Restore free speech for Porteous. State and federal law must allow fair go for everyone.


BREAKING: The Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has decided to proceed with prosecution of Julian Porteous, the Archbishop of Hobart and the national conference of Catholic bishops over a complaint lodged by a Australian Greens Federal Candidate for the seat of Franklin (TAS).

The complaint is over a catholic booklet explaining to catholic parents of catholic schools why the church for 2000+ years has understood the importance, sacredness and special meaning of marriage.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Whether you agree with Archbishop Porteous or not we must restore basic freedom of speech in Australia.

Starting with Tasmania and any other laws, the so-called "right to not be offended" must be repealed!

This is getting ridiculous if not deadly serious.

If Australians want to enjoy freedom to express our views, we must permit our opponents the same freedom.

How can Australians engage in a debate about the meaning of marriage if one side of the debate can not be aired without fear of prosecution?

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