‘We will teach your kids the new norms’ – A warning from Canada

"[T]he gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada. And with that comes a message school-teacherto those who won't evolve: your outdated morals are no longer acceptable, and we will teach your kids the new norms." ~ Robin Perelle, Xtra Vancouver.

Sound familiar?

Writing on an LGBT blog, Daniel Villarreal said: “I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”

He also said: “We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.”

Australia's own social engineering program has already launched, disguised as the 'Safe' Schools Program, indoctrinating children into the LGBTI lifestyle, without any consultation with parents. In fact, children are taught how to lie to their parents about their online searches to over 18 websites, and they're told to ask their school to unblock them.

Publicly the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition program says it’s to stop bullying and suicides, but she told a Marxism conference it was part of a wider Marxist strategy to radically change society.

If you live in Queensland, you won't even be told if your child's school is participating in the program. Parents are encouraged to approach their child's school to find out whether they are involved.

SSM advocates have requested the voting age for the upcoming plebiscite into Gay 'Marriage' be lowered to include graduates of the Safe Schools [Indoctrination] Program. Further evidence of their cunning plan.

And anyone who dares to question the validity of the Safe Schools program is shouted down as a bigot. How can we possibly have an honest debate in this volatile environment?

When Transgender Australian of the Year award nominee Cate McGregor express concerns about the program, perhaps it's time to take note...

And more recently, evidence of a new program targeted at toddlers has been uncovered. In 2013, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria announced their partnership with Early Childhood Development, celebrating their 'Supporting Sexual Diversity and Gender Diversity in Schools' policy. What could a toddler possibly need to know about sexual diversity?

Early Childhood Development

“Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect.” Clare McHugh - Spokeswoman, Early Childhood Australia.

This quote shocked and horrified parents.

Susie O'Brien exposed the plan in the Herald Sun, quoting a staff member:

''...educators view items such as dress-up boxes and play spaces as resources for ensuring kids are not bound by rigid gender roles and also as a way for those who may not be sure which gender they belong to. “Every daycare centre with a dress-up box will have a story about how children play and what they put on,” she said. “This is about allowing children options to explore different possibilities, such as animal costumes rather than boys’ and girls’ clothes.”

'It makes me sad that something as benign as a dress-up box has become a focus of political debate.' Susie O'Brien rightly stated.

She went on to explain that teachers are encouraged to refer to toddlers' private parts by their correct name: “Yes, I can see that your vulva is a bit red.”

The question is, should a toddler's teacher be referring to her private parts at all?

So there, hidden in plain sight, is the long-term strategy of the LGBTI community. The question is, what can we do about it?

First of all, find out whether your child's school is running the program and express your concerns. This is an anti-bullying program that doesn't even touch on the most common reasons for bullying - Weight, height, appearance, race, IQ, sporting ability etc

The person who should be teaching your children about sex education is YOU. So make sure you have an open, ongoing conversation with your child about this and make them feel as comfortable as possible about approaching you with questions and concerns on this issue.

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And share articles like this one amongst your family and friends. Our ignorance is their greatest weapon, so get informed!


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