"Bill Shorten's proposed redefinition of marriage will abolish a mother or a father from the life of future children, by a deliberate act of parliament” said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

"The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

"His Labor predecessors have wrung their hands and apologised for past policies that broke the primal bond between the generations, but Bill Shorten is ready to do it to children all over again.

"In 2013 the then Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a national apology for the abusive policy of forced adoption, lamenting how it violated “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”. 

"In 2008 the then Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a national apology for the abusive policy of forced separation of aboriginal children from their parents, saying “the act of physically separating a mother from her children is a deep assault on our senses and on our most elemental humanity”. 

"Now, in 2015, our alternative Labor Prime Minister wants a whole new abusive policy that would forcibly separate children from their biological mother by allowing two men the right to marry and start a family.

"At present, it is not possible for two men to obtain a child by adoption or surrogacy in all states, but a law for gay marriage would guarantee gay parenting and any state laws would fall. That means same-sex marriage is more than symbolic: it is the definitive violation of a child’s birthright to have, where possible, both a mother and a father.

"It is not just aboriginal people who value the bonds of kinship and ancestry; it is the birthright of every child to be linked to and loved by the man and woman who together gave her existence.

"No politician has the authority to destroy these fundamental relationships of human life. Our marriage laws must reflect the reality of nature: that every child is born with a mother and a father, every child needs the love of a mother and a father, and marriage exists primarily to help keep mother father and child together.

"Has this generation learned nothing from the past suffering of children?” said Dr van Gend, a family doctor.

“We on the brink of a new abusive law that will once again cut children off from their own flesh and blood. A new stolen generation who will, after much suffering, require their own national apology”.

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