A New Way to Betray Children

Australian Marriage Forum President, Dr David van Gend, spoke on Vision Radio this week. You can listen to the full interview here:

His main points include:

"Each generation seems to find its own way of betraying and wounding children, and same-sex 'marriage' will be ours."

"You don't overturn marriage as a form of therapy - therapy! - for some troubled kids or some low self-esteem adults... that's ridiculous."

He also debunks some of the fake stats being used by the 'Yes' campaign.


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11 Responses

  1. Dr VG and team thank you for your incredible commitment, energy and hard work over the past few years. From the earliest days of your postings you alerted us to the danger of the approaching rainbow coloured wolf, despite the regular deflections and rebuttals from a few who kept trying to chastise us all into believing the rainbow thing was just a poor misunderstood pointy eared sheep.
    Regardless of the outcome of the postal vote the fight is just warming up. This wolf lacks the humility, the empathy and emotional intelligence to comprehend ‘No’!
    Hopefully enough men and women, mothers and fathers, (time for men to stand up) have now seen the wolf and will have the courage to take a stand for the sake of our children. I for one, will face gaol before I allow any child in my family to be exposed to the evil indoctrination of ‘Safe Schools’, ‘Respectful Relationships’ and other such rubbish fostered by the Roz Ward’s of the new ‘progressive’ order.
    If all the groups associated with Marriage Alliance are able to remain united and active after the Nov outcome, they might act as a rallying point for the organisation of push back initiatives. ( i.e if the Antifa types don’t shut you down). The future wellbeing of our society will depend on us……as it goes……’The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.’

    • Michael

      Well said. One caller to the radio show wondered if “all the information you’re bringing out now is too late.” Perhaps one example was the Hobart event held on October 6th, whereas my little area had already voted three weeks prior. Even if it’s too late to affect people’s vote, it’s still vital to keep on keeping on telling the truth. Thanks Dr. van Gend and AMF.

  2. Yes, I’d also like to thank Dr van Gend and A.J. for this forum as the debate winds down for now.

    And to everyone, keep the faith. We aren’t going away.

  3. Thanks! Dr van Gend for highlighting the real consequences of changing the Australian Marriage Act from a natural human sexual behavioural practice between one man and one woman who can naturally procreate, nurture and raise new-life in an exclusive and lifelong union. Unlike the proposed non-procreative and mostly non-exclusive sexual relationship between any 2 people, so they can have a no fault divorce because a civil registered marriage is no longer a lifelong contract. This idea of “personhood marriage” will lead to the future “cuffing marriage” as these are types of deregulated civil registered marriages which don’t discriminate against sexualities and genders because everyone, animal and thing is defined by parliament in laws such as legal spouse, legal parent, civil registered marriage and legal family, registered nurse/midwife, dog or cat registration, vehicle registration, house registration and mobile phone registration.

    Today 27th October 2017, The Age reported, “An aircraft engineer (Allan George Matthews) who removed the left testicle of a man who wanted to change genders has been sentence to a five-year good behaviour bond by a NSW judge.” …The court heard the victim had, from 2013, posted on social media about his desire to transition gender. He said he needed help…The two arranged to meet in a Port Macquarie motel room for the procedure in mid-May 2016… A fortnight after removal, the man saw his GP, who recommended he attend hospital” in regards to the wound seeping. “Staff (at the hospital) realised the procedure hadn’t been performed by a qualified person and informed the police…Matthews later pleaded guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and removing tissue from the body of another without authority…The judge said he believed the testicle procedure was performed with the consent of the complainant and out of genuine motivation to help with his gender transition.” This court case highlights that the desire to transition gender leads to significant grievous bodily harm which the medical and nursing professions have to care and treat in order to improve health outcomes for the victim. The desire to be a different gender can happen naturally but the judge said, “It’s an unusual case.” This court case doesn’t support the LGTBIAQ idea that transgender is normal and healthy, but rather that this victim needed psychology/psychiatry services for care and treatment for “gender dysphoria.” The scientific evidence doesn’t support using surgical removal of genitals and hormone treatment as appropriate treatment for a mental illness. The LGBTIAQ party dictators are misleading the public from real care and treatment so this is a dishonest practice.

    Thanks again Dr van Gend for defending real scientific research and rejecting fake science in order to support and protect real healthcare and treatment for patients. This is the only way to improve patient’s health outcomes and protect the public from harm. Australians including healthcare practitioners want to defend our western civilisation from the falsification of the historical book of the Bible, and legal documents and records including birth, marriage and death certificates and patient’s medical records, medical certificates and university degrees. There is no professional indemnity insurance available anywhere in Australia for healthcare practitioners to falsify any legal document or record. Healthcare practitioners will be charged in court with perjury for providing misleading, dishonest and inaccurate information. Australians want to give money to the government via taxes and their services and also money towards churches and community organisations for the benefit of all Australians.

    • Michael

      Thanks for telling us about the DIY “sex change” surgery, as it beautifully demonstrates the absurd LGBTIQA+ mentality. If “any two people” can be husband and wife, any two people can be doctor and patient. Brain surgeons don’t do lobotomies anymore, as this non-reversible operation can’t cure mental illness, and prevents any chance of recovery. If non-reversible surgery on a sick mental organ won’t cure mental illness, non-reversible surgery on a healthy sexual organ won’t cure mental illness either.

      If any two people can be husband and wife:–
      * Any two people can be mother and child;
      * Any two people can be doctor and patient;
      * Any two players can be captain and coach;
      * Any two soldiers can be general and private;
      * Any two furniture items can be table and chair;
      * Any two cutlery items can be knife and fork;
      * Any two china items can be cup and saucer;
      * Any two security items can be key and lock;
      * Any two electrical items can be plug and socket;
      * Any two lingerie items can be bra and briefs;
      * Any two fasteners can be bolt and nut;
      * Any two car parts can be piston and cylinder;
      * Any two objects d’art can be frame and picture;
      * Any two stationery items can be pen and paper.

  4. Thank you for the kind words above.

    As we near the end of this long campaign, my own appreciation to AJ for maintaining this site so creatively.

    This post was unusual – in fact it was a surprise to me to see it up – because the interview was on a Christian radio station to an in-house ‘Christian audience’ and we never presume to propose faith-based arguments in the public squate.

    However, if the comments mean it was of more general interest and usefulness, I am glad.

    Should we lose the people’s vote, we will never change our position that same-sex ‘marriage’ is untrue, unjust and unnecessary.

    And we will fortify our defences against the inevitable assaults on our children’s moral education and our own core liberties of conscience and speech.

    • Michael

      Dr van Gend,
      Thanks again for all the work you and the AMF team have done, strongly and effectively telling the truth. Thanks for providing the comments facility, and letting people speak their minds freely, as this is such a huge issue/topic, as it concerns the nature of truth. As we’ve seen throughout the campaign, “same-sex marriage” attacks Australia’s freedom of religion, education, conscience, speech, expression, and assembly. “Same-sex marriage” denies the truth in biology, science, medicine, healthcare, social science, law, history, politics, philosophy and education.

      Parliament cannot change what is true, no matter what laws it makes. In a previous talk, you spoke about the LGBTIQA+ underlying Gnostic philosophy of ‘oneness’, which is to be acheived by “elminating discrimination”. By denying the objective reality of man and woman, male and female, mother and father, parents and children, the LGBTIQA+ party is trying to become its own reality, its own creator, its own god. As the serpent said to Eve, you shall be as gods. All the letters/symbols in “LGBTIQA+” name the same thing. There is only one sex, male. There is only purpose, orgasm. There is only one parent, the state. There is only one virtue, equality. There is only one sin, hate. There is only one god, yourself.

      Perhaps the LGBTIQA+ party chose 2017 to try to acheive “marriage equality” because of its propaganda value, as it’s 20 years since the decriminalisation of “unnatural sexual intercourse” and “gross indecency between males” in Tasmania. We hope and pray that the No vote will prevail, but even if it does, the LGBTIQA+ party won’t accept it. No voters are stupid, ignorant and evil, and have no right to be parents.

      It’s encouraging to see the Freedom Team is about to launch a new website. The Yes vote has won several times before, but it didn’t do the Yes campaign much good in the end. For example:–

      * The Yes vote won on the original Good Friday, when their shouts of Crucify prevailed.
      * The Yes vote won in Ephesus, when Yes campaigners drowned out Paul by shouting for hours, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians”.
      * The Yes vote won when Stephen was stoned, when Yes campaigners covered their ears and yelled to stop themselves hearing the truth.

      As Joab said to his brother Abishai when surrounded by the enemy (2 Samuel 10:12):–

      Let us be strong and fight bravely for our people and for the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.

  5. LM

    Even the Scientology of the act of anal sex be it between homosexuals of heterosexuals is unhealthy to our bodies. Doctors treat the ongoing ailments of people that practice such acts. Even though the medical title Gay bowel syndrome has been stamped on. The negative medical consequences to a persons body practicing anal sex has never gone away, it is destructive in every way.

    • Michael

      Thanks for your comments on the dangers of anal sex, for both men and women. I like your use of the word ‘Scientology’, as the LGBTIQA+ movement is really a sex cult of the anus, with no scientific support. The anus is the human body’s one-way natural exit for solid waste products. The only thing stopping you from having to wear nappies when grown up, is your anal sphincter. Shoving genitals (real or fake), other body parts, and household objects into it, is going to cause damage.

      The vagina and the anus/rectum are physically close to each other, but couldn’t be further apart as far as sexual activity is concerned. The word ‘vagina’ means ‘sheath’, which should tell us something. A woman’s vagina is designed to receive her husband’s penis. The rectum is part of the digestive system, not a sexual organ. The vagina has a thick lining, is self-lubricating, and has elastic fibres. The rectum has none of these, and also contains M-cells, the target of HIV.

      ➡ The vagina is a sexual organ; the rectum is a digestive organ;
      ➡ The vagina has a lining 20 to 45 cells thick; the anus has a lining just 1 cell thick;
      ➡ The vagina is self-lubricating; the rectum is not;
      ➡ The vagina has elastic fibres; the rectum cannot stretch;
      ➡ The vagina has a low pH level (helps inhibit HIV); the rectum has a high pH level (helps activate HIV);
      ➡ The vagina bleeds naturally the first time (from the hymen); the rectum bleeds unnaturally every time (from micro-tears).

      Perhaps if some of Australia’s MPs and public figures had been more forthright in publicly addressing the sexual behaviour and public health aspects of “same-sex marriage”, the LGBTIAQ+ dictators wouldn’t have the level of influence over the nation’s institutions they currently enjoy.

      Legalising “same-sex marriage” will require the education and health systems to falsely teach that all sexual behaviours are equally healthy, and that sodomy (anal/oral sex) is the same as natural sexual intercourse. Normalising these behaviours will have a negative impact on society, as ‘straight’ boys will be encouraged and emboldened to demand anal sex from their girlfriends. Do you want your daughter to become infertile, to experience green vaginal discharges, to become faecally incontinent from a recto-vaginal fistula, or to contract drug-resistant gonorrhoea of the throat, because her boyfriend believes “love is love”, and has therefore treated your daughter “equally” as if she’s a gay man ❓

      For further information, MassResistance has a new book out, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. No parent would give their child faeces to eat, and tell them its the same as eating normal, healthy food. So why pretend to your child that having fake sex with place faeces comes from, is normal and healthy?

  6. Michael,

    Your comment detailed evidence of real harm caused by anal and oral sexual activities but the Australian parliament has adopted the dangerous idea that “legal consent is all that is required because people can legally consent to harmful behaviours, practices and ideas” as long as government authorities feel this doesn’t harm the public and society. There is this crazy idea that a biological female can identify as a male and somehow this idea doesn’t cause any harm to the public and society. Government authorities are ignoring the real scientific evidence in order to support and protect these crazy ideas. Also, they’re ignoring the falsification of the historical book of the Bible, legal documents and records, and inappropriate care and treatment. Plus, there is no insurance for falsification of legal documents and records nor inappropriate care and treatment. The next crazy idea will be that people will be forced to identify the sun as the moon because we shouldn’t discriminate against the greater light of day from the lesser light of the night. Insanity is only a step away for all Australians.

    • Michael

      I agree with your comment that the Australian government legislates according to feelings, not facts. As if any legislation passed by the current parliament is valid anyway, due to all the ineligible dual citizen MPs.

      Millions of Australians, including No voters, spend six months of the year falsely believing that 12 noon is really 1 p.m., and that 11 p.m. is really midnight. “Daylight saving” was a practice run for “marriage equality”; I’m surprised they haven’t rebranded “daylight saving” as “time equality”. I’m very sorry that Tasmania has exported this delusion to other states, as it is a lie, contrary to science, logic and reason. Proponents simply won’t listen to the truth that amount of available daylight naturally and continuously increases between the winter solstice and the summer solstice, and decreases vice versa. For over half the daylight saving period, the amount of daylight is decreasing! “Daylight saving” doesn’t save daylight. The Australian government must feel that the people have consented to this harmful and delusional practise, despite the increase it causes in traffic accidents, tired children, tetchy spouses, domestic arguments/violence, and lost economic productivity.

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