Our Freedoms Are Already Under Attack

SSM Advocates continue to claim that ‘nothing will change’ if marriage is redefined to allow same-sex/transgender couples to ‘marry.’

But what we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks, is that the freedoms of regular Australians are being stripped away by aggressive activists.

In case you’re wondering how freedoms ARE AND WILL BE affected by redefining marriage, here are a few examples just from the last week!

We watched in horror as Catholic students were physically attacked and vilified at a University campus:

We saw ‘Yes’ Activists destroy ‘No’ posters outside a ‘No’ event on the weekend…

A children’s entertainer was fired for adding the ‘It’s okay to vote no’ overlay to her facebook profile picture and she was labelled a ‘homophobe’ by her former employer: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/~/article-4894122/index.html

We watched a young gay man being called a ‘homophobe’ and heckled as he explained why he’s voting no:

A Brisbane church received abuse, onsite protests, a sign was defaced and their Facebook page was inundated with hate speech and 1 Star reviews for sharing the Biblical view of marriage: Full story here

And a skywriter has been overwhelmed by abuse and threats for writing ‘Vote No’ across the skies of Sydney on Sunday morning: Full story here

Perhaps the most shocking example of bullying and the impact of same-sex/transgender marriage on education came last week. Politician Fiona Scott revealed on Paul Murray Live this week that a year 1 child (that’s 5-7yrs old!) came home from school and asked his parents how they were voting in the SSM postal survey. When they said they would be voting no, he called them ‘bigots!’ When asked where he had learnt that word, he innocently revealed that his teacher had told the whole class that anyone who votes no in the survey is a bigot!

Still think redefining marriage will have no impact on freedoms and education?

It’s okay to vote no!


Authorised D. van Gend, Australian Marriage Forum Inc., 5b Jaybel St, Salisbury Q4107

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