Media Release: Victorian ‘gay adoption’ law discriminates against kids

gay-adoptionVictorian Government wants 'equality' for gay adults, but 'inequality' for adopted kids.

Premier Daniel Andrews told Melbourne’s Midsumma Parade this year that “equality is not negotiable” for his Labor government. “But equality is clearly negotiable in Victoria, and some Victorians are clearly more equal than others”, said Dr David van Gend, a GP and President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“Premier Andrews’ decision to let homosexual couples adopt a stranger’s child shows that Labor considers the emotional needs of gay adults to be ‘more equal’ than the emotional needs of kids.

“The equal right and deep need of a child to have both a mother and father in her life is being negotiated away so that gay couples can have the ‘equal right’ to adoption.

“Has the Premier not read the largest, most recent study of same-sex parenting (Sullins, 2015) which found a significant increase in serious emotional problems for kids raised in same-sex households? Does he know nothing of the importance of both a mother’s and father’s input into the normal emotional development of a child?

“So few children are up for adoption, and so many thousands of infertile married couples are longing to adopt. All else being equal, what possible justification could there be for government to deny a child the mother and father relationship she needs and instead place the child with two unknown men?

“Trivial slogans about ‘all you need is a loving couple’ cannot justify subjecting adopted children to a prolonged experiment on their emotional development”, Dr van Gend said.


“And with Premier Andrews’ refusal to let faith-based adoption agencies continue to do their good work of placing children with a mother and father figure, he is showing his totalitarian streak", Dr van Gend said.

“He knows that faith-based adoption agencies in several states in America and across the United Kingdom have had to close once they were required to place children equally with homosexual couples.

“The Victorian Labor government will bully faith-based adoption agencies to act against what they consider to be the child’s best interest, or be shut down”.


“All government policy, State and Federal, must put the interests and rights of the child first – not the interests of homosexual adults.

“That means no law can be passed, or allowed to stand, that deliberately deprives a child of their relationship with a mother or father.

“That rules out adoption and surrogacy for single people, or for same-sex couples. Above all it rules out a federal law for same-sex ‘marriage’, which would overrule the remaining State prohibitions against same-sex adoption and surrogacy: it would become a nationwide, permanent violation of a child’s birth-right to have, where possible, both a mother and father in her life”, Dr van Gend said.


“No government, state or federal, should allow spurious adult demands for “equality” to overrule authentic equality for children – their equal right and deep need to know the love of both mother and father, even where that is an adopting mother and father”, Dr van Gend concluded.

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