Opposition holds the line on marriage, and rejects conscience vote

The Shadow Cabinet has met and resolved to honour its election commitment to vote as a party in support of man-woman marriage. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has said:

“Every single member of my Coalition went to the last election saying that marriage was between a man and a woman and that this was our party's position. Every single member.

“It’s all very well talking about conscience. Conscience is important. We’ve always respected the rights of conscience within the Coalition.

“But in the end the fundamental duty of a politician is to keep his or her commitment. I don’t see any dramatic change in circumstances, I don’t see any fundamental differences in objective reality today that would justify any change of a fundamental commitment like that.”

Given the large public relations campaign to have him grant Coalition members a conscience vote on marriage as the ALP voted to do at its national conference last weekend, Mr Abbott’s announcement is welcome news.

Before the Shadow Cabinet decision, The Australian’s Angela Shanahan wrote urging Mr Abbott to say No to a conscience vote on gay marriage:

“The gay marriage fight gives Abbott the chance to shine as the champion of the mum, dad, kids family. So do it, Tony. Forget the monarchy: we don't need fairytale weddings. We need ordinary families. Look to the good ordering of society, and champion its core institution, the natural family, if you want to succeed.”

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2 Responses

  1. winston

    I am glad that the opposition has respected the obviouus wishes of the entire community & not the minority interest group that has placed sympathizers in the ruling party over recent years. The proportion of SSM sympathizers in parliament is monumentally higher than in the general community. We know that virtually all Muslims, Hindus, Aficans, Catholics, etc are opposed to SSM & world opposition is at least 6 BILLION. (traditional cultures excluding western central city zones like Newtown)
    Can we get a guarantee that the citizens will be allowed a conscience vote also, or is that privilege reserved for the “rulers”.?

  2. winston

    Mr bowen, I congratulate you on stating the truth.
    Now that you are on a roll, will you follow the example of Mr Rudd’s sister & resign from the party of “working families” ??
    She claims that “This is a huge issue in our society. Any government HONEST with its PEOPLE would take this matter to a referendum after a couple of years of OPEN debate.”
    I agree. Do YOU ?
    By the way, Ms Rudd, you are a CHAMPION !!

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