Say NO to Woolworths

Parents are being warned to avoid shopping with small children at Woolworths on Friday 25 August, when staff will be ‘celebrating sexuality’ for Wear it Purple Day.

“Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” Mel Smith from the NSW Teachers’ Federation.

Common sense says that the dairy section isn’t the appropriate place to confront toddlers with sexuality messaging.

Feel free to contact your local store and let them know you’ll be protecting your children from their ‘celebration of sexuality and gender theory’ and remind them that grocery stores should be a safe place for families.

You can expect much more exposure to sexualised content in formerly family friendly spaces if same-sex ‘marriage’ becomes legal.


Vote NO and protect our kids from a bombardment of hyper-sexualised messages.

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89 Responses

  1. Thank you for confirming that conservatives fight as hard as they can to make other people’s lives as miserable as possible.

    • Pot calling the kettle black Nick. You and your lot are consigning inoocent children to a depth of misery that mankind has never before seen, the ramifications are unthinkable.

      As a toddler and child I was not exposed to this theroy garbage, I was left alone to grow into the man I am today. I was given a chance to mature naturally with no intervention.

      This gender theroy garbage is denying children of today that same freedom that even you Nick enjoyed as a child. You and your lot are abusing this next generation consigning these little ones to a corruption that will see sexual and mental disorders skyrocket in the coming years.

      What could ever possess an adult, unless he / she were sexually depraved, al la roz ward, daniel andrews and co, to think it is wholesome to teach a 4 year this sickening gender theory garbage in an attempt to alter the natural course of matured sexuality as they age just so they could feel better about themselves.

      This gender theory garbage is stealling the innocent childhood from the child. Those peddling this snake oil will one day be judged.

      • Nick, wow just because other don’t want to be proud of you that makes your life miserable? What is wrong with you? If you want to be proud of yourself then by all means be proud of yourself! Why do you have to have everyone else proud of you or else accuse them of making you miserable? Get some help Nick! And I agree with Richard that you (Nick) and your lot are the ones trying to make children’s life miserable by corrupting them. If you want to be corrupted that’s your choice but please leave the children alone, leave the family and the marriage institution alone!

      • Richard the 8year old boys abused in Catholic primary schools in Ballarat under the guise of ‘sex education’ were not ‘ given a chance to mature naturally with no intervention.’

        The time for a sensible and mature discussion of sexuality education is long overdue and we are not going to have such a discussion if we persist in alarmist and unrealistic accusations and scaremongering.

        What the Safe Schools experience taught us is that we should not outsource such important work to activist groups (see the excellent article by Professor Ken Wiltshire in The Australian 10 June 2016 ).

        Rather than sighing for the good old days we need to be equipping children to cope with a world in which their access to online pornography (see last year’s Parliamentary inquiry) is of far greater concern than a purple tee shirt in the supermarket.

      • Well said

      • Spot on Richard, what this rubbish is, is a disguised step in a long campaign by those wanting to destroy the concept of family, to bring in an anything goes system, right up to pedophilia… The Safe Schools program recently placed in Australian schools has been designed by LGBT and pedophilia apologists, what could ever be or go wrong ???

      • People wearing purple is not stealing innocence in children. You should not have the right to say whether someone else can marry who they are in love with. So you go to the super market and people are wearing purple, I don’t see the big deal. If they ask why everyone’s wearing purple just say they felt like it. If the child is older tell them that it’s like the day that everyone wears orange, it’s to put a stop to bullying but in a different situation. I’m sure they aren’t going to be teaching 4 year olds sexual education, it would be in late primary school to early high school years of education. It is not hard for kids to access the internet and find these things out for themselves in fact a lot of users of porn websites are in primary school or high school. Teaching kids that people can marry who they want is not ruining innocence or corrupting them, it’s teaching them that people should be allowed to do what makes them happy without being judged for it, clearly something that you never learnt. Sex Ed is a good way to teach kids the hazzards of unprotected sex, protected sex and gives them information on contraceptions so that when they are thinking about sex they aren’t just left guessing. You sound very homophobic and I actually feel sorry for your kids if you bring them up to believe that people can only marry what is ‘right’ in your head.

        • Abbey,

          It would appear that you are likely not familiar with the content of the Safe Schools syllabus. It goes much further than you have suggested. I admit I have not gone through it all either. I tried to but was literally disgusted and feeling physically ill at just the thought of a young child being exposed to it. I remember when I was young and I can tell you that even up until the age of 10, I would have found the material to be extremely distressing, confronting and completely and utterly confusing. I would not have considered myself “immune” to it’s engineering principals until I was about 12. And that is well over the age at which this material is aimed at.

        • Abbey you say… I’m sure they aren’t going to be teaching 4 year olds sexual education,…. you cant really believe that they won’t eh.. they are already trying to push that one.

          Only a few years ago the left pushed the teaching about homosexuals, and now they want to push gay marriages.. Why, when Research conducted by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University in 2003, has shown that of the 20, 000 people surveyed, about 1.2% of adults identify as homosexual (gay or lesbian). Among men, 1.6% identify as homosexual, and among women, 0.8% identify as lesbian, while 1.4% of women and 0.9% of men identify as bisexual… So really, what is the likely hood of a child being so called one of these.. just let them be kids..

          Then you say.. Teaching kids that people can marry who they want is not ruining innocence or corrupting them, it’s teaching them that people should be allowed to do what makes them happy without being judged for it, hmmm,
          Well Abbey, there are people who are happy raping girls, people who are happy pushing porn on kids, there are people who want to make it legal to have sex with children, and already there is a mother wanting to marry her son as they have a sexual relationship going, , 4 bisexuals want to get married, three women are already married and now have a child, etc all because they love each other and if this goes through, we cannot stop any other types of marriage or else we will be discriminating against them and they love each other..

      • Well said Richard. Stay strong.

      • I grew up in a world that I was only taught heterosexual theory, heterosexual sex education and heterosexual freedom and I still grew up a homosexual. I knew nothing and was taught nothing about anything different. I did grow up thinking there was something wrong with me as a teenager which caused shame and distress, Young people learning that there is a variety of different people in this world is not going to change the way they are. It will however allow the young ones that feel they may be different that there are others just like them in this world and that will reduce stigmatism, improve people’s health and well being and improve suicide rates. Is that something you wouldn’t want in this world?

    • CHI


    • Awesome Nick. Way to go. You are exactly the reason why so many people will be voting no. Make the lives of 98% of innocent children miserable and confusing by enforcing gender hydrodynamic theories so to make the other 3% more at home in their skins. PS: That 3% will work it out themselves naturally as they get older and we “no” voters will happily leave them alone to do their thing. Unlike the SSM brigade who can’t even leave 7 year old future heterosexuals alone to simply grow up in peace like we did 50 years ago.

  2. Look at UK AND America And Ireland. Devastating. Gagged Christians: persecuted Christians Targeted Christians : dark dark times indeed.

    • So right Gaye, the majority has stayed silent and hopefully now they will not..
      Hundreds of kids in each school are being teased because they are dyslexic, asperger’s, autistic etc and those now pushing safe schools (which is a world wide push) do nothing about them, and what is the chance of a child being ??? unless it is pushed on them by their parent, they are busy just being kids.
      The first two years that safe schools was taught in Victorian schools, we are told that 264 kids wanted sex changes.. shame as many change their minds when they mature a bit.

      And because of this here we should be judging the situation enough to know that there ARE norms, and millions of years of history has shown what works and what does not for our mental, physical and emotional well being society. We should be warning people out there that homosexuality is a disease ridden act, you cannot do ORAL SEX, RECTAL SEX;, “fisting,” where the hand and arm is inserted into the rectum; FECAL SEX About 80% of gays admit to licking and/or inserting their tongues into the anus of partners’ URINE SEX called golden showers; SADOMASOCHISM, a large minority of gays engage in torture for sexual fun; Sex with minors, 25% of white gays admitted to sex with boys 16 or younger, without problems happening.

      Death and disease accompany promiscuous and unsanitary sexual activity. 70% to 78%x, of gays reported having had a sexually transmitted disease, much higher than heterosexuals.
      Should we not protect our young from these or from such people.. see MEDICAL CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT HOMOSEXUALS DO…. OR … On The Unhealthy Homosexual Lifestyle… which tells about what Medical researchers have known for many years that the “homosexual lifestyle” is a disease-ridden lifestyle. And this is what they want our kids to be taught in schools and without being warned of the dangers of it, once exposed they will of course experiment on it, and those pushing it know that… How many old homosexuals do you see..

  3. How ridiculous! I dont get the extremism! Maybe it should be a day of free groceries for everyone because we are all part of the human race that is naturally part of sexuality. How stupid the world has gone! Im not part of it!

  4. The whole thrust of sexuality and gender theory on our little ones is so confusing and devastating for them and as for Woolworths wearing purple to promote it is, mindless and heartless. Raring of little ones in the normal family is hard enough without throwing another agenda at them. I thought grocery stores were safe places for families! What is happening to the safety and security of little minds? It’s all EVIL when we are meant to really LIVE (evil is live back to front – so welcome to the back-to-front world – just intolerable!

  5. Just got back from woollies after doing some grocery shopping which I always do every week decided to check my fb account and seen this, well after seeing this I’ve come to a decision that I won’t be doing anymore of my grocery shopping from there starting after today and onward but I will be looking else where, thank you for sharing this info

    • I am amazed at how gullible people are. “Parents are being warned” – by whom exactly? Where is the source of this information about Woolworths? Search on the internet and you will see there are literally NO actual sources confirming that Woolworths was planning on doing this. The only place saying this is on social media forums and private websites like this one. Sounds more like a rumour to me. Don’t go believing anything until you verify it.

      • AJ

        We called Woolworths and they confirmed it is true and yes, many stores did have purple flags and staff wearing purple to celebrate sexuality.

  6. And they call this leadership .Woolworth be ashamed and the NSW Teachers Federation should be equally ashamed .Woolworths another bad decision .

  7. You could, of course, tell people to avoid Woolworths because they make most of their money in Australia from pokie machines, which we know cause untold misery in families and are linked to increased domestic violence. But oh no. Let’s boycott them because they think equality is a good idea (and in the process will be supporting some of their own workers). Really? I mean really? Try some critical engagement with the world

  8. If my son grows up and is gay it will be because he happens to be more attracted to men than women, not because he saw people wearing purple when picking up groceries as a four year old.
    You don’t have to hypersexualise the experience, simply explaining that it is in support of the freedom to marry whoever you want would more than suffice.
    I will be grateful that the increased freedom being voted for makes him feel included and comfortable with who he is and will go some way to increasing tolerance and understanding of people who prefer the company of their own gender

    • My 9 year old granddaughter’s main concern about SSM is who will be the one walking down the ‘aisle’.

      I told her I thought it would be okay for them both to walk down as equals.

      I also told her it would not be the aisle of our parish church.

      She was okay with all of that.

  9. I am so over having this same sex/transgender/whatever stuff rammed down my throat. Enough is enough. Vote No.

    • Actually vote yes and you won’t have to listen to it any more. Seriously, we can an will keep pushing this until it happens and you will keep hearing about it in the mean time.

      • I suspect the SSM lobby will keep pushing it – along with new agendas – even after it becomes legal. Because then, apart from anything else, there will be renewed impetus for Safe Schools (after all, it’s all now just completely “normal” so what is the big deal?) and there will be a pervading culture that requires us all to increasingly and pro-actively embrace homosexuality rather than merely tolerate it. Heck it wouldn’t even surprise me if 18C is re-written such that I’m committing a federal offence if I do not address an alphabet soup person in their preferred manner.

  10. It’s the 21st century. Your children are going to grow up and have a lot of different issues that our generation never even thought about. There are children dying, the planet is dying, get some perspective you small minded people.

  11. How about having Harold the Giraffe meet the kids before entering the store and reminding them their body is theirs and no one else’s. Remind the kids it illegal for anyone to touch you under the age of 16 with or without your consent – we are on the slippery slope.

  12. I don’t support gay marriage…….

    • “Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” – This is what the topic was about, not about same-sex marriage.

  13. It does not matter if you agree or don’t agree, children should not be exposed to any sexual content at such a young age, they should be children, man and woman or same sex it is not appropriate that they have to watch adult behaviour that is meant just for adults in front of their precious eyes!
    If they are not old enough to vote or drink alcohol they are not old enough to get exposed to any sexual behaviour or views.

  14. NO.

  15. Nia

    I don’t support same sex marriage

  16. Stop ramming all this B/S down everyone’s throat. Has the world gone insane? Had enough.. NO.. NO.. NO!!!

  17. 100% NO

  18. woolworths pls STOP this. You are doing more harm to the children. Pls stop and do not confuse the kids.

  19. NO, I don’t support same sex marriage
    100% NO.

  20. Maybe if you all grew up and treated everyone equally there wouldn’t be a need for this nonsense.

    Everyone has the right to show their support and it doesn’t matter where. Kids are free to have their own beliefs and if it is something they aren’t being opened up to in their own homes and schools maybe there needs to be some type of other outlet for them to be knowledgeable about topics such as this. Stop manipulating your children into believing what you believe in and let them find their own path in life.

    • AJ

      “Stop manipulating children into believing what you believe in” – That’s right! Woolworths is not the place to ‘celebrate sexuality.’ Stop manipulating our children to believe what you believe in!

    • Tayla,

      You might not believe it is healthy for your child to learn at school to become a sex worker but according to your belief you would stop manipulating your children into what you believe in and let them find their own path in life which could include prostitution, illicit drug taking, gambling, criminal activities etc. However, there are many Australians who don’t believe in your ideas and values as we understand children are influenced by the sexual behaviours and practices of unrelated adults and children because they can’t escape their environment.

      The World Health Organisation report on sexuality claims sex workers should be treated like everyone else, but many parents don’t send their children to school in order that they learn to become a sex worker. Many Australians don’t want sex workers to have the same rights to immigration as a married couple which would allow them to bring their sexual clients into Australia.

  21. 100% behind Woolworths on this!!! Well done… Shame on the rest of you…

    • Stephen,

      You like to cause division in Australian society. Shame on you! I live in a gay (happy) family. We have decided to take back the word “gay” for our family as the “gays” have had it long enough. We’re going to take back the “rainbow,” and we’re not stupid enough to allow “gays'” to have the word “marriage” because they can’t do the marital act of sexual intercourse which consummates a genuine marriage which can’t be annulled by the church. It isn’t a human right to legal sodomy as the marital act in order to consummate a marriage which would encourage the scientific experimentation of human reproduction and normalise the placing of children with unrelated adult/s and children like in the “Handmaid Tales.”

      The Australian Federal government regulates the civil “registered marriage” practice in order to control harmful natural behaviours in order to protect the public (society) from harm such as adultery, divorce and death including suicide so they could easily change it to legal sodomy and regulate it like the legal prostitution practice which registers sex workers and government authorities regulates the sexual relationship between the sex worker and clients. Christians and conservative married couples can easily separate their “one flesh” marriage from a deregulated civil “registered marriage” practice by identifying as an “independent marriage” (ABS census 2016 – “separated but not divorced” – separated from the civil “registered marriage” practice but not divorced from a “one flesh” marriage). The Australian Federal Government will be extremely concerned if millions of married couples were no longer regulated by the state just like the Victorian government was extremely concerned when registered nurses were no longer taking on permanent work which meant they had to pay $20 000 000 for agency registered nurses. The Victorian government had to introduce nurse to patient ratio in order to change registered nurses behaviour. Husband-wife married couples don’t need a civil “registered marriage” practice but the government wants to regulate this sexual practice because marriage and family breakdown are a massive cost for the government, society and children suffer the most. Only 0.01% of children live in same-sex households and progressive people believe “marriage has nothing to do with children” so the civil “registered marriage” practice wasn’t established for these purposes. A legal state marriage certificate for a public wedding ceremony has never been enough evidence of a genuine bonafide marriage.

      • Janine,

        “Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” – This is what the topic was about, not about same-sex marriage.

        I really hope for any of your family or friends who may be GAY or have GAY tendencies (“We have decided to take back the word “gay” for our family as the “gays” have had it long enough.” – What a load of drivel) that they never have confide in you about their challenges and experiences in life.

        Feel free to write another long winded message, it helps me to fall asleep at night

        • Stephen,

          I am having a Gay (Happy) day! I am sure you want to see the deregulation of a civil “registered marriage” practice so millions of man-woman married couples in Australia are able to separate from this practice by identifying as an “independent marriage” (ABS census 2016 – “separate but not divorced” -separated from a civil registered marriage practice but not divorced from a “one flesh” marriage). The word “separate” will include married couples who want to defend and maintain their lifelong, faithful “one flesh” marriage between husband and wife as they can naturally procreate, nurture and raise new-life (natural human reproduction). A deregulated civil “registered marriage” practice can register and regulate legal sodomy for all civil “registered marriages” like the legal prostitution practice as opposite-sex (anal and oral sex) for heterosexuals is the same as sodomy for same-sex partners. This will lead to scientific experimentation of human reproduction which will normalise the placing of children with unrelated adult/s and children like in the “Handmaid Tales.” A deregulated civil “registered marriage” practice believes “marriage has nothing to do with children” and 0.01% of children lived in a same-sex household according to the 2011 ABS census so this practice has such a low fertility rate it won’t exist into the future. We need to identify the “independent marriage” as a “gay” (happy) marriage because the people who identify as gays have given millions of man-woman married couples the freedom to no longer be regulated by lawyers in Australia.

          • Janine,

            You seem to be stuck on the same-sex marriage topic – again (It is boring me now). I didn’t come here for that, I merely came here to express my opposing views to the original topic.

            Perhaps we can engage in statistics and a TV series when your topic is raised at some point.

            Until then, I wish you all the best and have a GAY day.


        • Stephen,

          I am having a Gay (happy) time. I don’t believe in the sexuality and gender theories so I don’t celebrate sexuality, sex nor gender diversity. I will leave its to proud men like you to display these identities, and I hope you like wearing the colour purple because my husband and son wouldn’t be seen dead wearing this colour.

          • Janine and Stephen,
            If I’m ever hauled before the anti-discrimination commission for my homophobic bigotry, I will wear bright gay colours, like a hot pink shirt with a lavender cravat. Underneath, I will wear a rice-filled bra, that is, if I don’t die laughing first.

          • Stephen and Janine,
            If I ever get hauled before the Anti-Discrimination Commission for my homophobic bigotry, I will wear bright, gay colours like a hot pink shirt and a lavender cravat. Underneath, I will wear a rice-filled bra, if I don’t die laughing first.

  22. i am disappointed that big companies take one side and don’t allow people to choose what they believe. If they are this forceful now, what would they be like if same sex marriage is approved. No freedom of thought or speech.

  23. For goodness sake…do we have to get this rubbish at the supermarket as well. All I want to buy is my groceries not be harranged by purple t-shirt wearing staff whom support same sex marriage. I don’t…but I’m not pushing my views by outwardly displaying my stance. Neither do I agree with the Safe Schools program taking away the parental consent to opt out from their normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism being pushed into my children’s faces. Enough is enough…Im voting No.

    • “Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” – This is what the topic was about, not about same-sex marriage.

  24. Congratulations Woolworths on supporting diversity. As a strong corporate citizen it is vital to support the causes that impact your staff, customers and shareholders.

  25. Along with many of the mothers in my church, I actually support marriage equality even though we have children and a strong belief in our faith. Two people in love should have the right to marry and I want my children to grow up to be tolerant, loving adults that contribute to a better society, while obviously still holding true to their own faith. No reason why the two can’t exist together.

    • Jenny,

      I guess your faith believes your children should be sodomised by their spouse for the marital act and this will no doubt lead to scientific experimentation of human reproduction which will normalise the placing of children with unrelated adult/s and children like in the “Handmaid Tales.” A deregulated civil “registered marriage” practice will have nothing to do with the consummation (sexual intercourse) between a husband and wife as same-sex partners can’t practice sexual intercourse which may naturally procreate, nurture and raise new-life. If your faith believes marriage is only a friendship or romantic love then your children shouldn’t be limited to only marry one friend. If your faith believes “marriage is between any 2 people/persons” then you would have no problem with a registered nurse having an adult consenting sexual relationship with their patient/client like a marriage as the word people/person includes a registered nurse and clients/patients. It is obvious that you don’t believe in God’s word the Bible because Jesus gave two commandments 1. To love God. 2. To love our neighbour as ourselves. God gave the 10 Commandments to show people how they were to love their neighbour. God commanded children are to honour their father and mother so it is obvious that God never intended for children to be legally separated from their father and mother. God warned about coveting another man’s wife which leads to adultery. The practice of adultery can’t exist unless a marriage exists and according to Adam and Eve this isn’t a legal state marriage certificate. Same-sex partners can’t commit the act of adultery as this act can only happen between a man and woman and not partners of the same-sex.

      The Bible is a book about marriages from the beginning to the end so if you don’t understand the meaning of marriage in the Bible and it is a marriage of difference like Christ’s bride is the church then you will confuse the whole meaning of the Bible to your children because it isn’t a marriage of sameness. The Bible warns that the road is wide and many follow it but it leads to destruction, unlike the narrow road which few people find but this leads to eternal life. You have a right to vote for a legal same-sex marriage which will be regulated and registered like a legal prostitution practice which registers and regulates sex workers. However, Christians and conservative married people will separate from a deregulated civil ‘registered marriage” practice by identifying as an “independent marriage.” This is in order to defend and maintain their public commitment to a lifelong, faithful “one flesh” marriage between husband and wife as they can naturally procreate, nurture and raise new-life (natural human reproduction). Also, they want to support their marriage/family by providing for all members and not wanting any government benefits including gaining access to a legal divorce which doesn’t deal with adultery nor do they want the status civil “registered marriage.” They want to protect their “one flesh” marriage and husband-wife-children family from the harm of coveting-adultery-divorce which leads to a breakdown of marriage/family and can cause family violence, corruption, dishonesty and even murder. They believe natural human reproduction shouldn’t be contaminated with scientific experimentation of human reproduction. The Royal Commission into Institutional child sexual abuse showed evidence that every child was sexually abused by an unrelated adult/child in the legal institute of a church, school, club etc. Also, the majority of these cases were only reported as an adult and many years after the sexual abuse had occurred. How will the government and government authorities be able to detect and prevent the grooming and abuse including sexual abuse when they place children with unrelated adult/s and children in the legal institute of a family (paper marriage and paper family)? Your understanding of Christianity sounds like anyone who goes to church and believes in a God but they create their own Bible and are identified as Church sects. These are separated from a genuine Christian church which follows the truths in the Bible and Jesus warns people will claim to be his followers but he will reject them as he only accepts people who do the will of his father (including God’s 10 Commandments) so the sheep and goats are separated.

      You claim it will be a better society. When your children presents to health services as a result of being sodomised which will often lead to faecal incontinence, green vaginal discharge, rectal cancer, anal fistulas, infertility then please let us know if this was a great experience for them and their families. Should the Australian government pay for the increase use of health services as a result of the increase in risky sexual behaviours and practices such as sex changes and legal sodomy? It is obvious that your not aware about Australian governments massive spending on legal sodomy including $15 million on a Victorian pride centre and millions of dollars spent in Victoria and NSW on a PReP trial so men could have unprotected sex with men. Plus, $29 million on Safe School Program and Resilience, Rights and Respectful relationship programs in order to encourage and promote homosexuality and gender dysphoria. A massive increase in gender dysphoria treatment at the Royal Children’s hospital. Then billions of dollars on the Australian and states AIDS Councils which 90% of new cases of HIV in Australia come from the group of men who have sex with men. Then the millions of dollars of treatment for HIV/AIDS clients with the majority of cases are men who have sex with men. Today, The Australian reported that the government had given funds to support a website for adult gays which encouraged and promoted adult sex with boys and unprotected sex. You sound like the type of mother who would love your children to get involved in this lifestyle and experience sodomy including a same-sex marriage. However, I was exposed to homosexuality as a child and I can tell you it has nothing to do with getting married and procreating, nurturing and raising new-life. Parents don’t have to teach a child to steal but it naturally happens just like parents don’t need to educate children about homosexuality as it naturally happens even though children can’t legally consent to sexual activities with other children or adults. The mothers in your homosexuality church might want the government to spend even more billions of dollars on homosexuality and gender dysphoria but this directly takes money away from the poor, homeless and powerless. You can support people who identify as “gay” and “lesbian” by allowing them to take the word “marriage” for a legal sodomy practice as this is costing the taxpayer $122 million, and you and your husband will be given a right to join this practice of legal sodomy as the marital act, but don’t expect other married couples like myself to join you.

    • Jenny stay strong in spite of the critics! I brought up my 4 children the same ( I hope) and they are wonderful people as are my grandchildren.
      Our faith teaches us to love, not to fear.

      My 9 year old granddaughter’s only concerns about SSM is whether both partners will walk up the aisle together at the beginning..

      I’ve explained to her and her brother that I will be voting NO because I believe that a civil partnership scheme would be a better path forward than widening the traditional definition of marriage.They respect my point of view! No doubt as often happens they think their grandmother old fashioned…

      • PS I am particularly appalled at the first response to your post.

        • Margaret,

          You don’t know nor understand what it was like to grow up in a very immoral environment where I experienced homosexuality with 10-15 girls in the girls toilets in a state primary school when I was only in grade 1-3. Plus, you don’t know what it is like to have your girlfriend touch you while you sleep together in the same bed when you are 9 years old. You can be absolutely appalled by my experience but for someone who has had no personal experience with homosexuality you can only be influenced by what people tell you. Also, my 11 year old daughter has had to deal with homophobia (fear of homosexual behaviour) after been exposed to homosexual porn on her IPAD despite her computer having security protection, and the only reason she got exposed to this homosexual porn was because of her school home-work assignment on “same-sex marriage -for and against.” When I reported this to her teacher she informed me that it was brought up in class because they were going on a school excursion to Canberra.

          There is a high risk of being physically or verbally abused in a large teaching hospital but many healthcare practitioners don’t allow the fear of being harmed stop them from the love of their work. However, there are sexual behaviours which are safe and others which are extremely risky. The AMA sent me an email claiming that all sexual activity was at risk of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). I asked her to explain how it was possible to get a STD in a faithful “one flesh” marriage and she was unable to give a reason so she had lied. If I had asked a specialist Urologist to give me the risk of homosexuality then I would receive heaps of information. Unfortunately, we live in a society which has had to adjust to misleading and dishonest behaviour.

          The government could decide they will redefine the word “stealing” to mean”borrowing property” then the thief’s behaviour appears to be as good as a friend who borrowed a book but didn’t give it back. However, the government would be misleading Australians about the harm of stealing and people would claim this is a dishonest practice. Is it love to lie to someone who demands their way by claiming the word “marriage” for themselves and their own behaviour when it isn’t marriage? Is it fear to tell the truth about risky sexual behaviour which is likely to happen which will become confused with safe sexual behaviour? I am happy for you and your family as it is a joy to be able to raise wonderful people but there is no guarantee the people who they have an intimate relationship with will play by the same rules and values. The deregulation of a civil “registered marriage” practice will lead to confusion for all Australians because legal sodomy isn’t a “one flesh” marriage nor is adultery a polygamous marriage.

          • Janine I am very sorry to hear of your very traumatic experiences in life.I can appreciate that these will have impacted on your views on these very sensitive issues.

            I do also share your concern about the essay topic given to your 11 year old daughter.My grandchildren watch news programs and that is where they have encountered the issue. That is clearly a somewhat different situation.

            But though I have no wish to be offensive what appalled me was your discourteous response to Jenny.

            As far as I am aware this was the first time Jenny had posted on this blog and I would imagine she found it a very negative experience to have both her faith and her family ethos treated in this way.

          • Janine and Margaret,
            When I was little, my parents told me that if I felt lonely at night, I was to cuddle my teddy, and never let anyone touch me or get into bed with me, and to scream and run away if they tried. However, when I too was nine, my best friend came to stay, and took me into the bathroom where he undressed and made me touch his erection.

            I wasn’t able to consent at that age; and I certainly wasn’t going to consent to the male teacher who had a jolly good feel of my 14-year-old backside while pretending to stop me falling off a ladder. This teacher had other problems too, as he used to scream at people who did something wrong, “You God-damn fool!” This made a classmate’s father so angry that he went down after school and punched the teacher out.

            At my school, primary boys and secondary boys had separate toilets, which provided some protection. However, even little boys have disgusting contests and rituals, bullying others who don’t want to expose themselves and engage in communal urination. I soon trained myself to be able to get through the school day without needing the toilet.

            To get back to the topic of this page, would those who appove of Woolworths staff and customers celebrating sexuality in supermarket aisles, also approve of Woolworths staff and customers celebrate their sexuality in supermarket toilets? Apparently, Woolworths lets men who dress up as women use women’s toilets, but won’t let normal men enter women’s toilets, to protect their wives and daughters from abuse.

            Recently, a government building in Tasmania restricted access to public toilets to swipe-card holders only, because of the risk to public health from males celebrating their hand sexuality by leaving emissions on the walls.

          • Michael,
            I’ve had similar experiences growing up in Queensland. The school I went to had a common toilet block for grades five to twelve. I also learnt to avoid that place unless it was an emergency, or during class when it was empty. I remember a threat of a head dunking.

            I think the bullies in those toilets and on the playground have grown up to be the pushers of SSM, and some of the victims of those bullies are going along with it due to their own weakness, just like they did back then.

            Kudos to you for speaking out.

          • Mikel,
            Thanks for sharing your story; it’s good to know one is not alone. I agree with your comments. LGBTIQ dictators have inherited the spirit of the school dunny kings, enforcing approval and participation in what they themselves know is wrong.

        • Margaret,

          My daughters both attend an Anglican girls’ school which now has a policy which supports biological girls taking on a male persona so Imagine how my faith and family ethos have been treated because the LGBTIAQ party activists are using the Anti-discrimination act and equal opportunity act. The Principal has explained in a newsletter that the girls will be taught about LGBTIAQ in pastoral care in years 8 &9. Does this mean girls will be learning about homosexual behaviour which was once criminalised around Australia and around the world? I don’t want my daughters to be mislead by fake science based on dodgy date, skewed statistics and fuzzy facts as I don’t believe in the sexuality and gender theories. I talked to the Principal but she is concerned about the school would face legal issues if these students were asked to leave, and I have informed a head teacher about my concerns for my youngest daughter going into year 7 as I don’t want her homophobia experience to become a massive problem. I recently attended my daughter’s school assembly where a teacher introduced a student identifying with a male’s persona with a boy’s name and pronouns, clothing and haircut. The teacher describe gender diversity as biological females becoming male and this is dishonest because this only creates one gender “male” as true diversity is both biological male and female. I don’t know if I should use this whole experience to teach my girls about psychology and psychiatry as this can show them clearly how teachers can mislead them like a pedophile and this is a reason they can’t trust an unrelated adult. The parents have never had any choice about the introduction of LGBTIAQ policies into the school but we pay for the school fees.

          Would my daughters’ Anglican girls’ school take the same approach if the anti-discrimination act and equal opportunity act had sex workers and anorexia people as a protected minority? Would the school introduce a hookers uniform for students who identified as sex workers and make it mandatory for all the girls to learn about sex workers for harm minimisation reasons? Would the teachers and students be forced to call anorexic students “fat” and support the use of “fat” surgery and “fat” hormones based on fake science? I am undecided whether to take them out of this school and enrol them in a Catholic girls’ school or to home school my daughters.

          If the word “marriage” only meant a legal state marriage certificate for a public wedding celebration then a legal “same-sex marriage” wouldn’t be an issue for any of us. I care enough about other people to inform them about the negatives about deregulations of a civil ‘registered marriage” practice. A “one flesh” marriage is the only sexual relationship which makes it impossible to get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) as all other sexual activities (fornication, adultery, sodomy, prostitution, sexual immorality – robotic sex dolls/toys, pretend sexual organs, chem-sex, pornography, masturbation) has the possibility of passing a STD/s or sexual health problem/s. Unfortunately, the drug-resistant STD Gonorrhoea is spreading all around the world. I want people including people who claim to be a Christian to really think about the consequences of their sexual behaviour such as marriage and the way this impacts on their own health and the health of their family and Australian society.

          When we reflect on Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding which was completely perfect and compare it to their marriage it is extremely different experience as they had to deal with the impact of coveting-adultery-divorce which caused the breakdown of their marriage/family, and this caused suffering for Lady Diana and their children and contributed to Diana’s poor health and early death. I am positive that Lady Diana was in love and committed to having a family with Prince Charles on their wedding day but the wedding day and a legal state marriage certificate wasn’t their marriage. When Christians fail to tell their children and grandchildren about the real reason for marriage and why we celebrate a wedding then we shouldn’t expect children will learn this via osmosis. There are a significant amount of children these days who are bullying their parents to give them what they want rather than them being disciplined on the truth so they will grow-up to be responsible citizens. Unfortunately, far too many people who claim to identify as Christians are just repeating the LGBTIAQ party activists mantra “love is love” without thinking about the consequences to freedom of religion which protects all other freedoms including freedom of speech and free exercise of religion. My local Council has recently informed all the churches in the area that they’re not to preach anything against “same-sex marriage,” and this council is only providing office space to the “yes” campaign. I have even had the word “gay” sprayed on my garage. We don’t live in a free society in Australia as I have even been contacted on my day off work from HR for rejecting emails on”gay pride march.” There will be people who claim to be Christian and support “same-sex marriage” and will experience hurt when they later learn from people that their marriage isn’t a exclusive union between one man and one woman for life. I don’t believe Jenny has experienced the threats to our safety from the LGBTIAQ party activists like Andrew Bolt, ACL and myself have experienced in Melbourne. There have been people who have risked their lives for telling the truth, so I won’t be afraid to standup against people who demand the word “marriage” for themselves and their own sexual behaviour which isn’t marriage. The trouble is the Christian churches have produced a heaps of “snowflakes” who don’t know the difference between the marital act of consummation of a marriage and a legal sodomy practice.

          Margaret, I know you have a good heart and you have a love for people like Jenny. I know how hard it is to explore logic and reason for people who believe in their feelings, Dr Google, alternative health and the magic pill. This is the underlying reason health authorities in Australia are having a real problem with the anti-vaccinators and the men who have sex with men wanting to donate blood because they deny the majority of scientific research and they promote fake science.

          • Janine,
            I agree with your comments; Princess Diana was innocent, virginal and genuinely wanted to be Charles’ wife, and the mother of his children. He should have married Camilla well before 1981 if she was the one he really wanted.

        • Michael,

          I know how hard it must have been to share your story of child sexual assault because it supports the “No” vote. I know it was extremely hard for me to admit I had been a victim of female and male child sexual abuse/assault/ harassment, and boys removing my swimmers against my will. I had felt ashamed as my privacy had been violated against my will. I only decided to tell my story because it was the other side of the homosexuality and transgender experience which had been shut down from the public because it supports the “No” vote. Children don’t need to be encouraged to practice homosexuality nor gender dysphoria as schools don’t encourage children to identify themselves as a sex worker nor anorexic. This madness must stop by not encouraging and promoting sexual deviant behaviours and the idea people can change their biological sex to reflect a mental illness. The truth is in their medical records which healthcare practitioners and legal practitioners can understand, and these accurate records means the person can only lie to themselves and their family/friends but they can’t fool anyone else.

          • Janine,
            Maybe it takes so long for people to tell stories of abuse/harassment because you just want to get back to normal as soon as possible, wish it had never happened, and don’t want anyone else to know about it, or even suspect you’ve been involved in such things. Hopefully more people will “come out” with their stories of having had deviant sexualities imposed on them against their will, because a legal “same-sex marriage” will normalise these behaviours.

            You’re so right that people can only fool themselves. Abortionists lie that “no-one will ever know”, but as a legal medical procedure, the truth goes into the medical records.

          • Janine,
            P.S. It was only after reading a few times of some your experiences that I felt able to describe my own. I can’t begin to imagine the degradation and violation you must have felt. As one of the shyest children in Australia, I found it humiliating enough to even be seen in bathers.

  26. What do you expect from a supermarket that gleefully operates thousands of poker machines that rip of hundredsof thousands of problem gamblers each & every day. Yes thats right woolies profits are ploughed into pokie machines wh8ch rip milliins of $$$ out of communities & create untold misery for families!!

  27. 110% NO. NO. NO. It’s time we took a stand against all this ssm nonsense and NOW is that time. YOU and your lot KNOW this is wrong, yet you choose to ram it down our throats. If you want to live the evil way, that is YOUR choice. Please don’t try to bring everyone else down with you, because we WON’T be led down your corrupt path.

  28. Deb

    It’s not rocket science = if you are opposed to gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person.
    My 14 yo twin daughters are actively involved in school groups aimed at broadening minds. Encouraging teens to think of others and to be aware of issues outside of their own lives. My girls made their own purple accessories and chose to proudly wear purple to school on Friday 25th Aug. These beautiful creatures have existed for only 14 years, but already have more wisdom & common-sense than the narrow minded and self righteous politicians, protest groups & individuals.

  29. Omg… Wow the anger over a purple top. Did anyone actually go to a store and find out what the day concerned? From what I read it was a day to say your welcome here. It wasn’t about going to a child and asking who you would like to have sex with, or what gender they believe they are, it was simply a silent demonstration of accepting that lgbti people are not going to be ostrisized, hated on or verbally abused in these stores.

    As for any other political crap has anyone gone up to a child and there parents and asked how well that child is adjusting to puberty? To being called names and bullied at school for being different, for having ADULTS make it OK to be looked down on, and start fights in public about a transgender child seeking to feel normal in there own skin, for a teenager to think that suicide is an acceptable option because being accepted by the community at large is harder than living.

    Then there’s adult lgbti people who have been accused of misdeeds they haven’t done, or God forbid, things you do daily as a straight person. I mean God forbid they raise healthy well adjusted children who more often ar not are straight. Or hold hands in public. Omg.

    So from on straight person to anyone who reads this…. Grow up. If I don’t care what your sexual hangups are why the hell would you care about someone else’s. You can’t cry cathlic church at me when a great majority are child predators. Hell, don’t cry any religion at me, not when all followers are hypocrites to the original message. Thou shall not have sex be more marriage. Thou shall not covert thou neighbors wife. And the list goes on.

    Being lbgti has been a personal issue to many for thousands of years. So if you are not going to solve the issue shut your mouth

    • OMG… whatever god that may be… We all know lgbti has been around for thousands of years, and that’s the point, why should anyone care about anyone’s sexual hangups, and why should the meaning of marriage be changed to degrade it even further than it has been already?
      Big Business already has enough control over us. They don’t know when to stop. And the politicians pander to (and pimp for) them.

  30. Dan

    Next you will be say straight camps are the way to go! I have been with my partner for 18 years now and for us it goes deapper then marriage equality, it’s about treating us as equal citizens of this free and great country! I ask you this if this gets knocked back are we going to go back to the days where we locked people up of different race or religion? Because that’s what you are doing you are taking a human beings rights away, what next if you’re not a man you have to stay home and look after the children because it’s your job!

    • No one is taking anyone’s rights away.
      The yes campaign people are demanding rights they do not qualify for, unless marriage can be redefined.
      Why not be happy with the freedoms and equality you already have.

  31. Getting really sick of all this fake news I never saw any of that when I shopped there

  32. No, my family and I do not agree for same sex marriage.

    • “Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” – This is what the topic was about, not about same-sex marriage.

      • Stephen,
        The fanstasy of “same-sex marriage” is a legally and culturally enforcible celebration of “sexuality”, so posts on this page about “same-sex marriage” are entirely appropriate. Australian Marriage Forum provides a forum for Australians to discuss marriage, comprendo? If AMF moderators find a comment unsuitable, they will delete it, as has happened to my comments once or twice.

        Woolworths would hardly enhance public safety by installing a same-sex sprinkler system which had only male pipe fittings.If Rodney Croome went shopping in Woolworths, and bought a same-sex extension cord having a male plug at each end, he would recognise it as faulty product masquerading as the genuine article, and demand a refund. Likewise, Penny Wong wouldn’t buy a lesbian teapot with two handles and no spout. Woolworths wouldn’t be allowed to sell a light globe which destroyed your light socket’s ability to hold its contents by the act of trying to plug it in.

        It’s morally wrong of Woolworths to use profits gained from parents who don’t believe the LGBTIQ sexuality myth, to promote this myth to them and their children. Woolworths wouldn’t be allowed to lie to children that its apples were picked from a gum tree.

  33. Woolworths’ supermarkets display large photos of people putting food into their mouths. To prevent the suicide of young people coming to terms with their digestive orientation, and to encourage shoppers to embrace eating equality, they should show photos of people shoving orange segments into their ears, and pouring coffee up their nose.

    Woolworths should stop hiding cigarettes behind the counter, and support young people of diverse respiratory orientation to come out with pride, stamp out tobaccophobia, and finally achieve breathing equality.

    Woolworths wouldn’t tell obese people that they were born that way, and cannot change their eating orientation (diet). Woolworths wouldn’t agree with an anorexic’s self-indentification as a fat person.

    Australia doesn’t let supermarkets misrepresent what they sell. Earlier this year, Coles was punished by the Federal Court for selling bread made from frozen dough as “baked today”. Woolworths wouldn’t be allowed to sell wax fruit as “fresh fruit”, or coffee as Milo, or peanut butter as Vegemite. So why are they allowed to “sell” a man and a man as the same as a man and a woman?

    Apparently, Woolworths accepts that digestive organs and respiratory organs have a self-evident design and function. Woolworths accepts that it’s healthier for self and society to encourage shoppers to use these organs according to their design. Woolworths wouldn’t tell their staff or customers that all eating and breathing orientations are equally healthy, so they should stop pretending all sexual orientations are equally healthy.

    • Michael,

      The AMA via public health recently emailed me claiming that all sexual activities have the risk of STDs. I asked the person to please explain in detail how it was possible to get a STD in a “one flesh” marriage. The person was unable to provide one explanation as it is impossible unless they were prepared to use some fake science. The AMA, NSW Law Society and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation no longer represent their members but claim the oxymoron “same-sex marriage” which doesn’t make any sense. Australians are sick to death from the fake science based on dodgy data, skewed statistics and fuzzy facts. Australians are demanding the truth about marriage which isn’t the same as a legal state marriage certificate for a public wedding ceremony as Prince Charles and Lady Di had a perfect wedding ceremony and a breakdown in their marriage and family caused by adultery. However, same-sex partners can’t commit adultery because this act can only happen between a man and woman so it is obvious that their sexual relationship is something different which is known as sodomy.

      • Janine,
        “Same-sex marriage” denies the truth of science, as “scientific” bodies like the AMA will lose their prestige and authority because they won’t tell the truth. The email should have said, all sexual activity outside marriage has a risk of STDs. Making “2 people” marriage laws will further distance politicians from those they claim to represent, setting up legal lies, fake marriage registries and falsified birth certificates. If the government wanted to stamp out quintophobia by legislating that 2+2=5, it would lose authority and respect very quickly. People will no longer be able to obtain justice, or be treated fairly, for if a man who dresses as a woman is called as a witness in a court case, he will be falsely recorded as a female witness in the transcript. “Same-sex marriage” will thus legalise perjury, calling into question the truth and validity of all legal evidence. Clearly, Australians would clearly be a lot better off if we release from prison all those who identify as innocent.

        The fantasy of “same-sex marriage” becomes feasible because many people already live in a fanstasy world of (anti)social media and imaginary online friends.

        • Michael,

          I agree with your comments as we’re living in a world of lies and we must demand the truth. When Australians can accept “same-sex marriage” which is an oxymoron that doesn’t make sense then the slippery slope is accepting the “bachelor-married man.”

          I have contacted Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MP office about the proposed legal assisted suicide/euthanasia practice in Victoria. I informed her that the Victorian government would be forcing healthcare practitioners to falsify a legal document which is the death certificate as the government wants the terminal illness as the cause of death rather than the truth which is in the patient’s medical records which must be accurate as it can be used in a court and it must accurately account for the drug and the practitioner who intentionally killed the patient/client with their legal consent under Victorian law. The Victorian government was most likely hoping that no one would be smart enough to raise this serious problem about falsifying documents and they were most likely hoping that there would be health practitioners who had no problem with falsifying legal documents especially if they had no problems with taking a patient/client’s life.

          • Janine,
            Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly remember it for future use. Tasmania’s equivalent bill was again defeated this year, but Labor and the Greens have vowed to keep trying. I ask people who support “dying with dignity”, how much dignity do they think an unborn baby dies with, in a dilation and extraction abortion, when it has its arms and legs ripped off while it still alive? As this is a legal medical procedure, it can’t be illegal to describe a legal activity.

  34. This is an interesting article I’d like to share. POSTED: June 21, 2015

    On March 30, a major Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), expelled a well-respected urologist from its medical staff because he voiced concerns about the unhealthy nature of homosexual behavior and objected to the hospital’s aggressive promotion of “gay pride” activities.

    • Sorry, typo error! That’s MIKEL not MILKEL.

  35. ‘…grocery stores should be a safe place for families.’ And families should be a safe place for queer youth.

    • Michael

      Families should be places where youth are safe from queer adults.

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