"Bill Shorten's proposed redefinition of marriage will abolish a mother or a father from the life of future children, by a deliberate act of parliament” said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

"The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

"His Labor predecessors have wrung their hands and apologised for past policies that broke the primal bond between the generations, but Bill Shorten is ready to do it to children all over again.

"In 2013 the then Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a national apology for the abusive policy of forced adoption, lamenting how it violated “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”. 

"In 2008 the then Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a national apology for the abusive policy of forced separation of aboriginal children from their parents, saying “the act of physically separating a mother from her children is a deep assault on our senses and on our most elemental humanity”. 

"Now, in 2015, our alternative Labor Prime Minister wants a whole new abusive policy that would forcibly separate children from their biological mother by allowing two men the right to marry and start a family.

"At present, it is not possible for two men to obtain a child by adoption or surrogacy in all states, but a law for gay marriage would guarantee gay parenting and any state laws would fall. That means same-sex marriage is more than symbolic: it is the definitive violation of a child’s birthright to have, where possible, both a mother and a father.

"It is not just aboriginal people who value the bonds of kinship and ancestry; it is the birthright of every child to be linked to and loved by the man and woman who together gave her existence.

"No politician has the authority to destroy these fundamental relationships of human life. Our marriage laws must reflect the reality of nature: that every child is born with a mother and a father, every child needs the love of a mother and a father, and marriage exists primarily to help keep mother father and child together.

"Has this generation learned nothing from the past suffering of children?” said Dr van Gend, a family doctor.

“We on the brink of a new abusive law that will once again cut children off from their own flesh and blood. A new stolen generation who will, after much suffering, require their own national apology”.

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27 Responses

  1. kids deserve a mum and dad

    • I offer you a prayer:

      May all your children turn out gay, and may you have a revelation that it’s not the end of the world and that you still love them the same, regardless of sexual orientation.
      May your days be full of happiness with an openly gay child (or children) and may they go on to adopt a child and love it the same way you loved your child (again, regardless of sexual orientation)
      May you treat this adopted child like a true grandson, spoiling them and looking after them, and may they grow up to be decent people.

  2. Sam

    You guys are so redundant, it is not funny. What you are doing, is creating a future where your children might not be happy to live in. Remember that gay people are born from straight parents. Exactly. One day your children might turn out to be gay and you will regret the act of trying to limit their freedom. But until that happens, you won’t understand. Good luck with your campaign. Good to know you are in the minority!

    • Not all children are born to straight parents. Penny Wong and her partner have somehow had a child? IVF, Turkey baster? Some poor idiot who could later be had for child support payments?
      WE have child protection laws yet here we give up and without asking the child if they want to live in a gay family or straight one.
      Where is the childs rights? Seems some just don’t care about the children at all.

  3. sam

    The Opposition is trying to make this an issue about the rights of same sex couples versus the rights of heterosexual couples, but really the debate should be about the rights of same-sex couples versus the rights of children raised by same-sex couples.

  4. Don

    Labour party should be re named the Gay supports party. They have dropped the ball. The only polices at the top of there agenda is Gay Marriage. I will tell you what tomorrows news will be. And every day for the next month. It will be Gay Marriage and the Pedi file enquiry. The news now is so predictable. No other . issues appear to exist. It is ground hog day every day.

    • Welp, if we could just vote through this gay marriage bill and let same sex couples get married, we could move on to other topics, don’t you think?

  5. What a foolish foolish man. Here is someone who continually vacillates from one side to the other depending on his own political ends. What an abuse to the rights of children now and for future generations. Every person has the inalienable right to a mother and a father and a caring family home. Because some wish to live in a selfish lifestyle does not mean that all people should accept that. Do what they will in their own homes but Marriage is for 1 man and 1 woman hopefully for life. If the gay community want recognition for their union, think up another term. You currently have every other ‘right’ which we ‘strait’ people have. While we are at it, although your voice may be loud via the Australian left wing media, the world population shows you are a tiny minority. Even the Irish vote was only 60% of the 60% who voted, which is 36% of the population.

  6. What are we going to do about it? We need to have a rally organised for people who disagree. Pro gay marriage are noisy and are getting it all their own way. There is no show to politicians that this ISN’T what we ALL want. It is a total disgrace. Please tell me we are gong to fight back in the name of our Lord.

    • admin

      Phil, you are right. We need a show of strength of public opinion.

  7. Well this is disgraceful. It paints homosexuals as deviants that somehow sneak into cribs at night to steal children. No one is forcing any babies away from the hands of mothers. The mothers are willingly allowing these children to be raised in a loving and caring family by a couple who will be devoted to the upbringing of the child and appreciate the struggle they had to go through to get a family. Gay people deserve to have families. That’s not a debate. That’s a fact. They deserve families because they’re human beings, not to be trivialized and demeaned like the historical tragedy that this article appropriates to make an absurd comparison. The stolen generation was horrific and to compare it to marriage equality is unbelievably offensive. The most racist and destructive event in our nation’s living memory compared to two people of the same sex loving each other and being treated like ordinary citizens of their own countries? Do you not see the disconnect between these two? The only thing this new marriage equality law will destroy is the discrimination towards same-sex couples feel every day because of people like you. People like you who disregard the humanity and dignity of queer people and lead to an environment of homophobia. Homophobia does more damage to our nation than this marriage bill could possibly do even in your made up baseless fear mongering fantasies about the end of society because, unlike your delusions of stolen babies and demonic homosexuals, homophobia ACTUALLY kills people. A disproportionate amount of young gay people suffer from mental health issues and suicide DIRECTLY due to homophobic attitudes and bullying. They get kicked out of their homes because the “sacred bond” between a mother and child doesn’t mean shit to the mother if their child is gay apparently. That’s the real abuse. That’s documented fact not some made up piece of fear mongering to scare conservatives away from treating gay people like real people. Gay people risk never having a family because of you. What will they do when their families abandon them and they cannot start their own because they can’t get married or adopt? Being forced out of their homes due to their identity is far more analogous to the stolen generation than your bad analogy (not that I would go so far as to call them the same thing because I’m not an idiot).

    This is drivel. This is puerile drivel with no basis, no facts, no logic, no basis in reality. I cannot believe such nonsense is believed by any rational person. Stop standing in the way of equality and learn compassion for your fellow human being instead of attacking anyone who is different for reasons that cannot be justified.

    • admin

      David, we will print your comment because you are obviously sincere in your anger. However, your over-the-top emotionalism in saying that, by our defending a child’s right to a mother and father in marriage, we are causing young gay people to suicide, is despicable. Any future comment had better be more moderate, or you need not waste your time writing it.

      • David, I too am thoroughly am offended at the comparison between gay couples being able to adopt and the stolen generation. Kids taken by force from their families and culture was an atrocity, kids given up by their parents due to whatever reason the parents had, gives the child(ren) a family to call their own. Rights of the children not to be raised by same sex parents? Children aren’t born prejudiced. Children just want to be loved and cared for and allowed to stay up just a little while past their bedtime.

        • admin

          We beg to differ, Rebecca. Any child in Australia who is up for adoption has a queue a mile long of married man-woman couples longing to take on that role of adopting mother and father. If you assume equal personal qualities in all the adults involved – competence, good education / employment / character – then who could possibly think it is in the best interests of the child to place her within a household of two men rather than place her in a household that gives her a mother-father figure?

          Interestingly, the gay family law barrister, Jo, who spoke to the AMF president on ABC radio a month or two back, made exactly that judgement: “As a gay man in a single-sex relationship for 22 years, I find the concept of bringing children into this relationship selfish and obscene. You bring children into a relationship where they have the best possible opportunity of being nurtured… by a mother and a father.” LINK

      • The admins an idiot and obviously didn’t read his comment carefully enough if you think that’s what he was saying about gay children committing suicide. If a gay child did committee suicide it would be extremely tragic but the most tragic part is that you refuse to open your eyes to the possibility that YOUR discrimination and YOUR hate for anyone who doesn’t fit into YOUR view of how the world should be is what could be causing a large portion of young gay suicides. Im disgusted by Australia’s government and honestly can’t wait for the hateful, power hungry white man generation to all die so the rest of the world can live a little happier.

      • Learn to deal with criticism. Calling it “despicable” is not a response.

    • Methinks you protest too much. Who are you trying to convince.?

  8. It should be called the “Stolen from Generation” – the children who will have a mother or a father deliberately stolen from them.

  9. I have been in three inquiries and none has leanrt anything and a Sorry is just not good enough,Sorry just means they will come back again and just hurt you in a different way just to say Sorry again.

    What should be called for is a full investigation of corruption within the child safety system and have them accountable to the full measure of the law.
    Maybe then families will stay together longer to have a mom and a dad for the children.

    30 odd years ago being a homosexual was a crime and society was strong against it. Today society accepts it fully, just as society will accept gay marriages and their rights to have a family, while normal humans will be denied that right to have families.

    Then one has to ask ?, is Bill straight ? or on the fence ?.

  10. To anyone who believes or who is on the fence about this balderdash, I direct you to current studies:… Also, one should never use the Stolen Generation as a metaphor for political means. Especially if you’re white and speak as if your children were affected by it.

  11. My dad died when I was young, does that make me less of a person?

    Children need love, stability and boundaries.

    Whether children are adopted, whether they have one mum or two or none, whether they are raised by their grandparents, they must be safe and happy and stable.

    That is it.

    • admin

      In no way, Karen, does the loss of your dad make you less of a person – but it does mean you had less of an experience of the love of your dad. Surely you would not wish that loss on any other child? Yes, children do miss out on a mother or a father – through the death of a parent or through desertion by a parent. But such a loss should not be imposed on a child by the government! That is exactly what a law for gay ‘marriage’ would do: by instituting the marriage of two men, which formally guarantees adoption and surrogacy rights for two men even where it is presently prohibited, this Act of Parliament will have imposed the loss of a mother on that future child. Likewise with the ‘marriage’ of two women, and the loss of a dad. No: gay couples are free to live as they choose, but they are not free to choose a motherless or fatherless life for a child.

  12. When is the rights of the children going to be considered?
    Child protection should include indoctrination to religion or not to be born to same sex couples. Male or female.
    Every childs biological birthright is to have a mother and father.
    IVF and adoption laws need to protect children and disallow same sex couples access to these options.
    IVF is for couples who biologically can not have kids. Not and never intended for those who can’t have kids by their sexual preference.

  13. True defenders of traditional marriage would actually support the removal of marriage as a legal term altogether. Then religions are free to “preserve” define and limit it however they wish.

    Instead we see calls for legal discrimination to continue without adequate explanation as to what is wrong with gay parenting, how same-sex parenting is functionally inferior to heterosexual parenting, how same sex parenting will be prevented by continuing marriage discrimination.

    The false analogy here being the forced adoption – children have never had any say in whether they were adopted out or not – this has always been the right of the mother, and until recently, it was also a societal standard strongly reinforced by the church and supported by the government to deny a child access to their biological mother where the biological father was unknown in favour of a married couple, to the point where the adoption was forced on the mother in the name of the good of the child.

    Forced adoption is where a child is taken away from parent(s) who want the child. Not where the parent willingly gives the child up. If you didn’t bother to learn that much about the stolen generation, perhaps it is inappropriate to use the analogy.

  14. To all Australians supporting gay marriage….if the proposed SSM legislation included a caveat that meant you would lose one of your biological parents from the day it was passed would you support it? If not, how do you justify your right or our Parliament’s right to impose the loss of a mother or father on any baby or child who has no right of reply?
    To those expressing shock and disapproval of links being drawn between SSM and Stolen generation victims, I can assure you from long experience of working in remote areas of Australia such an analogy is highly relevant. Despite some SG victims being able to express appreciation for the love and care afforded them by carers and adoptive parents for these individuals there remains a profound sense of loss and grief expressed especially for their mothers. This loss is articulated in many instances as a contributing factor to personal and inter-generational trauma. Comments relative to their sense of loss of a father or mother from individuals like Heather Barwick, who after being raised by gay adults, are speaking out against SSM are intimately analogous to those of the SG victims.
    We will not resolve this issue to the betterment of our society if we continue to view it from the perspective of a minority group of adults promoting a ‘self ‘ agenda as opposed to clearing the board and beginning discussion anew with an agenda focussed on the rights and wellbeing of our innocent and most vulnerable……our children.

  15. You are exploiting the destruction of Aboriginal lives for your own agenda. This is despicable.

    It is evident you do not care about Aboriginal children; if you did, you would be writing about the 400% increase in Aboriginal children FORCIBLY REMOVED from their homes in the last 10 years. You would be writing about the disproportionately high rate of Aboriginal incarceration, to their composition of the population. You would be writing about the forced closure of Aboriginal Reserves, the constant weathering and erosion of Aboriginal culture (the rapid extinction of Aboriginal languages) and the terrifying disparity in health care ( lower Aboriginal life expectancies, higher infant mortality, higher prevalence of disease). You would be writing about the INSTITUTIONALISED RACISM in Australia, not the potential hazards of gay marriage.

    But you are not writing about any of these things because the health and safety of Aboriginals and Aboriginal children is not what you care about. In fact, YOU are inflicting more harm than gay marriage ever might. You are failing to give voice to the true issues, and instead contributing to a culture which exploits Aboriginals for its own gain, actively harming them.

    I truly hope you read this, and understand that your morals are not Christian. When you only care about yourself, and contribute to the suffering of another (failing to see and understand their suffering), you are not Christian. As Christians, dismantling Australia’s institutionalised racism should be your priority. This would help people. Who are you really helping in opposing gay marriage, besides yourselves? Gay marriage makes you uncomfortable, it disgusts you. Ok. I disagree with this perspective, but for the sake of the argument, ok. Maybe you believe God will punish Gay people. I don’t know. Do you think your God will celebrate your failure to acknowledge the systemic destruction of lives? You are racist in your actions.

    Jesus was a model for humanity as he promoted love. He died, after unimaginable suffering, for humanity’s sins because of love. He invited the tax payer to dinner, conversed with prostitutes, made welcome the marginalised, for love. Who are you loving? Who are you helping? How are you effecting God’s kingdom on Earth? ;

    By your own morals, you have failed. This article is one giant logical fallacy. You have helped no one, and contributed to the decimation of a people, in your selfish agenda. Stop pretending you care about Aboriginal children, and stop claiming you are Christian. You do/are neither.

    If you care about the stolen generation, as this article falsely implies, stop thinking about yourself. Start speaking out about real problems, such as the despicable inequity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, as a result of racist policy and people. Start living by Christ’s model. God knows you have not been so far.

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