MEDIA RELEASE: Greens should apologise for ‘bigot’ attack

Senate-image“A bigot is someone who refuses to consider the other point of view” said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“On that definition, Greens MPs are the prize bigots of Australian politics, so self-righteous that they refuse to consider sincerely held opposing points of view.

“Greens MPs Adam Bandt and Senator Robert Simms refused today to consider the point of view of Nationals Senator Matt Canavan and his colleagues who oppose the latest homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill before the Senate. They do not address Canavan’s valid concerns about the rights of children and freedom of conscience which would be violated by laws for homosexual ‘marriage’; instead they abuse him and his colleagues as bigots and homophobes.

“That is an unprofessional attitude in MPs and Senators who are meant to consider the whole spectrum of views of people in their electorate and State. They should apologise to the Parliament for their uncivil outburst.

Concern for the rights of the child is not ‘bigotry’

“Let the Greens try, just for a moment, to consider the central issue of injustice to children that motivates opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’ ”Dr van Gend said.

“Let the Greens consider this fact: that natural marriage gives every child a mother and father, but homosexual ‘marriage’ makes it impossible for a child to have both a mother and a father. That is an injustice against future children. It is the instituting of motherless and fatherless families as an ideal in our law, which is reckless social policy.

“Do Greens not care about such discrimination against children who are forced to miss out on a primal parental relationship - not through tragic circumstance but through a deliberate Act of Parliament?

“If equality for homosexual adults means inequality for kids – the loss of their birthright to have, where possible, both a mum and a dad – where is the justice in that?

“Let the Greens MPs and Senators climb out of the bottom of the political barrel, apologise for abusing their opponents, and listen to sincerely held opposing views on marriage”, Dr van Gend concluded.


Bandt called the Coalition members who opposed the private members’ homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill “bigots scraping the bottom of the barrel”. Simms said they were “cloaking bigotry and homophobia in the language of human rights”.

Canavan referred to the established finding of four decades of social science that children do best, on average, when raised by their married mother and father. By contrast, claims that children of same-sex households fare no worse cannot be substantiated by the data – see Loren Marks

And the most recent, and largest, study (Sullins 2015) finds a fourfold increase in emotional problems in children raised in same-sex households compared to those raised by their own married mother and father. See


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