate recently stated that he would not change the way he was going to vote on an upcoming issue, even if the whole Electorate was outside his office to demonstrate their objections. While the elected representative is entitled to his personal views, I thought his role in this democracy was to represent his constituents.

  2. gary

    i think the donations would be better received if it was spent looking after people with disease or finding cures for diseases instead of looking after your selfish desires

    • winston

      You would prefer to spend them on a campaign to legitimize various biologically incorrect uses for peoples genitalia, right?
      You cannot get more selfish than to detroy the society’s moral code just to prevent society from criticising your peccadilloes.

  3. Sailor Neptune

    140,000 signatures were gathered in favour of same sex marriage

    • winston

      Yes, but those in favour are from the ones who are trying to change the TRUTH, the rest of the community is busy living their difficult lives doing things like WORKING multiple jobs (most immigrants).
      Over 6 BILLION people in the world oppose “same sex marriage” , (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, Bushmen, eskimos, cannibals, etc, etc.
      There are BILLIONS of marriages that are arranged for the young couples (Asia, Africa,Europe America, etc in ALL CULTURES BEFORE the participants DEVELOP love for eachother.

      Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its VICTIMS may be the most oppressive. – C.S. Lewis

      The worst form of tyranny the world has ever known is the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts. – Oscar Wilde

  4. winston

    It’s so “inclusive” to allow the pros I mean politicians a conscience vote on the issue!
    The representatives have to respect the obviouus wishes of the entire community & not the minority interest group that has covertly placed sympathizers in the ruling party over recent years. The proportion of SSM sympathizers in parliament is monumentally higher than in the general community. We know that virtually all Muslims, Hindus, Aficans, Catholics, etc are opposed to SSM & world opposition is at least 6 BILLION. (traditional cultures excluding western central city zones like Newtown)
    Can we get a guarantee that the citizens will be allowed a conscience vote also, or is that privilege reserved for the “rulers”.

  5. winston

    Message to all calm Christians:
    Do you remember how angry J,C. was at the temple?
    Do you remember how your ancestors were persecuted & murdered until Constantine came along?
    If you continue your timid avoidance of the growing tyranny you will soon be sent to re-education camps to stop you offending all those that do not share your values. (check those already arrested in UK).
    You need to voice any disapproval on radio talk shows where you can reach a large audience, otherwise they will keep falsely claiming that 75% of Australians favour “same sex marriage”.
    2 hosts on 2gb & 2ue have stopped reading my emails that would provide news & statistics for the listeners. They are intent on passing their agenda.

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