Here’s Our Month 1 Plan

On Wednesday we learned of the Government’s plan for a plebiscite on Feb 11 on the question, "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?" Labor will decide its position on the plebiscite on October 10th at the new sitting of Parliament. If, as I expect, they blink and support the plebiscite Bill, there will only be a few short months for us to shake Australians out of their complacency on redefining marriage. Believe me, we know from our research that we can win this national vote, provided we get our message out clearly and relentlessly.

That is what we at AMF intend to do, in close cooperation with other community groups. For this first month of the campaign, between now and the critical October sitting of Parliament, I have a significant proposal for getting our message out – but I need your support.

My Book and the National Tour

We need your help for the vital month ahead.

This is the book I have been working on for nine months - it went to the printer last week and will be released September 23rd. I will launch it that night in Brisbane, with George Christensen MP our guest of honour, and I will then travel to all state capitals in the next two weeks, ending up with a launch in Canberra on Tuesday 11th as the new sitting starts. Details of each event on the tour will become available at It is supported by the other major pro-marriage groups, including ACL, Marriage Alliance and the Australian Family Association.

This book is a serious, careful and heartfelt 'manifesto' against redefining marriage. It will equip our side with all the information and argument they need. It will reclaim the moral high ground of this debate with a comprehensive indictment of the injustice and moral coercion inherent in homosexual 'marriage'. As ACL's Lyle Shelton says on the back cover, "If you think same-sex 'marriage' won't affect your family or your freedoms, you haven't read this book".

My book is available now for pre-order at Connor Court Publishing. Please buy by the dozen for your family and friends!

Discounts if you enter 'BULK' in the 'redemption code' space:

  • if you buy 11+ the price is $24.95
  • if you buy 31+ the price is $18
  • if you buy 100+ the cost is halved to $15.

All proceeds of our sales and the author's royalties go straight to AMF, of course, not to me!

We need your help to make the biggest impact possible this month

I will take a month off to launch the book including as many regional cities and towns as I can, amplifying our message through national and local media.

  1. I need to fund a video-producer colleague to travel with me - the one who created the excellent “Cella's Story” about Safe Schools just before the election. It got half a million views on FaceBook in just five days. Wayne the video-guru has key figures to interview around the country but will also gather authentic voices of ordinary Australians everywhere we go and keep them rolling into social media, creating a 'cloud of witnesses' speaking the truth on marriage. He will capture memorable clips from the launches - we might even get some action shots from protestors! - and reach the broader social media world with our message. I need to free Wayne up from his other commitments for the whole national tour, to maximise our impact.If you did not see the short 9 minute video Wayne made of Mrs White's moving story, here it is:

This video was commissioned by AMF prior to the election. The cameraman / producer, Wayne, is the person we want to engage for the coming month - and beyond if donations permit.

  1. We need to fund a lot of interstate flights, accommodation, rental cars, venue costs, social media advertising, copies of the book for many key influencers etc etc. Our honorary treasurer has said we can do a solid job across all capitals and a number of regional cities over 4 weeks, including engaging our video man and media manager, for a total of $28,000. Of course, my wish is that we could continue the speaking tour beyond one month - from city to town across the country, building up the grass roots movement into month 2, 3, 4 and 5... This is what I can do best for the campaign. That is what Wayne and I will do if funding permits.There will be many other initiatives in the coming five months - and some might qualify for the “public advertising fund" proposed today. Something like this book tour, of course, will never get any public funding, so we have to make it happen.

Action to take, please!

  1. Please DONATE to fund the MONTH 1 book tour HERE.
  2. Please ORDER A COPY of my book and a copy for every relative & friend HERE.
  3. Be sure to 'LIKE' our Face Book page, where all the daily action is... HERE.

Many thanks, fellow-workers in this most profoundly important cause. Let me give you the first-ever 'excerpt' from my book - the very last passage, pg. 236, under the subheading, "The privacy of the booth":

What will be in the back of our minds as we make our pencil mark? For me, it will always be the image of father, mother and baby; the triple-bond at the heart of human life. That is the Real Thing, the beautiful thing, at stake in this plebiscite; defending that is the last ditch to die in. In addition, my fighting spirit will rise at the thought of the genderless madness that will be imposed on our children or grandchildren at school under a regime of genderless ‘marriage’. Likewise, my defiance of the ‘progressive’ elite who would use the legal power that comes with ‘marriage equality’ to harass dissenters into silence. And no way will I have the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ demeaned as in other countries to ‘Partner A and B’ just to meet the requirements of genderless couples.

At the front of our minds as we stand in that booth is the choice we cannot avoid:  will we give priority “to children’s rights or to homosexual adults’ claims”? Faced with that choice, my hope and confidence is that Australians will stand with the child.

Kind regards,

David van Gend
President, Australian Marriage Forum



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