MEDIA RELEASE: “Safe Schools”, Gay recruitment & Gay “marriage”…

Safe Schools"Safe Schools" seems more about homosexual recruitment than preventing bullying.

“Given today’s coverage in The Australian, we call on the Federal Coalition Government to put a stop to the moral damage that the gay-lobby drafted “Safe Schools” programme is doing to our children and grandchildren”, said Dr David van Gend, a GP and president of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“And all Australian parents need to understand that voting for genderless “marriage” means they will lose all power to resist radical genderless sex-education - "Safe Schools" on steroids. Right now, we can say no as parents, but when gay “marriage” is the law of the land we will be powerless.

“The question is whether the “Safe Schools” material amounts to a calculated homosexual recruitment programme. Especially with the documented links from Safe Schools to Minus 18 and so to adult gay social clubs / bars and the rest. All with the Coalition government’s blessing.

“All forms of bullying at school can be addressed by a comprehensive programme; we do not need radically sexualised, frankly indecent material like this being snuck in under the cloak of “bullying prevention”, Dr van Gend said.   “In any case there is no good evidence that gay-identified kids are bullied more overall than other kids, since there are so many reasons to be bullied. One large, statistically valid, controlled study (King, Br.J.Psych.2003) finds no difference whatsoever in levels of bullying reported by gay men versus heterosexual men – whether verbal or physical, whether at school or subsequently.[i]

Where is the valid evidence of a gay-based plague of bullying?

Most gay students get over their confusion and go straight; “Safe Schools” tries to lock them into this confusion.

“The “Safe Schools” programme claims 10% of students are same-sex attracted (an overblown figure, given the data suffered the grossest selection bias). We do know, from the authoritative ‘Sex in Australia’ study in 2003 that only 1.2% of Australian adults identify as homosexual (1.8% male, 0.6% female).[ii] So there is a dramatic natural decline of same-sex identification from the alleged 10% at school age to only 1.2% as adults.

“Overseas, the US National Health and Social Life Survey showed a drop in homosexual self-identification from ~8% age 16 to ~4% age 18 to ~2% in the twenties. Kids get over it. We know that sexual identity is open to change, usually spontaneously rather than guided by therapists. We know from studies like Ott (2010)[iii] and Savin-Williams (2007)[iv] that two thirds of teenagers who think they are gay change their orientation spontaneously and identify as heterosexual. It's fluid.

“The take-home message is that most young people – two thirds or more on this data - get over their transient stage of sexual confusion if left to themselves. But the “Safe Schools” programme aims to ensure they are not left to themselves and they don’t get over it: it strives to make them “come out” at a vulnerable stage of emotional development and “identify” as LGBT – and so lock them into a phase of sexual confusion as an “identity”. That means more fresh young things joining the adult gay community.

“Which parent would want that sort of urging imposed on their child – so why is the Coalition Government funding it?” Dr van Gend asked.


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