MEDIA RELEASE: It’s smart to withdraw – until gay marriage is LAW.

Transgender Greens activist drops anti-free speech case against Catholic Bishops: 
“A tactical withdrawal until gay marriage is law and free speech can be crushed” says AMF president.

From AAP today:

In an email sent to the commissioner on Thursday, Ms Delaney withdrew her complaint against the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Hobart's Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous.

"My primary reason is the tribunal process is a very long and drawn out process and during that time the message of this booklet is going to continue to be spread," she told AAP.

Response from the Australian Marriage Forum:

“I see the dropping of the complaint today as merely a tactical withdrawal by the homosexual lobby until gay marriage is law and conscientious objectors can be more easily silenced”, said Dr David van Gend, president of the Australian Marriage Forum.

“Rodney Croome, the head of Australian Marriage Equality, kicked a massive own-goal in June 2015 when he incited Tasmanians to take the Catholic Bishops to the thought police for their very gentle and beautiful booklet defending natural marriage. It revealed the ugly intentions of the gay ‘marriage’ movement – which is to harass any opponent into silence.

“Wiser strategists than Croome have realised they cannot afford to have such a naked display of anti-free speech intimidation as we approach the public vote on marriage.

“But if homosexual ‘marriage’ becomes the law of the land, homosexual activists will be able to use the big stick of anti-discrimination law to intimidate and silence any conscientious objectors, including church leaders and individual citizens.

“These laws and commissions that censor public debate are unworthy of a free society and should be abolished, and the right of all citizens to argue freely on matters of public importance, including marriage, should be restored”, Dr van Gend concluded.


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13 Responses

  1. I agree that the law should go, but it’s not the subject of this debate. It will be untouched by marriage equality. So what was legal before will remain legal after. Judges have more sense than to decide whether or not what you say is legal or illegal based on whether or not you agree with the law.

  2. Agree is a tactical withdrawal and we can see that party are ignoring such issue on purpose in the electoral campaign, like if the issue is not existing. Unfortunately we had in pour society a very pour future with most church are silent from the pulpit and university like the one in melbourne “La Trobe” are indoctrinating student the most left extremism and atheism.

  3. Sad to see the sneering tone of this media release.Not helpful at all to the debate. Ms Delaney by contrast has acted with considerable restraint.
    I have very little hope of our being able to retain a traditional definition of marriage if we cannot treat our opponents with respect.
    The title of the ACBC booklet is unfortunate to say the least.I think most Australians equate ‘messing with children’ to sexual abuse and it is ironic that the Church against which so many complaints have been made in this area should choose so inappropriate a phrase.
    I should add that i am a Catholic and a supporter of traditional marriage.And I agree that more work needs to be done on anti-discrimination legislation.

  4. I’m glad that justice has prevailed in this instance, but Van Gend is right – this is a tactical withdrawal. This would have had the self appointed leader gays extremely annoyed – they know that once aussies think this through they will never accept same sex “marriage”.

    Martin Delaney is a pawn of the Greens – home to perverts and contrarians, green on the outside, red on the inside. I’ve got an idea – lets make a reservation, give it to the greens and see how long they take to ruin it. They want 50,000 refugees per year – but not even that many could dilute the trash that they talk.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman, and it does not matter what Canberra say, the majority of Australians will never trust people who would willingly deprive a baby of its biological father or mother so they can get their rocks off. Homosexuality is a choice, and a very, very sad one at that.

  5. Harry
    I agree totally with you especially when it comes to children.
    How is it ok to fill a void in you life (ie unable to have a child) by artificially having child who then has a void as a result (no mother or father). These kids are not stupid, you can wave the love flag all you life but the kids know it’s just greed.
    The time will come when these kids will gather and revolt, the wheels are already turning on this travesty .
    Mother nature, God or whoever you believe in please have mercy on us.

  6. According to Christian faith and for those who strongly believe in Healing and Deliverance in Jesus’s name by the power of the Holy Spirit, the gays and lesbians could have their way of life changed by being delivered from the spirit man/spirit woman. This would enable the victims lead normal life and the Servant of God who is a position to do this is Prophet T B Joshua of SCOAN at no cost!!!!!!!!

  7. It seems the AMF deleted my comment to Harry, but left his in place. They have no problem calling gay people “perverts”, but not to objecting to it. Really, really telling, guys.

  8. Harry is at least explaining why he feels this way whereas your comments, which I read before they were deleted, were of no substance and therefore no less than bigotry. I commend AMF on doing so.

    • This is the kind of support the AMF attracts and does nothing about, while going after anyone who raises an objection. The AMF is a hate group of the most vile kind.

      Do you believe that gay people are perverts? Because it is a disgusting thing to say.

      • Nick,
        If your mother murdered a neighbour, could you love your mum, but hate her behaviour of murdering?
        I will love my children, however I hate them cheating, stealing, fighting etc.
        I will love my son, but I can hate an affair as it would hurt his wife and children.
        Nick you are a very special person and I know you are going to make someone really happy. However, there will be some behaviours that you do that I hate, but other behaviours that you do that I agree with, and these make you a very special person. I can hate some of my own behaviours and practices, but I can love and care for my family and patients. I am the good and bad and the ugly and the beautiful. This forum doesn’t hate you as a person, rather we share a common interest in disliking a particular behaviour that we know hurts the individuals involved and this impacts negatively on our society. Think about how much money the government (Australian taxpayer) spends on people whom identify with homosexual behaviours (0.7% identified as same-sex couples and 0.01% of children in same-sex relationships in the Australian 2011 Census). The federal and state governments fund the Australian AIDS council which supports the gay community. The Victorian government fund PreP trial for high risk LGBTIAQ people whom have unprotected sex with HIV/AIDS partners. The Australian government pay per year approx $14 000 per patient, there are approx 27 000 patients receiving HIV treatment in Australia. Most HIV patients are men whom have sex with men. The government provides significant amount of resources to cover the healthcare costs of treating the poor mental and physical health of the gay community. The government allocated $8 million for the Safe School Coalition Program and more money for the respectful relationship program which is all about accepting homosexuality and transgender life-styles. The Victorian government is going to spend $15 million on a “Pride Centre” for the LGBTIAQ community. When you consider that being gay or lesbian is just sex compared to male and female, it is incredible that our Australian government are spending a lot of money on sex for the gay community.

        I haven’t seen the gay community build hospitals, schools, community clubs, welfare agencies, kindergartens etc, like the men and women whom identify as Christian have done in Australia. It is quite incredible that the Christian community were able to build all of these services even before the state got involved with marriage and welfare services. There is a museum which displays the living conditions of my german forefathers when they travelled across Australia. When you see a one room hut with no flooring and the whole family had to fit inside it, this makes my place look like a mansion. However, my forefathers built extremely big and beautiful churches and excellent schools which still exist today. I have my german history books and they didn’t celebrate any same-sex marriages because they never believed there was such a thing. Can the law treat a ‘virtual baby’ equally the same as a real baby? I believe same-sex couples have a virtual fantasy of marriage, but I don’t want to exchange my true marriage for this fantasy. The government can try to get me to exchange a true marriage for a legal, man-made “open marriage” between any 2 people based on autonomy and cosent, but I won’t have anything to do with it. History is only repeating itself as my german forefathers had a moral dilemma when the King tried to control their mind and persuade them to get married in his state church, but they refused. What would the government do if Christian women quit their careers and took their children out of state/private schools and did home-schooling? Christians have options because we don’t need a civil marriage. We can have our religious marriages recorded in a church, Family Bible and a church marriage certificate. Since the legal, man-made divorce doesn’t reflect Christian principles of being fair, respectful and truthful, Christian couples can divide their assets and time with their children as God will be their ultimate judge. The majority of married couples don’t identify their marriage as an “open marriage.” Married couples have already started to separated the sheep and the goats so same-sex couples will make civil marriage a totally legal man-made “open marriage” between any 2 people. My family and children have no dignity or respect for this new legal “open marriage.” I can still love gays and lesbians as people, there is certain behaviour I don’t agree with.

  9. Isn’t is wonderful that we live in a country where we can voice our opinions? Freedom of speech is a precious thing. No one should be sued for publishing a pamphlet expressing their spiritual beliefs within their own community. Everyone should have the right to defend what they believe and express their convictions. I do feel that both sides of this debate should express their concerns and thoughts respectfully. We can still treat others with consideration even if we completely disagree. Freedom of speech and belief need to be protected in our country. Anything that attacks these human rights cannot be in the best interests of our community.

  10. To accept gay marriage you have to say that all cultures including our indigenous culture for the last 20,000 years or more on all continents has been bigoted. homophobic and committing untold hate crimes. This is absurd.
    It is important to say that all gay people are of great value and worth just as anyone is.
    What we did have however was a group who planned in the eighties to undermine marriage and remove the current picture and structure of family. This looks like progress yet we see through social experiment more and more drug and alcohol use. Our use of prescription medication for depression and anxiety is sky high. Domestic violence in lesbian relationships is incredibly alarming. Along with wanting marriage equality we are losing free speech and children are losing the natural bond to a mother and father. Concerning times indeed.

  11. Nick – I have had a few comments lost on this site also: when you click on Submit Form there seems to be a problem. I would not assume that your comment has been moderated. When the comments that I tried to submit did not appear, I took the opportunity to think and pray about that comment, then re-write or let it go. Unless you are sure that you have been censored, I’d lay off the accusations. If my use of the word “pervert” upset you I am sorry. I mean it in the truest sense: all the pleasures in the world are from God. (see Screwtape Letters chapter 4 if you are allergic to the Bible) The Enemy has not been able to manufacture a single pleasure – he concentrates on perverting the gifts that we do have. I hope you are well.

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