The ‘Safe’ Schools Program is not Safe for our Kids

Increasingly it seems that the gay 'marriage' push is tied in with a radical sex-education and gender-bending programme in our schools.

As this site has long noted, if homosexual 'marriage' is normalised in law, then all manner of homosexual / bisexual / transgender behaviour MUST be normalised in culture, especially in the school curriculum, with the full force of anti-discrimination law.

Perhaps this helps us understand the sexual radicalism of the gay 'marriage' movement. Marriage is an institution the gay movement long despised but now demands: is that because the serious thinkers in that movement know that marriage law is the way to compel social attitudes through anti-discrimination law? Perhaps the driving psychological energy behind the push for gay 'marriage' is the raging need for homosexual people to force society to approve their behaviour and legislate it as being equally right, normal and good as natural sexual relations - and to obtain the legal power to force such teaching on all children.

The Safe-Schools (sic) programme is a sign of things to come - remembering that parents can (and do) oppose such programmes now, but would not be able to once homosexual 'marriage' (and therefore homosexual behaviour) is the law of the land.

At a time when we should be teaching our girls to have a positive body image and embrace their identity, the 'Safe' Schools program is teaching them to disfigure their bodies in order to appear more 'masculine.' It's painful, dangerous and even deadly. Are they serious??? It's time to take action and put a stop to his harmful program. Find out more here:

Queenslanders, Click Here to sign the epetition to put a stop to this dangerous program


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17 Responses

  1. This is not part of the Safe Schools program. The Australian Christian Lobby has cited one booklet that gives the Minus 18 website as a resource, and it is a resource for other things, not this. Nowhere is there any evidence to support the idea that the administration of the program encourages girls to bind your chest. I don’t like that they give that advice, because I can see that it is dangerous. But one article on one website that is cited for completely different reasons does not constitute an endorsement of binding your chest by Safe Schools.

  2. The Safe Schools program actively promotes alternative sexuality. Those who do not agree with or support these alternative sexual practices are labelled as homophobic. My son was punched at school by another student who was angry that he did not support same sex marriage. He simply stated his view respectfully and was met with utter intolerance.

    Safe Schools is supposedly designed to address bullying issues but I feel it is completely inappropriate. It does not address the main causes of bullying (eg. Body shape, nationality etc) and in fact may cause some students to feel justified in bullying those who do not embrace alternative sexual identities.

    Also promoting sexual experimentation in young people is irresponsible as those who bully others are far more likely to have engaged in sexual activity early in their lives. Safe Schools is promoting children exploring their sexuality early so it is in fact encouraging children to behaviour that leads them to be bullies.

    If same sex marriage is legalised parents will not have a choice regarding the sex education of their children. Divergent sexual behaviours will be forced onto young people and the community as being normal. Safe schools materials would no doubt become more explicit as has happened overseas. Safe Schools is a highly politicised radical program hiding under the guise of an anti bullying program. Promoting sexual behaviours that have known health risks is NOT safe for our kids.

    • My son who in Year 10 at a private school is experiencing bullying because he wants to believe marriage is a sexual union between a man and a woman. It is ridiculous that people in Australia are becoming less tolerant of other people’s religion and free speech. Imagine how bad Australia will become to live here if ever same-sex marriage is legalised. Australians don’t care that same-sex couples want to practice their anal and oral sexual behaviours in their own community. However, same-sex couples have no right to demand churches to bless these sexual behaviours in marriage, and force all children and teenagers to learn these sexual behaviours as normal practice as there are significant harmful health problems. A woman reported on-line of experiencing green vaginal discharge after practicing anal then vaginal sex. Treatment had not worked and she had an ectopic pregnancy. She has a high risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease which will lead to infertility and if not treated will cause death. A doctor reported in the Age of young girls (13 yrs old) experiencing faecal incontinence after having anal sex. The embarrassment of wearing a pad for this problem, and living with the offensive odour will isolate the girls from school, friends, and social groups -sport will have a significant impact on their mental health and may lead to self-harm/suicide. The other health problems include anal and vaginal pain, thrush, risk of pelvic inflammatory disease causing infertility and death if left untreated. The Guardian reported a 12 yr old girl self-harming when she refused to give a guy a “blow job” as her friends had isolated her because this was viewed as normal sexual behaviour. When guys believe they have a right to practice homosexual sex (anal and oral sex) with their partners, it makes it extremely hard for their partners to refuse if these are learnt as normal sexual behaviours.

      • Most of what you described was straight people acting irresponsibly, not gay people.

        If your son is being bullied, that’s terrible. But the solution is encouraging tolerance for everyone, not no one.

        • Nick, If same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia then children and teenagers will learn homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sex) are normal sexual behaviours in sex education. I lived in Boston M.A in 2007, it is impossible for parents to remove their children from learning about homosexual behaviour in a state school. In Australia, parents can oppose the school from teaching homosexual behaviour as normal because legal marriage is the sexual union between a man and woman. The Guardian provided evidence this year that 80% 16-18 yr old believed anal and oral sex was normal sexual behaviours after a year of sex education which had normalised these sexual behaviours. There is plenty of research which show evidence of same-sex couples suffering significant harmful health problems from practicing homosexual behaviours. However, there is no research available on heterosexuals practicing anal and oral sex because this has never been encouraged. I gave you some examples of heterosexuals practicing homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sex) giving evidence they experienced harmful health problems. Some guys have been learning about homosexual behaviours via porn. If guys believe they have a right to practice homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sex) with their partners then their partners are going to find it extremely hard to refuse because these sexual behaviours have been normalised. Do you think it is morally wrong for a guy to want anal and oral sex with his partner? The sex education program doesn’t tell children and teenaged the harmful health problems they will experience if they practice homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sex). It may not take a very long time before a significant amount of girls and women are suffering from faecal incontinence, green vaginal discharge, self-harm/suicide, anal pain, anal fistulas, anal cancers, cervical cancers, throat cancers, STDs, HIV/AIDS, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, death? Australians won’t hear about these harmful health problems from health professionals because they won’t be able to speak against homosexuality. Women and girls will have to suffer in silence, they maybe embarrassed to get treatment which could lead to self-harm and suicide. STDs, HIV/AIDS, pelvic inflammatory disease leading to infertility, anal cancers, cervical cancers and throat cancers are at a record high in Australia and the problem will become even higher with the promotion of anal and oral sex. The Japanese recognise homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sex) which can be practiced by same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. They don’t recognise sexual orientation. When children and teenagers are taught together homosexual behaviours ( anal and oral sex) and heterosexual behaviour there could be the consequence of green vaginal discharge. This means girls and women will suffer pelvic inflammatory disease which causes infertility and death if left untreated. This could mean Australian’s fertility rate decreases to the point that our culture no longer exists within a few decades. Women and girls need to take care of their sexual health as this affects their fertility. This is a good reason to defend marriage as the sexual union between a man and woman which can reproduce biological children.

          • Really? Do you really think children are going to learn about oral and anal sex? Do you have any evidence for that? Are there any places where that is officially in a school curriculum? Burwood Girls High School couldn’t even show a film about gay parents without conservatives freaking out.

            Right now, legal straight marriage doesn’t mean children are encouraged to have straight sex. So I’m not sure why legal gay marriage will encourage gay sex.

            By the way, there is a disconnect between LGBT education and marriage. The two are not the same issue. Just as an example: In 2011, Califormia passed the FAIR Education Act, which includes mentions of some achievements by LGBT people in school curriculum. Same-sex marriage was not legal in the state at the time, yet it still went ahead. My source is “Right-Wingers Fight To Protect Children From The Reality Of LGBT Lives” by Media Matters for America.

            I mentioned my source because I have looked up your statistic, and have found nothing from The Guardian. Could you provide that source, please?

  3. “parents can (and do) oppose such programmes now, but would not be able to once homosexual ‘marriage’ (and therefore homosexual behaviour) is the law of the land.”

    Why couldn’t they still oppose it? Same-sex marriage won’t mean that this will be a requirement. I think the fact that it has been introduced without marriage equality shows that the two are not linked.

    And seriously “homosexual behaviour is the law of the land”? What does that even mean? Does AMF realise it’s legal now already?

    • Nick, Australian parents have been able to oppose the new safe sex education program because same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalised here. We are free to speak out against homosexuality because same-sex marriage isn’t legal here in Australia. However, if you would spend some time on-line you would be able to find plenty of information about parents not being able to remove their children from being taught about homosexuality. I am surprised that you haven’t been able to find the report by the Guardian – 80% of 16-18yrs believed anal and oral sexual behaviours were normal after a year of sex education which had normalised these sexual behaviours. Don’t you believe that homosexual behaviours can be practiced as normal sexual behaviours? If same-sex marriage become legal in Australia, do you have a problem with children and teenagers learning these sexual behaviours as normal despite a significant harmful health risk? Even conservative parents, teachers and health care workers won’t be able to stand against children and teenagers being taught about homosexual behaviours (anal and oral sexual behaviours) as normal because we’ll lose our jobs or our children if we speak out against homosexuality if same-sex marriage is legalised here in Australia. Nick, when I was a student nurse I was told that IVF would only be for married couples whom were unable to have children. The health authorities stated, “The community standards would never change that much to allow other people to access this technology.” Now, same-sex couples have access to IVF despite it never been designed for this purpose. Also, when I was a student nurse I can remember having a discussion with some health officials from Melbourne about deinstitutionalisation of the mentally ill. They promised a lot of money for the first two years, then the mentally ill would then need to compete for the health services like everyone else. I said, “These people aren’t like you and I who can wait up to a few years for health services. They need these services now and they will find it difficult if they aren’t available.” Nick, I don’t think you see the big picture with same-sex marriage just like these health officials were denying the problems of deinstitutionalisation. I could observe significant harmful problems because I had done my research overseas where health authorities had already implemented these changes. I was able to warn the ANF and my work mates about healthcare assistants which had been implemented overseas, and we were able to stop the standard of care decreasing in Victoria. Many countries including Britain and the USA are observing our healthcare system, and are trying to use our system to bring in a higher standard of care in those countries.

      The western world will look to Australia if we are able to keep marriage as the sexual union between a man and a woman, because they are already experiencing significant health problems since legalising same-sex marriage. Australia would become a very attractive place to live for conservative families which believe in encouraging the nuclear family. There are many places for the 1% of same-sex couples to live in the western world if they want same-sex marriages. You can believe that marriage is right for everyone, but I would disagree. It would be crazy for hospitals to design its health services for 1% of the population and the other 99% being told you have to believe in the same services as the 1% of people. When I lived in Boston 2007, the education authorities allowed children from poorer areas to gain access to better schools around Boston. Cambridge MA had a really good reputation for schools, then a significant amount of poor students were allowed to enrol at these schools. However, the wealthy parents removed their children and sent them to private schools because they didn’t want their children’s education being affected by poor students. This had a significant negative affect on the schools performance in Cambridge MA. Nick, your not experienced enough to realise that the government can’t make couples get married legally as they have no control over religion. However, research has shown benefits of marriage for heterosexual couples and their children. What is to stop couples getting married by having a church wedding, but never getting it legally recognised by the State because they don’t want the new “marriage for benefits” club? Currently in Australia religion makes couples get their marriages legally registered because marriage is the same both religiously and legally. However, no religion is going to encourage couples to legally get their marriage registered because that would be bowing down to the “Gay Marriage Alter.” People in Australia will see legal marriages are for same-sex and heterosexual couples whom practice homosexual sex and want that to be legally recognised with a marriage certificate, wedding and divorce. Since my relationship with my husband isn’t a homosexual union, then we don’t need the “marriage for benefits” club. We can recognise our sexual union between a man and a woman by having a natural marriage (even if this is non-legal) until couples lobby government to introduce a new Biological Family Act which includes natural marriages. Marriage is a sexual union, otherwise we would call it friendship or a business partnership. A one size fits all approach has never worked for many people. Nick, you have to realise homosexual behaviours is not the same as heterosexual behaviour and the two can’t be made one without people getting hurt. The losers in Marriage Equality are women and children.

      • Despite my explicit request for The Guardian report, you still have not provided it. This is greatly increasing my skepticism as to if it even exists. Please give me the name of the report. You’re read it, you know it exists, so you must be able to do so. Otherwise, I cannot believe you. I cannot take your word for it.

        I’ll ask again: has learning how to have anal/oral sex been adopted into any sex ed curriculum because of same-sex marriage? You are pointing out the risks of it, and I agree that they exist, but you have only ever said that STIs are a problem. I agree that they are, but you have never provided evidence that same-sex marriage means that oral/anal sex is taught in sex ed. So I cannot assume that this is true. In fact, I sense an implication from others that it is not true. Conservative hand-wringing about sex ed has only ever included things like reading books like “King and King” or “And Tango Makes Three”. That I’ve never even heard conservatives provide evidence that this is happening gives me great confidence that it isn’t. I am open to changing that belief, but I really need explicit, concrete evidence that same-sex marriage means that oral/anal sex is taught in sex ed. Without it, your assertion means nothing.

        By the way, your idea that it’s only possible for hospitals to serve 99% of people or 100% is a massively false dichotomy. Hospitals can serve everyone, both, 100% of people. You also describe same-sex marriage as a “marriage for benefits club” in a pejorative way, which I find interesting, because surely the best argument in favour of something is pointing out its benefits. Conservatives rightly argue for marriage by pointing out its benefits, but this supports my belief, not yours.

        You refer to same-sex marriage as a one size fits all approach. That is not true. Marriage means different things to different people. Not allowing same-sex marriage is a one size fits all approach: straight marriage suits everyone. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t.

        One more thing: there should be no legal or formal mechanism for parents to pull their children from classes they object to. If you don’t like it, send your kids to a private school. Schools should be open about what they plan to teach, and if a parent keeps their kid home to avoid it, we can’t have such a big government to intervene, I agree. But nor should it be encouraged or facilitated. I think many people would say this about the recent controversy over the national anthem.

        • Nick, I found the report in the Guardian a couple of months ago on-line, I am sure you can find it too. I have been studying this topic for the past year because I have 3 children so I have piles of paperwork to go through but I’m sure I’ll find it. I lived in a Boston MA 2007, Boston legalised same-sex marriage in 2004, and I know as a parent about the sex education program which was introduced to include homosexuality. We decided to home-school our children because there were so many other parents whom were against the State imposing their ideology of homosexuality on children. You have to re-read the comment I made about hospitals designed for 1 % of the population. Unfortunately, hospital don’t design their systems for 100% of the population. Our health services are lacking language services for people which speak another language other than English. The food is mainly European, hospitals don’t tend to provide Indian, Chinese food etc. The healthcare system is really hard to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the system. Would you be against marriage being known as a homosexual union (anal and oral sexual behaviours) for both same-sex and heterosexual couples? Would you be against a Biological Family Act which recognises natural marriage as the sexual union between a man and a woman? Marriage is a sexual union, otherwise we would call it friendship or a business partnership. It will be interesting if you become a parent and disagree with an ideology your child is being taught as true or normal. You might not be able to afford a private education for your child/children.

          I was able to quickly find the article in the Campaign encourages gay men to have unprotected sex in attempt to boost sales of anti-HIV drug Sept 30, 2015 6:09pm by Beau Donelly & Anna Whitelaw. This article high-lights the sexual behaviour we can expect in the “new marriage for benefits” club. Large posters have been put up across Melbourne, prominently featuring a blue pill and the text: “YOU CAN F+++ RAW. PrEP WORKS. NO MORE HIV.” Health experts have slammed the controversial ads for failing to promote safe sex and the importance of regular health screening, branding them “extremely unhelpful” and “completely wrong.” Collingwood student Steve Spencer is one of the many gay men importing the generic brand of PrEP from India…”I realised my risk of HIV transmission was too high to ignore so taking control of my sexual health through the use of PrEP became a huge priority,” the 23 year old said. …”During sex, alcohol and other drugs can fog your ability to rely on condoms, or the condom could fail…As a gay man, seeing what the HIV epidemic has done to our community, to have this freedom from fear is incredible.” Are heterosexual couples going to get marriage equality with same-sex couples in regard to harmful health problems in this new “marriage for benefits” club? There are a number of articles on-line about students being taught about anal and oral sex at school. Truth uncensored June 13, 2015 Starting in Kindergarten children will be taught heterosexual, homosexual, Bisexual and transgender lifestyles. Family Life education lessons will include discussions about oral and anal sex. Public schools in Fairfax County Virgina starting in Kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex marriage and parents will not be able to opt out. Huffpost Living 27/4/2015 Introduction of same-sex marriage Year3, anal intercourse and oral sex in grade 7. Parents plan to take kids out of school to protest Ontario’s sex education. Life, School uses planned parenthood curriculum to teach elementary children oral and anal sex. This article details parents finding out from their daughter that the principal had instructed her that day in how to perform oral and anal sex. The traumatising instruction was delivered as a part of State approved sex education.

          • These things get exaggerated by the religious right all the time.

            I think I’m going to finish now; this is getting tiring. Thanks for the conversation.

    • Nick, there is no such thing as homosexual marriage. Its about as logical as saying “Go into a round pipe and sit in the corner ! ” Its utter nonsense. Marriage is defined as 1 man and 1 woman. There has never been room in the definition of marriage for it to be 2 men, 2 women etc. Its simply folly that has brainwashed gullible masses !

      • A round pipe has an infinite number of corners. If gay marriage is like a round pipe’s corners, it works. Thank you for admitting that gay marriage works.

  4. I just looked over at the Australian Christian Lobby’s website and the Safe Schools Coalition has removed the sexual content. So can everyone please calm down now?

    Their blog post is “Safe Schools under Pressure”.

  5. Those who don’t still believe that there are irrifutable health dangers from homosexuality should look into any hospital records. Homosexuals make up around 80% of diagnosis for HIV/AIDS. Plus that is not the only risk. Fatal liver disease, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancers etc. Most deadly conditions overrepresented by homosexuals. Anal sex for homosexuals is NEVER SAFE-Period.

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