After a sold-out launch in Sydney last night, the national book tour for Dr David van Gend's manifesto against same-sex 'marriage' goes to Melbourne Thursday night.

A capacity crowd at Sydney's Hellenic Club on Hyde Park listened to State Labor MP the Hon. Greg Donnelly introduce STEALING FROM A CHILD: THE INJUSTICE OF 'MARRIAGE EQUALITY'.

Dr van Gend, a family doctor and president of the Australian Marriage Forum, then spoke about the "genderless agenda that comes with genderless 'marriage'" and this was followed by a lively Q&A.

VIDEO: "Vote for same-sex 'marriage' and you will get 'Safe Schools' on Steroids"

Book sales are averaging over 200 per night, with the total now around three thousand just a few days into the release.

Last week saw two attempts to suppress the pro-traditional marriage voice  - the cancelling of a marriage meeting at the Mercure Hotel on Tuesday, and the cancelling of the book's main print run on Thursday - and Dr van Gend commented on the significance of launching this book at such a time:

"Part of this book tour is going to be a gigantic defiance of those forces that would silence public discussion on matters of great importance. That is a value of this book launch at a time like this... It is an exercise in asserting civil discussion in a free society - and I could really feel that animated in a meeting like we had tonight."

VIDEO: "A gigantic defiance of those forces that would silence public discussion"

Media are welcome at the launch in Melbourne which will be held at the Community Hall, Maronite Centre, 230 Normanby Ave, Thornbury at 7pm Thursday.

All attendees including media need to register at Eventbrite for security purposes, with a $6 ticket cost towards expenses.

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