The Silent Majority Are Silent No More

Today, voting forms are starting to arrive in homes across Australia. It’s finally our chance to have our say on what marriage means to us.

Many in the gay community don’t support a change to the Marriage Act. You can hear the thoughts of an ex-gay Activist here:

And two gay men from Ireland explains why he voted ‘no’ in the Irish referendum:

Note: These gay men have all been accused of Homophobia for supporting traditional marriage!

And this poor guy was told to ‘go back to where he came from’ for supporting a current definition of marriage:

Redefining marriage means redefining ‘tolerance.’

Their hypocrisy is astounding!

A message from Anonymous reveals the true agenda driving the same-sex marriage campaign:

And to understand the frightening history of Safe Schools and how it’s directly related to the push to enshrine Gender Theory into the Marriage Act, take the time to watch this video:

These are all great resources to share with your family and friends to help them understand why you’re voting ‘no’ and why they should too.


Authorised D. van Gend, Australian Marriage Forum Inc., 5b Jaybel St, Salisbury Q4107

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10 Responses

  1. Hi People,
    The above video postings are fantastic bites of reality. Thank you AMF! If anyone thinks what has been reported above even by ‘Anonymous’ is over the top, you need to make it a priority to do your own research. The UN and the EU are up to their necks in this push to pull apart the foundations of Western society and they after our children. Shorten and Turnbull are either complicit in this or they are both very ill informed and willingly playing dumb and dumber. If you believe our scientists and Political leaders are some sort of safe guard to these radical destructive forces….again do your research.
    In one of the postings the sexual deviant Afred Kingsey is discussed. This nasty man managed to gain respectable standing as a man of science (I believe Hollywood have even made a movie about him) and to have his ‘sexologist’ research published and continued by others. At one large conference in Europe his data was shared including his findings on the orgasms experienced by babies from the tests he had conducted on them. The ‘brights’ (scientists etc) sat, listened and took it all in in silence. It took a brave young man ( a reporter if my memory serves me correctly), to stand and challenge them all to wake up to what was being reported before their very eyes…Kinsey was openly, brazenly, engaging in pedophilia!
    My parental (not to mention my professional educators) radar was triggered about 12 years ago to this insidious sexual revolution when I took a 15yr old daughter to see a doctor with throat and sinus problems. We were attended to by a young doctor recently arrived from the Netherlands. (A country well on the journey to SSM and all things ‘progressive.’) He quickly prescribed what was needed for the throat and sinus and then proceeded to request that I leave the room so that he could speak to my daughter alone. The upshot being this young man with a certain arrogance, believed it was his duty to take it upon himself to discern whether or not my daughter was sexually active so that he could attend to her ‘safe’ sex needs. Right there was the spirit of Ros Ward the co founder of Safe Schools….asked about parents not wanting SS the reply was…..we’ll do it anyway!
    The link to the above videos need to be shared….and shared…and shared. Please make the time!

    • Michael

      Thanks for your comments. I had an experience in similar vein, with Defence Force recruiting. The doctor wanted to give me a pamphlet on how to keep myself free from STDs. Well, the best way is to be abstinent before marriage and faithful within it, so I stuffed the leaflet down the side of the chair before I left. But the doctor came rushing out into the waiting room, pursuing me with this wretched leaflet; it was so embarrassing.

      Back to the videos. Thanks to That Guy for “coming out” about the sordid advances made to him as an 8-year-old by the op-shop owner. Many others have had similar experiences. When I was nine, my best friend undressed and made me touch his erection. I was very, very lucky that was all he wanted me to do, and that our friendship was able to continue as though this never happened. A “safe school” will teach that these are positive experience, to be embraced and enjoyed, as you pleasure yourself and explore each other’s bodies.

      I only had a tiny glimpse of the sordid, degrading world of sexual abuse revealed by the royal commission, so can barely begin to imagine what others have gone through. This abuse took place in religious institutions whose doctrine forbade sodomy, and in a society whose moral and criminal codes condemned it. How much more abuse will take place when we have a state-enforced LGBTIQ religion founded on the idea that all sexual behaviour is equally healthy?

      Moreover, the abuse revealed by royal commission was all done by adults who weren’t related to the children they abused. As others have pointed out, “same-sex marriage” normalises the placing of children with unrelated adults. As ‘Anonymous’ explains, a legal “same-sex marriage” means that anyone can become a child’s legal parent, with no need for a biological connection to the child. “Marriage equality” means that man/woman couples will be treated equally as same-sex couples, so the fact of a man and a woman being their child’s biological parents, will no longer give them the right to be their child’s legal parents. Making sexual intercourse irrelevant to being legally married makes sexual intercourse irrelevant to being a legal parent.

  2. yes

  3. Yes. Agreed. Many good points raised in those video links.

    The state will enforce “legal parents” as defined by the state and natural or biological parents no longer recognized as parents. I expect the upcoming generation will revolt and curse this current trend. The truth is we all have natural parents and the state would deny that. They want us to be slaves to their ideology.

    And why does the SSM brigade include so many foreigners like Tiernan Brady and that CEO of Qantas and other international supporters? I say butt out of our politics.

    Because Australia isn’t ready for this, and doesn’t need it.

    Australia, don’t become America, or Europe, or Ireland. Let us be Australians. We don’t have to follow those leaders (on their way down).

  4. Great resources AJ, we have a huge battle ahead of us!

  5. Hi People,
    If you can access yesterday’s ‘The Australian’ ….. Very good article by Paul Kelly that is worth reading. It concludes;
    “The politicians are doing this (SSM push minus appropriate protections…. My parentheses) because they think they can get away with it. They are entitled to that judgement. What they are not entitled to is a gross deception. The assurances they give on religious protection are worthless-their inaction proves that. People, regardless of how it affects their vote, need to know the reality.”
    Our reality with the LGBT social engineers, the mainstream media and politicians like Shorten and Turnbull all being in bed together is that we are being deceived.

    • Michael

      The Coalition for Marriage sent out an email with the full text; saves digging around in the library 🙂

  6. In days past and not so long ago , women and men used to marry and make vows to each other when they conceived a child. Civilized society has always accepted marriage to mean just that, – because we can’t just go rooting (barracking) around and expect the state to take care of our progeny.

    But now, they demand that being married gives legitimacy to those few of us who are raised in same sex households. Yet civil unions and de facto relationships already give us legitimacy and equality under the law.

    I don’t see how forcefully changing the definition of marriage is progressive.
    Attempting to change the definition may well create more hostility towards the lgbt for interfering in politics, and regressing to the animal state where marriage is meaningless, (even though all mammals reproduce via sexual intercourse and many species are monogamous).

    I suspect creating hostilty might be the intent.

    • ps. I guess that’s why the new laws … the rainbow, glitter and unicorn fantasy will be protected from any dissent.

  7. Michael thank you! I was slow to note.

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