MEDIA RELEASE: Plenty to fear from Labor’s “equality”.

Labor and Senator Wong are wrong: there is much to fear from “marriage equality”

“Senator Wong was wrong in her declaration to the Labor national conference that ‘there is nothing to fear from equality’”, said Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum. “There is always something to fear when the self-interest of the powerful crushes the rights of the weak, and that is what so-called “marriage equality” does. “Marriage equality” is a selfish adult-centred movement that tramples on the rights and needs of the child, and that is an abuse of power:

  • In the name of adult “equality” it destroys the rights of children to have both a mother and a father in their life - which is a profound injustice.
  • In the name of “equal love” between two men it destroys the more primal love between a mother and baby – and that is an unloving act.
  • In the name of “anti-discrimination” it discriminates against certain children who will be denied their biological bonds of kinship and ancestry – inflicting a life-long identity-wound.
  • In the name of “tolerance” it treats all opponent of homosexual “marriage” with thuggish intolerance, and intends to silence future dissent with the big stick of anti-discrimination law – as we already see overseas.
  • In the name of “celebrating diversity” it intends to impose conformity on all school children to accept homosexual behaviour as normal and right – thereby trampling on parental rights to guide their child’s moral education.
  • In the name of “love without boundaries” it guarantees the further degeneration of gay marriage into group marriage, since – as US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts explained – the arguments for gay marriage have equal force in justifying "plural marriage”.

“There is always something to fear when our alternative government threatens radical damage to the foundation of society and to the wellbeing of children: proposing to enshrine within its first 100 days in power a statute which is untrue to nature, unjust to children, and unnecessary to same-sex couples who already enjoy full relationship equality under Australian law.

"And decent Labor MPs and Senators certainly have reason to fear what a decadent wreck their party has become: the National Conference has given notice that, by the 46th Parliament, any MP or Senator who refuses to support homosexual marriage and the unjust deprivation of a mother or father from the life of future children will be expelled from the Labor Party.

“Senator Wong said one true thing: that the issue of so-called marriage equality “should never have been a conscience vote”. Correct. Same-sex 'marriage' and the deliberate creation of motherless or fatherless families should be rejected as a matter of principled child-centred policy - not of conscience - and that is exactly what the Coalition does”, Dr van Gend said.

“All credit to the Coalition for not succumbing to this selfish mantra of “marriage equality” and instead sticking to marriage as nature made it: between a man and a woman, so that a child has the chance of a mum and a dad", Dr van Gend concluded.

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