SSM Activists Are Bullies and Big Brands are Looking Bad

Alan Joyce is already looking a bit silly. He's thrown the support of Qantas behind the 'Yes' campaign, along with a bunch of big brands but those representing their 'brands' on the 'Yes' side of the debate are doing their best to destroy them.

SSM Activists have encouraged their supporters to send 'glitter and other noxious substances' to ACL's head office, which was also egged overnight by activists.

SSM Activists also shouted down an anti-Safe Schools rally, refusing to let concerned parents even discuss the issue of teaching hyper sexualised content to children in the classroom and confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that SSM and Safe Schools are part of the same package deal. You can watch the footage here.

It's caused ACL's Lyle Shelton to ask 'Does business know what it has signed up to?'

Andrew Bolt has weighed in, posting this article in the Herald Sun...

Same-sex marriage debate is breeding bullies who censor opposing opinions

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun August 13

PARENTS have seen this kind of stuff before. They’ve seen a toddler screaming and howling because they want a lolly or a turn with a toy.

And, sure, we dads and mums would like them to have it. But not like this.

We can’t reward the bawling and foot-stamping because we know it sends the wrong message. It breeds nasty people. Bullies.

But bullies are exactly what we’re breeding now with the same-sex marriage debate.

Have you ever seen anything like it — all these threats, insults, sneers, wails and theatrical sobs from activists?

And have you wondered what comes next if we give in?

That is now the urgent question. Say same-sex marriage becomes law. Do you think this mob will stop there?

Be warned by the witch-hunting hysteria you already see.

It’s not just the work of the kind of fringe activists who bombarded Sydney’s Mercure hotel with so many threats that it cancelled a meeting of Christians, including the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney.

It goes to the top, with the taxpayer-funded ABC, hijacked by the Left, campaigning so aggressively for same-sex marriage that for the first time I can remember, its staff were sent a memo last week warning of their legal duty to be impartial.

“Please remember that approximately 40 per cent of the population opposes the change and more importantly that the ABC does not have a position on the issue,” pleaded ABC News editorial policy manager Mark Maley.

“It is very important that we are impartial.”

But it isn’t and won’t be. I could name a dozen ABC presenters who have endorsed same-sex marriage, but not one who has expressed the views of what the ABC says is the 40 per cent of taxpayers funding them.

Yet SBS, the other taxpayer-funded broadcaster, is still worse, even banning a commercial from the Australian Marriage Forum warning against same-sex marriage.

The stifling of debate is shameless. About 400 employees of ad agencies — including Clemenger BBDO and Ogilvy — have now signed up to the “No to the No campaign”, refusing to make or show ads opposing same-sex marriage because they are “harmful”.

Employees of these companies and the many others like Qantas now crusading for same-sex marriage know it’s safer to shut up than say they’re against it.

Even the Australian Medical Association, in backing same-sex marriage, has censored the other side of the debate.

It falsely claimed there were no peer-reviewed studies suggesting children of such marriages struggled more than children of traditional families. Nearly 400 doctors, including 26 professors, have since signed a letter protesting at the AMA stifling research that showed the opposite.

Meanwhile, those who do dare oppose gay marriage and somehow manage to get heard still risk being sued.

The Catholic Archbishop of Hobart has already been ordered by Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal to show why he should be allowed to keep preaching, and now two more preachers — one a Presbyterian pastor — have been taken to the tribunal by another same-sex marriage activist.

Warning: all this is happening even before same-sex marriage becomes law.

Once it’s legal, watch out.

A Senate select committee warned unanimously in a report in February there weren’t enough legal protections for opponents of same-sex marriage.

Since then, Liberal MPs have talked of needing laws to stop priests and celebrants from being sued for not performing same-sex weddings, and to protect others saying they object for religious reasons.

But if there’s little protection for the religious, there’s even less for anyone objecting for philosophical reasons, or for fear of what may come as the marriage tradition weakens.

Institute for Civil Society executive director Mark Sneddon has told The Australian the non-religious have no protection under federal or state anti-discrimination laws or the Fair Work Act.

That is why the tactics being used by same-sex marriage activists do matter.

Their bullying and hatred is driven by a smug conviction that their opponents are simply evil people doing harm.

Just last weekend, the ABC promoted a new song by hate-merchant Tim Minchin, this time demanding same-sex marriage be legalised and abusing Australians as “a little bit racist, and a little bit homophobic”.

That’s the problem with moral showboaters. The more evil they imagine their enemies, the more heroic they feel.

And the more pitiless they are to the evil, the more virtuous they fancy themselves to be.

That explains the persecution. If it’s not stopped, it will only get worse once these bullies get their way.

As Tony Abbott said: “And I say to you if you don’t like same-sex marriage, vote ‘No.' If you’re worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote ‘No’, and if you don’t like political correctness, vote ‘No’ because voting ‘No’ will help to stop political correctness in its tracks.”

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5 Responses

  1. This postal vote is being rushed through for some reason. I really feel that each side of the debate should be shown respect by given each position equal air time. It is really disappointing to see SSM activists behaving in such an uncivil way. This is very troubling and I really hope that decent people everywhere will reject same sex marriage to send the message that this type of bullying and persecution of people with a different viewpoint is unacceptable in our country.

  2. When will this Bullying by LBGT stop.I was appalled that the AMA without obtaining the views of all doctors march ahead with political posturing supporting SSM and giving spurious evidence
    to justify their position. Today’s media is incapable of proper investigative reporting and only present their personal opinion.
    How can non- religious based rational debate be presented to the public when Corporate Business instead of providing their services honestly and efficiently as well as the politicians,
    media and the AMA make every effort to BLOCK our non support to legislate SSM. The loss of freedom of speech, conscience which is paramount in Australia as ?”Democratic” Country
    will be eroded and the well-being of future generations of children.
    There is now increasing evidence of the terrible consequences following SSM legislation overseas Canada, USA and the UK where freedom of speech and views has been prevented in all
    walks of life: Schools, Employment, Government,Adoption agencies, Universities, Hospitals, Defense Forces etc.
    I cannot comprehend how such a minority of LBGT community(?<2%) activists have had such an enormous impact on our community with its INTOLERANT attitude unless their agenda
    is to " normalise" all homosexual practices by teaching GENDER FLUIDITY to young Children.
    I consider that LBGT has become a TOTALITARIAN MOVEMENT.

  3. Marriage between men and women is a tradition that goes back since the beginning of human civilization. Same sex attraction was undoubtedly well known among the ancients, just as it has been observed in animals.

    But Marriage does not need to be redefined all of a sudden after all these years.
    What they need is a new tradition for SSU, (same sex union). Why should anyone be forced to change an age old tradition?

    It’s a bit like celebrating 25th December as Christ’s birthday when it is actually a pagan solstice festival. And just like the Roman Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the state religion and adapted common pagan traditions as Christian, so is the SSM campaign trying to adapt traditions to suit themselves to form a new ideology.

    Why not start a new tradition, instead of wanting the same tradition that others have? Marriage and SSM is blatantly different. There will always be a distinction between the two.

    The politicians and businesses are being taken for a ride and they are afraid of the SSM lobby. We will all deal with the consequences.

  4. Two of the same sex cannot CONSUMMATE a marriage. Conducting a ceremony merely sets the scene.
    Same Sex couples cannot complete a marriage. Therefore the slogan “Same Sex Marriage” is an oxymoron
    as are other slogans such as “Marriage Equality” . There can be no consummation of marriage by two of the same sex.
    Redefinition of the word “Marriage” to exclude ‘consummation by sexual intercourse’ would be to completely
    destroy its meaning. Surely it is far more sensible to speak of two of the same sex who want to declare their
    undying love for each other as “United” or “Bonded”.

    • John,

      I totally agree with your comment. The Age (18/8/2017), Dr Kevin Donnelly stated, “There’s no doubt that central to the concept of family is a definition of marriage involving a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. With only minor exceptions over some hundreds of years and across all the major religions, this is how marriage has been, and continues to be, defined.”

      The British Marriage law currently requires man-woman married couple must consummate their marriage in order for it to be considered a genuine marriage which can’t be annulled by the church/state, and adultery is grounds for divorce. It appears Australia is deregulating the civil “registered marriage” practice as the country is influenced by globalisation. This will change the practice into a legal sodomy as the form of consummation for all civil “registered marriages” and the Marriage Act will regulate the scientific experimentation of human reproduction. This means Christians and conservative people will separate themselves from the civil “registered marriage” practice by identifying as an “independent marriage” in order to defend and maintain their public commitment to a lifelong, faithful “one flesh” union (sexual intercourse -consummation) between husband and wife as they naturally can procreate new-life (natural human reproduction). The recent AFL incidents of 2 male executives’ adulterous relationships has shown that adultery is unacceptable by Australian community standards. Therefore, the behaviour of adultery is judged by the community rather than the Family Court.

      Australians should not be surprised that the LGBTIAQ party activists demand for the institution of marriage. The scientific evidence showed deinstitutionalisation of the mentally ill throughout the western world hasn’t worked well as it caused many people with a mental illness to receive poor community care and became homeless or re-institutionalised either in hospitals, prisons or short-term term care for the mentally ill. Homosexual behaviour like pedophilia was once criminalised around Australia and most of the world. A German psychologist created the word “homosexual” in the 1800s, and people started to identify with the persona of a homosexual by claiming to be “gay” or “lesbian.” Homosexual behaviour like pedophilia and gender dysphoria were all considered a mental illness and these illnesses were treated by psychiatrists and psychologists. Western governments decided to decriminalise homosexuality for harm minimisation reasons. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that gays and lesbians are demanding to be re-institutionalised into a civil “registered marriage” practice as they want the state to register and regulate their homosexual relationship and their desire for scientific experimentation of human reproduction.

      It is impossible to use logic and reason with a mentally ill person, and it is very difficult to communicate the truth such as 2 things the same aren’t the same as a complimentary set such as a 2 cups or 2 saucers aren’t a complimentary cup and saucer or 2 men or 2 women aren’t a complementary man and woman married couple. My 3 children attend Christian schools in Victoria which have become more like a psychiatric hospital, and I have had to prepare them to understand the psychology and psychiatry words such as “homosexual,” “heterosexual,” “bisexual,” “transgender – gender dysphoria,” “intersex,” and “queer,” “cisgender.” I have had to prepare my children to see themselves like healthcare professionals in order to protect their own mind and safety as they have had to deal with some students and teachers who have a mental illness such as gender dysphoria and homosexual behaviour, and any pedophilia behaviour. Unfortunately, it is getting harder for all of us to trust unrelated people because mental illnesses are becoming extremely common within western society. My daughters’ school supports and protects biological female students who identify with gender dysphoria by allowing them so use the persona of a male including using the pronouns “he” and “him.” However, the idea of reaffirming a mental illness doesn’t make any sense as the body can never be really changed into what the mind demands or desires. There are other mental illnesses such as anorexia which means the person believes he/she is fat and the medical treatment wouldn’t be for teachers and students to identify the anorexic student as fat nor would it be appropriate to treat the mind with surgery or hormone therapy in order to reflect their mindset. Australians who can use logic and reason need to speak the truth about marriage in order to defend our freedom of religion which protects all other freedoms including freedom of speech and freedom to practice our religion.

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