Marriage petition presented to ALP delegates

Jim Wallace and Tim Cannon present the AMF petition to ALP delegates before their National Conference.

Representatives of AMF have presented the marriage petition to delegates of the Australian Labor Party before the National Conference. The petition, signed by more than 100,000 people, remains open in order to demonstrate the continuing public concern for marriage in Australia.

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6 Responses

  1. RevKev

    Excellent news. Congratulations to all who particpated and to those who put this together. “Well done, good and faithful servant(s)”

  2. Anne B

    Praying that this destructive would-belegislation will be overturned.
    United we Stand

  3. Lorikeet

    Yes, this is great, but I wonder if the law needs to be redefined to exclude relationships between brothers and sisters, and parents and children etc.

  4. Sebastian Khor

    Since the same-sex oriented people can invent their own words to describe their sexual orientation, they should invent a word to describe their same-sex relationship instead of muddling the holy word of marriage between a man and a woman.

  5. winston

    can we put forward laws to protect decent honest people with normal sexual tendencies like Russia is doing . They have passed laws fining people who promote homosexuality & transexuality, etc., in order to protect the majority of model citizens.
    see here – &…
    The constant attack on normal traditional values is affecting my life ADVERSELY.

  6. Rebecca

    And I pray your petition will be just as successful as the campaign of ‘one million moms’ …

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