MEDIA RELEASE: It’s smart to withdraw – until gay marriage is LAW.

Transgender Greens activist drops anti-free speech case against Catholic Bishops: 
“A tactical withdrawal until gay marriage is law and free speech can be crushed” says AMF president.

From AAP today:

In an email sent to the commissioner on Thursday, Ms Delaney withdrew her complaint against the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Hobart's Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous.

"My primary reason is the tribunal process is a very long and drawn out process and during that time the message of this booklet is going to continue to be spread," she told AAP.

Response from the Australian Marriage Forum:

“I see the dropping of the complaint today as merely a tactical withdrawal by the homosexual lobby until gay marriage is law and conscientious objectors can be more easily silenced”, said Dr David van Gend, president of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“Rodney Croome, the head of Australian Marriage Equality, kicked a massive own-goal in June 2015 when he incited Tasmanians to take the Catholic Bishops to the thought police for their very gentle and beautiful booklet defending natural marriage. It revealed the ugly intentions of the gay ‘marriage’ movement – which is to harass any opponent into silence.

“Wiser strategists than Croome have realised they cannot afford to have such a naked display of anti-free speech intimidation as we approach the public vote on marriage.

“But if homosexual ‘marriage’ becomes the law of the land, homosexual activists will be able to use the big stick of anti-discrimination law to intimidate and silence any conscientious objectors, including church leaders and individual citizens.

“These laws and commissions that censor public debate are unworthy of a free society and should be abolished, and the right of all citizens to argue freely on matters of public importance, including marriage, should be restored”, Dr van Gend concluded.


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