MEDIA RELEASE: “Safe Schools”, Gay recruitment & Gay “marriage”…

Safe Schools"Safe Schools" seems more about homosexual recruitment than preventing bullying.

“Given today’s coverage in The Australian, we call on the Federal Coalition Government to put a stop to the moral damage that the gay-lobby drafted “Safe Schools” programme is doing to our children and grandchildren”, said Dr David van Gend, a GP and president of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“And all Australian parents need to understand that voting for genderless “marriage” means they will lose all power to resist radical genderless sex-education - "Safe Schools" on steroids. Right now, we can say no as parents, but when gay “marriage” is the law of the land we will be powerless.

“The question is whether the “Safe Schools” material amounts to a calculated homosexual recruitment programme. Especially with the documented links from Safe Schools to Minus 18 and so to adult gay social clubs / bars and the rest. All with the Coalition government’s blessing.

“All forms of bullying at school can be addressed by a comprehensive programme; we do not need radically sexualised, frankly indecent material like this being snuck in under the cloak of “bullying prevention”, Dr van Gend said.   “In any case there is no good evidence that gay-identified kids are bullied more overall than other kids, since there are so many reasons to be bullied. One large, statistically valid, controlled study (King, Br.J.Psych.2003) finds no difference whatsoever in levels of bullying reported by gay men versus heterosexual men – whether verbal or physical, whether at school or subsequently.[i]

Where is the valid evidence of a gay-based plague of bullying?

Most gay students get over their confusion and go straight; “Safe Schools” tries to lock them into this confusion.

“The “Safe Schools” programme claims 10% of students are same-sex attracted (an overblown figure, given the data suffered the grossest selection bias). We do know, from the authoritative ‘Sex in Australia’ study in 2003 that only 1.2% of Australian adults identify as homosexual (1.8% male, 0.6% female).[ii] So there is a dramatic natural decline of same-sex identification from the alleged 10% at school age to only 1.2% as adults.

“Overseas, the US National Health and Social Life Survey showed a drop in homosexual self-identification from ~8% age 16 to ~4% age 18 to ~2% in the twenties. Kids get over it. We know that sexual identity is open to change, usually spontaneously rather than guided by therapists. We know from studies like Ott (2010)[iii] and Savin-Williams (2007)[iv] that two thirds of teenagers who think they are gay change their orientation spontaneously and identify as heterosexual. It's fluid.

“The take-home message is that most young people – two thirds or more on this data - get over their transient stage of sexual confusion if left to themselves. But the “Safe Schools” programme aims to ensure they are not left to themselves and they don’t get over it: it strives to make them “come out” at a vulnerable stage of emotional development and “identify” as LGBT – and so lock them into a phase of sexual confusion as an “identity”. That means more fresh young things joining the adult gay community.

“Which parent would want that sort of urging imposed on their child – so why is the Coalition Government funding it?” Dr van Gend asked.


[i] King, M et at, Mental Health and Quality of Life of Gay Men and Lesbians in England and Wales, British J. of Psychiatry (2003),183, 552- Table 4

[ii] Anthony M.A. et al, (2003) Sex in Australia,
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 27 (2), 138–145

[iii] Ott, MQ, Corliss, HL, et. al. (2011), Stability and Change in Self-Reported Sexual Orientation Identity in Young People: Application of Mobility Metrics, Archives of Sexual Behavior, June; 40(30): 519-532.

[iv] Savin-Williams, RC and Ream, GL (2007), Prevalence and Stability of Sexual Orientation Components During Adolescence and Young Adulthood, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 36, 385-394.

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30 Responses

  1. “Moral damage”? Really telling, David. You think same-sex attraction is moral damage. Nor could you bring yourself to say bullying is wrong, not once throughout this entire press release. At least the Australian Christian Lobby has repeatedly said that. You’ve got your head buried pretty far deep in sand, too. What relevance does a 2003 study from the UK have in Australia in 2016? “Where is the valid evidence of a gay-based plague of bullying?” Well, let’s have a look.


    From the Sydney Morning Herald, “Gay times, bad times”, February 8, 2011:

    “A national study into the experiences of thousands of gay youth paints a startling picture. Based on a survey of 3134 people aged between 14 and 21, the La Trobe University study found that 79 per cent of students attracted to the same sex had been physically assaulted or verbally abused.

    About one in four of of these cases took place in the home, by parents unable to cope with the fact their child was gay. But the majority of homophobic abuse – 80 per cent – occurred in schools, up from 69 per cent in 1998 when the study first began.

    In one incident, a 17-year-old female student reported being ”beaten, stripped and left in a park at night” by schoolyard bullies; in another, a 15-year-old girl had her hair cut in class. Her hair was then set on fire.

    One 20-year-old former student reported being the victim of at least 10 schoolyard bashings and an attempted rape, while another wrote of being put in hospital by her own parents: ”I got three broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a punctured lung, my jaw broken in two different places and seven of my teeth got punched out when my father found out I was a homosexual.””


    From the Courier Mail, “Bullying teachers, peers make school hell for gays, and Queensland is most homophobic of all”, February 21, 2013:

    “A university study has found Queensland has the most homophobic schools in the country, with more than 80 per cent of gay and lesbian students reporting bullying.”


    From the ABC, “Bullying ‘pushing homosexual students to suicide'”, July 5, 2013:

    “Open Doors surveyed 164 LGB students across the state, and 37 per cent of respondents said they had attempted suicide in the last 12 months, with 82 per cent considering taking their own life.

    The report also revealed a general attitude of fear among LGB students, with 81 per cent saying they had experienced bullying based on their sexuality.”


    From Pink News, “Australia: One in ten LGBT young people forced to change schools over anti-gay bullying”, February 7, 2014:

    “According to University of Western Sydney researchers in the Growing Up Queer report, as many as 66% of LGBT young people said they were verbally abused because of their sexuality, while 18% had experienced physical violence.

    The shocking statistics come as the Australian Government recently appointed an author who criticised schools for teaching about “decidedly unnatural” gay issues in a positive light to head a national review of education.

    The report also showed that 16% of respondents had attempted suicide, while 33% had harmed themselves as a result of bullying. 42% had considered either self-harm or suicide.”


    From AM With Michael Brissenden, “New study finds high levels of homophobia among Australian teenagers”, March 31, 2015:

    “Beyond Blue conducted the study because it says homophobia harms the mental health of gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers leading to high levels of anxiety and stress, placing them at increased risk of suicide.

    The study found 40 per cent of teenage boys felt “anxious or uncomfortable” around same-sex attracted people, more than a third wouldn’t be happy to have a gay person in their social group, and a quarter felt it was okay to use the term “gay” as a derogatory term.”


    I would like admin to respond to this comment. What do you think now, given that you requested evidence and I’ve given it?

    • AJ

      Nick, there’s no evidence to show that gay students are bullied any more or less than any other students. Bullying in any shape of form and for any reason is not acceptable. A comprehensive program to cover ALL bullying issues would be much more appropriate than LGBTQI propaganda.

      • “Nick, there’s no evidence to show that gay students are bullied any more or less than any other students.”

        Did you even read my comment? I provided five different articles showing that two-thirds to three-quarters, or even four-fifths, of LGBT students are bullied. How is that “no evidence”? It’s a mountain of evidence. It’s not the case that two-thirds to three-quarters, or even four-fifths, of non-LGBT students are getting bullied. So yes, it means that they are more bullied than others. How obvious do I need to make that point before you see it?

        • Nick, There are people whom have identified with LGBTIAQ sexual behaviour at primary and high school whom no longer identify themselves as practicing the sexual activity of sodomy when they have become an adult. These children/teenagers can experience bullying for multiple reasons which can be unrelated to same-sex attraction. I agree there are issues where a person is attracted to the same-sex and they’re not interested. This can be an extremely weird experience because a person can like you more than a friend, but the only sexual relationship you can practice is the sexual activity of sodomy. There are plenty of cases on the internet of people whom are scared of the sexual activity of anal or oral sex. They are more comfortable with the mind and hand sexual activities. There are people whom have had multiple same-sex relationships, but are now married to a spouse of the opposite-sex and have biological children. There are other people whom have had multiple man-woman relationships, and then decided to have sexual activity of sodomy in a same-sex relationship. Nick, there is no point discussing morals with you because these come from a religious world view point. In your world view their is no God, so there is no right and wrong, immoral and moral, good or bad(evil), and truth or lies. What you feel is moral and immoral has no framework to other people to agree or disagree. Your argument for same-sex marriage is based on feelings, desires, lusts and passion for someone of the same-sex which can change in a day/month/year’s time. You feel if same-sex marriage can’t happen this is a moral problem even if it goes against God’s design of marriage(sexual intercourse) between one man and one woman to procreate the world with people according to the Bible, and God’s warning against the sexual activity of sodomy because same-sex couples aren’t able to practice sexual intercourse. Nature/biology is clear that a sexual organ and a non-sexual of a body part – anus, mouth, hand and mind aren’t fulfilling their functions, don’t reproduce children, and cause significant harmful health and relationship problems. A man’s sexual organ and a woman’s sexual organ when joined together in sexual intercourse (marriage) this can reproduce biological children. The functions of the man-woman sexual organs are joined in sexual intercourse (marriage), and cultures have celebrated this in a “wedding” because two different families are joined together for a new generation.

          There are no scientific, medical or nursing textbook to encourage or promote the sexual activity of sodomy, or scientific evidence to show people are born heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender, queer or asexual. All societies throughout the world have celebrated and practice the behaviour of marriage for the benefit of children. The safe school and respectful relationship programs are both dangerous programs because they encourage and promote the sexual activity of sodomy, and trangender. It doesn’t really address the problem of bullying. I am scared of all cantankerous men, not only from men whom identify with the sexual activity of sodomy. So I am homophobic of all cantankerous men, and I am afraid of violent men. The sexual activity of sodomy has never had to be taught to children and teenagers because of the significant harmful health and relationship problems. Also, it has been done in secret. It was interesting reading an article of nine boys at Trinity Collage in Sydney experiencing sexual assault (a sexual organ with a hand-non consent) in the boys toilets. This is an example of homosexuality, which is a similar experience to mine when I was in year 1 in the girls’ toilets. I had another homosexual experience when I was 9yrs old with a girls nine months older. We were allowed to sleep together, and I experienced (sexual assault -a sexual organ with a hand -non consent). We went on to have a love-hate relationship which we ended up nearly killing each other in the school play ground. We were warned with the stick to stay away from each other. The domestic violence is greater in same-sex relationships than man-woman married relationships.

          My transgender experience happened because I was an unplanned pregnancy as my mother didn’t think she could get pregnant whilst breast feeding. My parents only wanted a boy for the farm so had only chosen boy names. Then I was sexually assaulted and harassed by the boys, and witnessed a group rape at my local state primary school when I was 7-8yrs old. Then I really wanted to be a boy to protect myself from other boys. My mum continuously tells me that I am exactly like my father so it was easy for me to believe I was a boy trapped in a female body. However, the idea that hormones and removing healthy body parts could have made me into a boy is crazy. I had to come to love and accept that God hadn’t got nature wrong, and that I was made a girl and my body was going to change into a woman and this was perfectly beautiful and natural. I have been happily married for 18yrs with 3 biological children. So I have overcome domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, transgender, homosexuality, sexual abuse, harassment and assault. Life can be extremely difficult for some people, but I have learnt to cope with fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and hatred. The safe school program is based on people whom are currently suffering their problem of homosexuality or transgender. The education department needed to consult people whom had overcome both these sexual behaviours. Just like my mother and mother-in-law have both suffered extreme back pain to the point they weren’t even logical or rational. If I asked them, “How are you dealing with the pain? Their answers were totally inappropriate. I as a health professional had to help them get their pain under control so their mind could make more logical and rational decisions. I believe the government shouldn’t be experimenting with this unscientific safe school and respectful relationship programs.

          • I’ve been attracted to other guys since October 11, 2013. It hasn’t gone away in 2 years and 4 months.

            Although I’m an atheist, I still have morals. Suffering is objective reality. Our goal should be to minimize it as much as possible. That’s why I support gay marriage.

            You’ve said that the only way for gay couples to have sex is sodomy. It isn’t. You don’t have to put your penis in a mouth or anus (or vagina) to have sex.

            Those are my thoughts. I’m going to always disagree with you on pretty much everything you say. Please don’t reply to this because I don’t want to get into a long debate where we talk on completely different levels and not understand each other’s points at all.

          • Tom

            Thank you for your comment Janine.

          • Nick,
            You have indicated your desire, feelings, passion and lusts have not only been for guys, and a bit over 2 years isn’t along time. I had a guy whom sexually assaulted and harassed me for all my primary and high school years, so this was a lot longer than the time people are married for these days. My first homosexual experience was in year 1 at a local state primary school and was with about 10-15 girls in the girls toilet where we saw each other naked (a sexual organ with the mind). When I was 7-8yrs old my girlfriends exposed me to pornography (a sexual organ with the mind). I was 9yrs old with a girlfriend whom was 9months older when we slept together and she touch me inappropriately (a sexual organ with a non-consenting hand). Then we developed a love-hate relationship which ended violently. When I was 16yrs old, my girlfriends and I were extremely close to each other and we could kiss and hold hands in public (Sydney). One of my biggest problems was I had lots of guys whom liked me, and I had some girlfriends whom wanted to be more than friends. I think you are a really nice guy, but you find it easier to relate to guys than women like me. My sister was an atheist, but I was open to God if he existed despite being in non-religion at high school. Your morals don’t have a framework because you can argue against them as there is no absolute truth, reason, right, good, justice that come from God. Even if you know the science that a male sexual organ was designed for a female sexual organ to reproduce a biological child, and any deviance from this truth that is hard for you to view as unusual, unnatural, immoral. Nick, when any of us want what we want then all logic and rational goes flying out the door because we feel or desire the love of ……for our mind, body, health and soul. Your going to be a special guy to someone, and I really want to wish you all the happiness in the world. I have had a longer timeframe to view the world from God’s perspective rather than my own. When my niece eats dirt/soil, my friend gets drunk, my Aunt smokes cigarettes or my boyfriend practices the sexual activity of sodomy with his male partner, I don’t have to agree with any of these behaviours. However, I love all these people with all my heart, and I don’t want any of them to suffer abuse, harm, pain or any health or relationship problems. I don’t believe marriage (sexual intercourse) is the same as the sexual activity of sodomy (a sexual organ with a non-sexual body part – anus, mouth, hand and mind). I agree with you that the sexual practice of sodomy does’t have to start with oral and anal sexual activity, but according to the research a lot of guys whom identify as gay practice both of these sexual activities and other negative behaviours like chem-sex. The ones who don’t do anal or oral sexual activity still use the hand and mind as the non-sexual organ of sodomy with a sexual organ. Therefore, there isn’t even sexual union in the sexual activity of sodomy as not everyone gay person practices a non-sexual body part of anus, mouth, hand and mind. I definitely respect you as a person even though I disagree with your argument for same-sex marriage.

          • I respect you too. I just have trouble understanding you.

            Admin, please reply to my reply to AJ.

          • Nick,
            I can’t let you have the last comment this time, as other times I’ve been gracious enough for you to have the last comment between us. You commented, “I don’t understand you,” besides rejection, this is the main hurdle men and women have to overcome to have a life-long sexual relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Unlike, a same-sex couple whom are around each other naturally because they’re the same gender. If we think about two people of the same gender they have similar life experiences and understand the same female or male hormones and body parts. There is a natural understanding with our girlfriends/boyfriends in where we are coming from and you never appear to disagree with them. However, in order to form a relationship with the opposite sex this is like going to the moon and back. It took me to the age of 11yrs old before I could dance with a guy. It would have taken him a lot of courage to even ask me for a dance. I rejected going out with a really good-looking guy when I was 12yrs old because I was really scared of him as he was older (1 1/2yr), bigger and stronger than me, and he came with 5 mates. I became friends with a really nice, intelligent guy at 12 1/2yrs old, but I could never allow myself to get in a relationship with him. An older (2 1/2yrs) intelligent guy spent 4 yr at high school and a couple of years at University and had a extreme crush on me playing tennis together before he got the courage to ask me out when I was 18 1/2yrs old. However, He got rejected because I started dating a guy that I had a relationship with for 4 yrs before we got engaged, but then I struggled to commit to marrying him because he wasn’t very kind to his mother, even though he treated me well and we have never had a fight. It took me till I was 22yrs old, for a doctor I was dating told me he didn’t think the “guys were going to leave me alone.” I had been told so many times by both guys and girls that they thought I was beautiful because I was tall 5ft10inches, athletic ( thin) and they liked my long, brown hair, but I was difficult to go out with. So I never had a problem with attracting guys, if anything I got far too much attention especially from the doctors at work. I am telling you this because it took me until I was 23yrs old before my husband came around to my Unit a had bought, and he started fixing things around the place. At that point in my life, it was the first time that I thought I needed and wanted a man in my life. He is the most intelligent man I have ever known, and a doctor I worked with told me that my husband is a genius, and he was very respected at his school. It took me a few years before I got engaged at 25yrs 11months, and 26 1/2yr before I got married. We’ve been married for 18yrs and we’re still learning things about each other because men and women are that different. Our 3 children need these extreme differences because they do need both a mother and a father. It would be impossible for me to replace my husband’s ability and nature, and I’m still not good at fixing things around the house. He keeps the computer system going 24/7 as I would need to call Mr Fix-it if he wasn’t around. A Principal at a girls’ school stated, that girls needed the opportunity to invite a male friend to a formal dance because if they could bring anybody it would be their girlfriend as this is the safest person they know.

            Nick, your current attraction to guys are the safest thing in the world because they’re just like you. The risk of dating women is true rejection because they’re definitely from another planet. I think we have been all made so wonderfully by God, and it really is incredible that my husband and I have been joined together as “one flesh” (sexual intercourse-marriage) for a life-time of public commitment to this sexual union for the benefit of our children. The sexual activity of sodomy (a sexual organ with a non-sexual body part – anus, mouth, hand and mind) isn’t sexual intercourse – marriage, but pretends to be a sexual union (marriage). I can discriminate between these two sexual behavioural practices and I am able to identify the differences. My older sister got into a sexual relationship with a guy at 21yr old, and he came from a broken home, he was unemployed and needed a place to stay. My whole family could identify problems in their relationship and we could all observe that this relationship was going to end, it was just a matter of when it would happen. It took my sister into her early thirties before realising she had made a mistake in marrying this violent guy who had been diagnosed with a mental illness. She’d spent all these years living as an atheist (extremely anti-religion) before she decided to be open to God. She did divorce this guy, and her life is extremely different now from her past. I don’t know the reasons for her having to suffer abuse, harm, pain and this horrible relationship. However, I do know with God’s help she has changed her life around, and is currently studying, working, helping lots of older people and new people settling in Australia from overseas.

            Nick, you may have a strong feeling, desire, lust and passion for same-sex marriage, but if this is against the will of God and his nature it won’t last and you’ll get extremely hurt. I couldn’t stop my sister going through her experience even though I knew right at the start when her ex-husband came into her life. However, when she was crying out in pain about 13yrs later I was there to listen and guide her back into a relationship with God. I don’t agree with this safe school and respectful relationship programs because it makes children and teenagers confused about their sexuality and gender. It is a far bigger hurdle to form a respectful, healthy sexual relationship with the opposite sex because boys/men and girls/women are extremely different. The government can’t take for granted that these relationships will continue to happen if our culture no longer supports marriage (a life-long public commitment to the practice of sexual intercourse, excluding all others for the benefit of children). Australians are effectively lowering the standard of marriage (sexual intercourse) if it accepts sexual activity of sodomy as equal behavioural practice as this doesn’t require a man and a woman’s sexual organs to be joined as “one flesh” (sexual intercourse -marriage) for the benefit of children, and sexual activity of sodomy can be done with a sexual organ with a pretend body part – robotic sex dolls/ Dutch dolls or people can have sex by themselves – mastibation (a sexual organ with a hand), pornography (a sexual oral with the mind). So the government can make a “marriage for benefits” club for everyone. This reminds me that all children have to get a prize these days at sport even when they don’t achieve anything because a child gets hurt feelings when they don’t receive a medal. For people whom identify their marriage (sexual intercourse) as the sexual activity of sodomy then I have to accept that they have lowered their standard in their marriage (sexual intercourse) and allowed it to happen with other people so their children may not be their biological children. However, this doesn’t mean that God’s plan for man and woman to be united as “one flesh” (sexual intercourse-marriage) is illogical or irrational because biology/science supports it. Our western culture has lost its brain and is pursing its feelings, desires, lusts and passions for self rather than thinking of the next generation.

          • Janine, your comments are too long to properly read. That’s the problem.

            But don’t worry about me. There is no god.

          • Nick,
            You’ve highlighted another hurdle men and women have to overcome and that is conversation. Women can tell you their life story and men don’t want to listen or just want to hear bits & pieces. There are men who have to get professional help in understanding women before they can get the courage to date one. You should talk to your parents and find out their differences. I have had lots of near death experiences so I have definitely experienced a few miracles where a head on collision involving 4 cars didn’t happen. There is an enormous amount of literature and study in the area of theology, God, Jesus, the holy spirit and belief/faith which has existed for centuries. People haven’t been bothered to learn music, medicine, nursing, teaching, law, accounting etc but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. However, these fields all have their own language, and people have spent their life-time trying to understand these areas. However, as a society I am glad people have been bothered to learn all these areas of practice because it is great to hear music played for enjoyment. Our society has benefited from the hard work and dedication of doctors and nurses. I have witnessed all the good things people whom have identified as Christians are doing for their community. I haven’t witnessed the same generosity of spirit from atheists, but I have definitely seen them attack people and are extremely critical of other people. Also, people like Dawkins want the world view their way. I have noticed my 3 children have been so much nicer people because they have faith, they’re totally different to my older sister and I as we grew up in a very immoral environment. Teachers often comment on the positive behaviour of my children and that they care for other children. This is such a contrast to my sister and I as we fought like snake and a shovel, and we only cared about ourselves. The miracle of my own 3 children are reasons I will always believe in God as my son was born blue, not breathing with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and I was in a high risk pregnancy for both my girls like a ticking time bomb for a month each time in hospital. The middle child was on the 5th percentile until she was 5 years old, and she’s a miracle for her to be alive. The youngest was born premature and spent time in neonatal intensive care unit. I will never forget the day my son and daughter told me totally different stories about an incident. My response was, “You can’t be both telling the truth, but one thing I know is God knows the truth even if I don’t.” I believed my son was telling me the truth and my daughter was lying. However, I got the shock of my life when my son confessed that he had lied, and he couldn’t live with God knowing the truth. Nick, in your world and mind God doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. You might not be using the legal system, but that doesn’t mean the legal system doesn’t exist. My mother-in-law is the most intelligent woman I have ever met and she has studied science/mathematics and later law and theology. I understand at this point in your life you have no need for God, but I know it is possible for your life to change like my older sister because miracles can happen. You don’t need to respond, but you can’t tell me that I shouldn’t care about you. I care for our pet animals and they don’t have a soul so people are worth more to God than them.

          • Janine, your words make me feel sad for the human race. When you think as humans we are evolving, stuff like this stops you in your tracks.
            Just because you believe in God and follow Christianity, it is completely self righteous to believe your faith is the one and only and you are exclusively the moral high ground.
            You are born with your sexuality, for whatever reason, wether that be due to a hormonal imbalance or some other biological reason. Sure some people experiment wether that be curiosity, promiscuity, psychological reasons or simply born that way it is not for you to judge.
            It is completely self serving to relate your experience and blanket that across the whole homosexual population and pretend to be an expert just because of your life experience.
            Do you realise how many people, especially younger ones who read this tripe will actually become more psycologically messed up? Your arguments against hold no water. Not everyone gets married due to procreation.
            The divorce rate alone shows it’s certainly not held as sacred as it was years ago.
            The world won’t fall apart if this is legalised and we may just see a reduction in vilification of people born this way and ostracised for this.
            For your children’s sake I certainly hope none are born homosexual, you will ruin them with your attitude towards this. Please stop using the bible to perpetrate your own agenda.
            The most ridiculous thing I have heard is LGBT ‘propaganda’ and ‘recruitment’. You can’t force someone to be attracted to a certain sex if they aren’t born that way…..that is so laughable it’s sad.

        • AJ

          The percentage of LGBT students in schools is very small. A high percentage of people who wear glasses/are overweight/religious/short are also bullied at school. Any ‘anti bullying’ program that doesn’t address these people does not have the best interest of ALL students at heart. It is purely propaganda and non inclusive.

          • Let’s talk about them too. Agreed. But blame the Government for not also focusing on it, not the Safe Schools Coalition. Encouraging tolerance for everyone is better than encouraging it for no one.

            A problem I have with your analysis is that the groups you referred to are not the same as the general population. When I say that LGBT students are bullied more, I’m talking in comparison to the general population. If 66-80% of LGBT students are bullied, and less than 66-80% of all students are bullied, that means that LGBT students are bullied more than the general population.

            When we do these analyses, we have to control all other variables. If all other things are equal, you are more likely to be bullied if you are LGBT than if you aren’t. This it what worries me: you seem to be trying to get to a conclusion that being LGBT does not make you more likely to be bullied. But it does.

            What also worries me is if the AMF opposes any discussion of LGBT issues in school at all. Does it?

      • Please reply to my reply.

    • When I get my email alerts from AMF the first thing I do after opening the article is to scroll down to see what the first comment, always from Nick says. It doesn’t matter what aspect of protecting our Christian heritage it is – gay men adopting children, women marrying other women, children being encouraged to wave rainbow flags at age 11 – Nick will always have a fantastical footnote graffitied here. Nick you are a very intelligent person, and Jesus loves you mate. You must be incredibly lonely – I cannot imagine living completely outside of God’s plan for me – tried it for a while, didn’t take. I look forward to reading your next rant, and the next, and the next, every time AMF has a media release. Please get help – or better yet Seek Ye the Kingdom of God. And in the meantime try to limit the amount of people you lead astray – we all have to account for these things in the end after all.

  2. Admin, please reply to my reply.

  3. Same sex attraction is real and can be very confusing for young people. I know of people who have experienced same sex attraction and later gone on to find these feelings go and then have a traditional marriage and family. Some never find these feelings of attraction toward the opposite sex diminish. I do agree that it is only a very small fraction of society that experiences these feelings on a long term basis (1-2%). I am sure that the Safe Schools program aims to change these statistics and increase them to normalise their notion of sexual relationships.

    I do not believe that the Safe Schools program is in fact safe for our children. It compounds their confusion regarding sexual identity and blatantly encourages sexual experimentation. As a parent I am horrified that the program could be forced onto my children through the government education system. Traditional sex education programs are optional and parents have the right to decide if others have the right to speak to their child about a very sensitive and important topic. This should apply to any sexual education including LGBT practices. Safe Schools is clearly running an LGBT sex education and recruitment program under the guise of an anti-bullying program. How disgraceful!

    • Sonia, this argument grows tired. Wake up.
      People who suddenly ‘go straight’ don’t do it for the right reasons. I suspect the reason you personally know have done this due to religious dogma. Usually this results in seeking sexual gratification on the sly outside of the marriage and can be very detrimental to all involved.
      People stay in the closet all their lives due to fear of loosing family, friends and feel complete shame due to this being perpetrated by overbearing self righteous religious person/s (family).
      So you argument of a ‘small percentage’ isn’t a good measure so many people will not admit their homosexuality out of fear as per above.

  4. Can we please allow schools to actually teach subject areas? Australia has fallen so far behind other countries that the emphasis within the classroom should surely be upon raising literacy and numeracy standards rather than upon anything else.

  5. What about children attracted to a close relative (incestsexuals?), animals (zoosexuals?), other children (paedosexuals?), and more than two people (polygamysexuals?). Does the Safe Schools program need to be amended to help prevent these children being bullied?

    • Yes, they should not be bullied. But we don’t need to teach about those kinds of philias. They’re not variations of sexuality. Your part about pedosexuals made no sense. If a teenager likes another teenager, are they a pedophile?

    • Richard, by defining queer as “any sexuality that isn’t straight” the Safe Schools programme already includes zoosexuality and some varieties of other forms of attraction you named. After all, people like the Australian Professor Peter Singer of Princeton University, USA recognise that there is a difference between interspecies love and abuse. So why shouldn’t it be included? For decades the North American Man Boy Love Association has been fighting to regain entry into the International Lesbian and Gay Association after it was expelled despite being a founding member. (Fun Fact: The famous rights activist Harry Hay was furious about this and wore a shirt saying “NAMBLA walks with me” at a protest shortly after.) Now, Safe Schools has provided a definition under which NAMBLA and other similiar organisations can be welcomed back into the global sexual freedom movement.

  6. Hi people;
    Aren’t we privileged to live in a society where our leaders are gifted with the belief that with enough saturation propaganda our world can be made equal.
    An anti-bullying programme is now going to make safe our schools and our public spaces by promoting and positively affirming the desires and habits of the victims of bullying.
    Because people with abnormal sexual orientation and confused gender identity are bullied our leader’s strategy to educate the bullies and make the world equal includes the teaching of gay and lesbian sexual techniques; chest binding and genital tucking; cross dressing and genderless toilets and change rooms. And just in case the bullies aren’t cured our student focused teachers will be able to refer them to the minus 18 website to have their education completed.
    As an ex- school principal I will watch with great interest to see if all animals are equal or if some under the Safe Schools programme are going to be more equal than others!!!!
    For the child that is bullied for picking their nose…..will all children be taught nose picking?
    For the child that is bullied for smelling because they wet their bed…..will all children be taught bed wetting?
    For the child that is bullied for their speech impediment…..will all children be taught how to speak with a speech impediment?
    Will the programme teach all children about wearing glasses to create utopia for the child that is bullied for theirs?
    What about sexting? I had a teenager bullied because she was discovered sexting. Maybe I was remiss in not having all students in the school educated about the do’s and don’ts of sexting! To save time I guess we could have had some sexting demonstrations at the school assembly.
    What about those who are bullied for being black/white/smart/ dumb/fat/short/clumsy/poorly dressed/pimply/eating the wrong food/ having stupid not cool parents etc etc etc?
    Maybe we should scrap the curriculum all bar the Safe Schools programme and have an all out drive to make everyone equal and trust that one day the world will function effectively as long as everything is ‘nice’.

    • Stupid comment. Nothing like that is remotely similar to what Safe Schools teachers. Imagining yourself in a same sex relationship is not encouraging you to be in one; it’s encouraging you to think about that what if of being in that position, and how you would like to be treated if you were.

      Admin, please address my second reply about general population and constant variables.

  7. Apologies for the stupid comment Nick. Getting old! Maybe with your wisdom you can help.
    Does the Safe School programme teach gay and lesbian sexual techniques? Does it teach chest binding for girls and genital tucking for boys? Does it promote cross dressing at school and the use of toilets of one’s chosen gender identity? And does it teach these without the prior knowledge and consent of all parents?
    If you can confirm no, then again my apologies.
    If in fact these topics are included in the Safe School programme then please enlighten me and any interested persons reading this site as to what relevance these topics have to learning about respecting yourself, respecting others and never being a participant or an inactive bystander in any action that denigrates another person in any way. And please avoid any twaddle about children and young people needing to learn such topics as a necessary prerequisite for imagining what it is like to be in a gay relationship. Such a notion would be every bit as ………STUPID…….as someone suggesting that students had to learn about nose picking to understand that it is wrong to bully someone who picks their nose.

    Regards your interest in constant variables how about before repeating requests for a response from admin you supply the statistics for the percentage of all children who experience being bullied from other most identifiable risk groups e.g. Obese. Then the percentage of such children who experience bullying and we might begin to see this thing with some objectivity.

  8. Safe Schools partners with Minus 18 for other things, and Minus 18 has that on their website. I don’t like it, but that’s not part of the program. And administering the program in schools has never involved education about how to do that.

    Nor does Safe Schools teach gay and lesbian techniques. What happened is that in interviews with LGBT youth in the resources, they made a few comments about sex that were about a couple of sentences long in resources spanning 20 or even 30 pages. The program does not require that children have access to those resources in schools. Instead, staff decide what to do with them.

    Safe Schools doesn’t promote cross-dressing. It says that transgender students should be able to wear the uniform of the opposite gender. That’s not encouraging cross-dressing. And the resource “Gender Is Not Uniform” makes very clear that a unisex toilet is an acceptable option. Schools can do that and comply instead of allowing going into the other toilet.

    It’s the responsibility of the school to tell the parents what it has signed up for. Nevertheless, Safe Schools is open and transparent. They have a readily available list of all participating schools. Go to their website, scroll down, and click on “490 Member Schools” for the list.

    When it comes to imagining yourself in a position, I would have to judge each position on a case-by-case basis. Nosepicking is not something you need to imagine yourself in. It’s pretty obvious. Besides, Safe Schools is not about teaching sex.

    No, I’m waiting for admin. They’re the ones that made the claim that LGBT students are not bullied more than other minority/different students. So they need to provide the data.

  9. Just a concern – I have checked the safe schools coalition website and my nephew – as well as beginning high school, is at one of the schools that is running this program. His parents are extremely concerned. I think that beginning at school is hard enough already, without embarrassing the children, and making the ones who are starting to have sexual thoughts ashamed. Its a very confusing time, and telling someone “Its OK to be peculiar” is going to make some children typecast as girly boys, and butch girls, which could totally alter other kids’ perception of them. My nephew just loves drama, he excelled at primary school – and of course he will encounter “performers”but this course could be a curse – he’s a shy kid = if he is attracted to a girl and they all decide he’s a pansy well, he just isn’t a confident kid : recipe for disaster. This is just one of a million ways that this so called “Safe” schools propaganda will hurt. This is a government program – and mark my words, if it continues – it will mean less stable homes, and less children in the future. Already the people having the most kids are not anglo-saxon aussies – one thing about refugees, they understand that life is precious, it is a gift – not to be used as an experiment…we do not have the right to second guess our gender. A whole lot of people know that God does not make mistakes – He just makes people in His image, and we all have our own crosses to bear so to speak. You may not be a Christian, but you will probably agree that the more time our children spend experimenting the worse off our society is. This is just a fact. Shame on the Rudd govt that approved this (no small part played by butch lesbian and highly intelligent odd ball Penny Wong) and shame on Birmingham and Turnbull for letting this thing rear its ugly head. Bullies will always bully. Socially experimenting on your kids -that’s a call to arms.

  10. In this past week there has been alarm in Victoria about using sexual approaches in dealing with children as young as 3. My concern with the Safe Schools program and particularly the sexual awareness program for kindergartens in Victoria is that they suggest undue sexual interest in children by their creators. Any teacher, especially male, who examined preschool children intimately and spoke to them in some of the ways reported this past week could risk being charged with sexual interference with a child. As a father and grandfather I can say that children from 3 years of age even know what is necessary intimate attention to their bodies and what is unnecessary. Whilst the children will be aged 11 and older in the Safe Schools program it is still not appropriate for some adult to be stimulating them sexually in any manner whatever. My instinct as an adult is to be “firm, fair and friendly” and to avoid utterly any crossing the boundary into the parallel world of intimate relations that children have with each other. Bullying is hurtful interaction that of course is not to be tolerated. If it is sexual bullying it is just another hurtful behaviour and is not a reason to put children onto a path of sexual exploration. In some cases teachers should refer children to appropriate psychological services. There is so much that has nothing to do with sex for children to learn that will set them up for the rest of their lives while they are at the peak of their mental and physical development. Programs that are to engineer child sexual behaviour raise the suspicion that their creators have sexual difficulties that they should deal with privately and most certainly should not be passing them onto children in the guise of helping them.

  11. I have read the comments between Nick, Janine, Tony, and I can say that Yes! its true that any child or adolescent can be bullied for any reason eg. it used to be kids that were very bright, know as ‘nurds’. Today it could be for any reason or not; some children bring their frustrations to school for example; their family is struggling with own issues, of culture, religion, or media.
    Then all this is channeled into picking on someone whom they believe is weak (physically) or imperfect in how they handle aggression or people in general.

    Yes! religion does play a part in pointing out what is acceptable; however, Jesus did not condemn his tormentors, the prostitute at the well; nor did he, his chosen leader, Peter when he denied knowing him in the courtyard. We try to follow in his teachings on humanity; except, people who do not have any religious beliefs or fail to acknowledge a superior master being. They do not have any role models to follow if their own family models are flawed; corrupt; abusive etc. Then there is the Media with its own set of values and no morals. This is where schools play a role in educating on differences, as human beings. We are all made equal in the eyes of God; however, in society, we are not, as the norms have changed by the standards of media today; where value; is on superficial beauty; body image; social skills confidence; and one’s prowess in sexuality and being popular with the opposite sex. Where LBGT, are very well known and acceptable through the Mardi Gras parade every year. Adolescents are growing up very quickly where their innocence is short-lived to the age of 7-8yrs old. Their minds, their computers and their mobile phones (if not blocked) have images or messages of a sexual nature; not to mention the magazines and songs, being the same. Where once we experienced sex encounters at or after high school, today it’s in primary school. The trusted institutes, we held up in respect and admiration have also been seen as humanly flawed and helpless. So now we have adverse multi-cultural people making Australia their home. They bring their own cultures, beliefs, and religious practices with them. Some Not so tolerant of same-sex attractions. However, we do need the education within schools to allow the tolerance of same-sex attraction to be known and accepted. I don’t see the need to be specific about the detail. There is always the older girl/boy that will take the lead. What schools should be teaching is that when someone who has same-sex attraction to someone else, whom they discover is Not that way inclined; and does not want to respond to their advances, then, being able to stand up for your own gender, and saying No! means just that No. With others who want to experiment first, and go down that path, well not all is lost, as they should be allowed to change their preferences after; without any further consequences from others or the individual involved. Exploitation of others more innocent and unaware of their own sexuality should be stopped. This again, through talking about it and exposing the ones that perpetrate or control and dominate the innocent. This is a form of abuse. Not to be tolerated in any schools. I have read and heard others talk of how they became same-sex attracted, there is always an explanation deep rooted in their family; causing them pain suffering or abuse, taking them down that path. Professional talks about feelings, abuse, or exploitation of one older person over another should also be covered. People who are one way does not give them license to recruit others who are NOT. Exploitation of innocence can happen at schools. Cameras placed outside walk-ways of toilets can deter older students from meeting this way. Make it known to students that they will be seen going in and out of toilets, so to safe-guard the vulnerable. Teresa Strach

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