“My dad was gay: why I oppose gay marriage”.

Marriage marchWe have read Heather Barwick's account of her grief in having no father in her life, because she was brought up by her mother and a lesbian partner.

We have heard 'Amy', on radio talkback with AMF, describing the same grief and loss and how as a little girl "I desperately wanted a daddy".

Now hear from Dawn Stefanowicz, writing this week about being brought up by her homosexual father and his partner(s).  Like Heather and Amy, she is loving and loyal to the one biological parent but grieves the absence of the other biological parent. She has moved to a position of opposition to gay 'marriage' because of the injustice and harm of forcibly depriving a child of either their mother or their father.

And also because of the violation of fundamental rights that comes with gay 'marriage' laws: the usurping of a parent's right to teach their child sexual right and wrong; the suppression of conscientious objection rights for churches and individuals; the intimidation of any citizens / businesses who dare stand in the way of theo homosexual juggernaut.

Her voice deserves to be heard and her warning heeded, so we do not follow Canada down this dark alleyway.

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Some key quotes:

On what 'gay parenting' meant to her:

... I did not see my father and his partners valuing, loving and affirming women. My father’s preference for one gender (male) created an inner sense of inequality for me.

... Due to media silencing, political correctness, GLBT lobbying efforts and loss of freedom of speech, it is very hard to tell my story. But I am not alone. Over 50 adult children from alternative households, plus ex-spouses with children, and parents who have left the “gay” lifestyle have contacted me. Very few children will share their stories publicly.

For many of us adult children of gay parents, we have come to the conclusion that same-sex marriage is more about promoting adults’ “desires” than about safeguarding children’s rights to know and be raised by their biological parents.

On what 'gay marriage' has done to parental rights / conscientious liberty in Canada

... In effect, same-sex marriage permits state powers to override the autonomy of biological parents. Necessary parental rights to teach children your beliefs, express your opinions, and practice your personal faith are infringed upon by the state when your beliefs, opinions and or faith practices are in opposition to what is taught and promoted at school.

For example, if you teach your children that same-sex sexual relationships are wrong and that every child has a father and a mother, and that only man-woman sex in marriage is allowed, you run the risk of thought police questioning your beliefs, especially if your children discuss these subjects in the classroom.

Consequently, parents experience state interference when it comes to moral values and teachings about family, parenting and sex education in schools. Also, children are deprived of knowing and being raised by both their biological father and mother since same-sex marriage allows for children to have same-sex parents where at least one parent is unrelated to the child.

... Freedom to assemble and speak freely about man-woman marriage, family and sexuality are restricted. Activists often sit in on religious assemblies, listening for anything discriminatory towards GLBT, so a complaint can be made to the Human Rights Commission. Most faith communities have become politically correct to avoid fines and loss of charitable status.

Read the whole of Dawn's personal reflections HERE

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