Don’t say you were not warned

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"Punished for believing in marriage".

Snapshot stories HERE of 30 men and women, black and white, famous and obscure; also businesses and church organisations attacked and to varying extents destroyed by the Enforcers of Homosexual Tolerance and Equality.

These victims of conscientious objection today will be us tomorrow, unless we hold back the tide of homosexual 'marriage' - because once homosexual 'marriage' is normalised in law as being no different to the relationship of a married man and woman, homosexual behaviour will be normalised in the culture - especially in the school curriculum - with the full force of anti-discrimination law. The gay lobby knows this - that is the main game behind their seeking access to an institution that, until twenty years ago, they despised as sexually repressive, irretrievably patriarchal and bourgeois.

After homosexual 'marriage' is LAW, if anybody objects to such relationships on moral grounds, or to the imposition of homosexual norms upon our children or grandchildren in school, that person's views will be deemed irrational and hateful, to be silenced by law.

Keep this one for the "how could we be so blind" file.

Better still: be inspired by what our friends overseas have suffered and work with us to stop it happening here.

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