‘We will teach your kids the new norms’ – A warning from Canada

"[T]he gay rights movement is shifting norms in Canada. And with that comes a message school-teacherto those who won't evolve: your outdated morals are no longer acceptable, and we will teach your kids the new norms." ~ Robin Perelle, Xtra Vancouver.

Sound familiar?

Writing on an LGBT blog, Daniel Villarreal said: “I and a lot of other people want to indoctrinate, recruit, teach, and expose children to queer sexuality AND THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.”

He also said: “We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it.”

Australia's own social engineering program has already launched, disguised as the 'Safe' Schools Program, indoctrinating children into the LGBTI lifestyle, without any consultation with parents. In fact, children are taught how to lie to their parents about their online searches to over 18 websites, and they're told to ask their school to unblock them.

Publicly the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition program says it’s to stop bullying and suicides, but she told a Marxism conference it was part of a wider Marxist strategy to radically change society.

If you live in Queensland, you won't even be told if your child's school is participating in the program. Parents are encouraged to approach their child's school to find out whether they are involved.

SSM advocates have requested the voting age for the upcoming plebiscite into Gay 'Marriage' be lowered to include graduates of the Safe Schools [Indoctrination] Program. Further evidence of their cunning plan.

And anyone who dares to question the validity of the Safe Schools program is shouted down as a bigot. How can we possibly have an honest debate in this volatile environment?

When Transgender Australian of the Year award nominee Cate McGregor express concerns about the program, perhaps it's time to take note...

And more recently, evidence of a new program targeted at toddlers has been uncovered. In 2013, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria announced their partnership with Early Childhood Development, celebrating their 'Supporting Sexual Diversity and Gender Diversity in Schools' policy. What could a toddler possibly need to know about sexual diversity?

Early Childhood Development

“Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect.” Clare McHugh - Spokeswoman, Early Childhood Australia.

This quote shocked and horrified parents.

Susie O'Brien exposed the plan in the Herald Sun, quoting a staff member:

''...educators view items such as dress-up boxes and play spaces as resources for ensuring kids are not bound by rigid gender roles and also as a way for those who may not be sure which gender they belong to. “Every daycare centre with a dress-up box will have a story about how children play and what they put on,” she said. “This is about allowing children options to explore different possibilities, such as animal costumes rather than boys’ and girls’ clothes.”

'It makes me sad that something as benign as a dress-up box has become a focus of political debate.' Susie O'Brien rightly stated.

She went on to explain that teachers are encouraged to refer to toddlers' private parts by their correct name: “Yes, I can see that your vulva is a bit red.”

The question is, should a toddler's teacher be referring to her private parts at all?

So there, hidden in plain sight, is the long-term strategy of the LGBTI community. The question is, what can we do about it?

First of all, find out whether your child's school is running the program and express your concerns. This is an anti-bullying program that doesn't even touch on the most common reasons for bullying - Weight, height, appearance, race, IQ, sporting ability etc

The person who should be teaching your children about sex education is YOU. So make sure you have an open, ongoing conversation with your child about this and make them feel as comfortable as possible about approaching you with questions and concerns on this issue.

Sign a petition

Contact your MP

And share articles like this one amongst your family and friends. Our ignorance is their greatest weapon, so get informed!


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44 Responses

  1. — “Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect.” Clare McHugh – Spokeswoman, Early Childhood Australia. —


    To view a child as a sexual being is verging on peadophiila and to impose abnormal adult concepts onto children is indoctrination.
    And they say that genitals do not define gender but adults ‘assign’ a sex to an infant.


    Children now have to make a decision whether they’re male or female?! Whatever happened to parental guidance?
    Children learn about sex as they grow up and go through the hormonal changes in puberty.
    Why is there this push to educate all chidren on all sexual deviation?

    I must’ve been abnormal as a kid because I wasn’t interested in sex until after puberty. I learned about sexual reproduction at school and that was enough information.
    … Forty years later and now it’s mandatory for all children to learn not only about sexual reproduction, but all the fetishes and deviations of sexual identity and orientation.
    We all have to learn who we are as we grow, there’s nothing special about the lgbt group.

    I believe the current perverted adult generation is sexualising children too early.
    The children and the adults must be taught about the causes of such afflictions along with acceptance.

  2. Consider yourself put on notice – They are coming for your Children.

    • Hahaha. Love your sense of Irony!

      I was driving along the highway and I saw a big sign, “LGBTIQ School”. I knew right away that they were after my kids to indoctrinate them into their perverse and twisted way of life, telling the kids that it is noble, moral and wise to hate some people simply because of their sexuality!!

      Oh, sorry, my
      Mistake. The sign said, “Christian School”!

      The LGBTIQ community has never indoctrinated children! We leave that to the “Christian” community!

      • Never – except that one time that you attempted the sneak a massive LGTBIBBQ indoctrination program into every public school in Australia.

        That’s and interesting point your raise though. Why are there no LGBTIBBQ schools?

        Oh, that’s right. No children…no future.

        Unless you recruit more to your cause.

      • gee a school that wants to teach children how to live a decent life, versus teaching them how to engage in depraved sexual activities. Wake up brian.

  3. The Safe School (coalition) program is all about social engineering into making children/teenagers accept and participate in a “gay wedding.” This is to soften their sexual activities or sexuality to explore “homosexuality”, “transgender,” bisexual or queer identities. The Guardian on 13/3/2015 had an article about a married husband wanting to explore anal sexual activity with another women because his wife refuse to grant him his “sexual bucket wish.” He describe his wife as good, loving and their sexual life had been great together except for this one wish. The government and LGBTIAQ lobby group are demanding that guys get their right to practice anal and oral sex, pornography (mind sex) with masturbation and robotic sex as the same or equal to sexual intercourse. Their partners will find it extremely hard to refuse as all these sexual activities which same-sex couples practice will be normalised through the Safe school (coalition) program and sex education. A “gay” wedding guarantees children/teenagers learning the sexual activities which same-sex couple practice are acceptable, natural, normal, healthy, moral, good and usual, despite all the scientific research showing evidence of the significant harmful health and relationship problems.

    The LGTBIAQ lobby group are hiding the truth about “gender marriage” for everyone. The Daily Stormer 23/9/2014 had an article on sham homosexual ‘marriage’ so foreigners could get British citizenship. The London (Christian Examiner) reported MPs were concerned that England’s anti-terrorism laws could be brought to bear against teachers who tell students same-sex marriage is wrong. Third Sector reported on the 14/11/2016 that British Red Cross dismissed a man whom had volunteered for 18yrs after he staged a one-man protest against same-sex marriage. If the Marriage Act is changed in Australia so everyone can only have “gender marriage,” it means all man-women marriage change because they’re no longer allowed to have a traditional marriage. No one will be able to say in public that marriage is a life-long, commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children because this is impossible for same-sex couples to practice this sexual behaviour. The LGBTIAQ lobby group is reducing marriage with meaning of love and commitment to a personal relationship so it doesn’t make sense why the government is even making this a Marriage law. The “meaningless marital relationship” is equal to the “meaningless sex.” The Political mojo reported on 28/02/2011 the British court denied a Christian couple to foster care because the couple disapproved of homosexuality. So these LGBTIAQ lobby group say, “Nothing will change by allowing us to marry is not true.” I am at a huge risk of losing my job after more than 23yrs working as a healthcare professional in critical care areas in a major teaching hospital because I can’t pretend that the sexual activities that same-sex couples practice is the same as sexual intercourse to be called marriage. I have to deny my culture, family history, moral beliefs, scientific knowledge and personal experience to believe 2 male sexual organs or 2 female sexual organs is the same as a male’s sexual organ called a penis can join together by sexual intercourse with a female’s sexual organ called a vagina and this sexual union can reproduce biological children. My work text me regularly to do extra work because there is a shortage of healthcare professionals in cardiac care, but it look like patients will be the next to suffer with the lack of trained staff if Christians are forced out of the healthcare services.

    The Lawmakers in England had to change the country’s consummation laws, a part of Great Britain’s Marriage Act in order to allow homosexual couples to legally marry. It brought up complicated matters to what is adultery for same-sex and man-woman couples? The Australian parliament has rejected changing the Marriage Act so many times. The Labor government spent millions of dollars changing 85 laws so same-sex couples are treated equally to defacto couples whom are treated the same as married couples. Even if LGBTIAQ lobby group get to change the Marriage Act to “gender marriage” for everyone then they still won’t stop. Therefore, Australians need to stand up against the LGBTIAQ lobby group and tell them they can take their “gender marriage” and their Safe School (coalition) program and shove it up their rear end and smoke it.

    • I never chose to be Gay- I do not understand what causes sexual attraction, but being Gay was not a choice for me. In the same way that sexual orientation of gender identity are not conscious choices for anyone.

      The choice comes when you choose to hate people simply because of what you imagine they do in private.

      Sexuality is not a choice but hatred is. And you have chosen the path of hate!

      “Christian”? So sorry, but you do not qualify!

      Jesus used a language of light, love, abundant life, and inaugurated a community based on love, joy, peace, self control and patience. It may be helpful for you to emulate his values and surrender your language of hate. Then you would truly become the Salt of the Earth.

      • Well, they’re not exactly “doing it in private” if they’re attempting to force public schools to teach other people’s children about it, now are they?

        Kind of puts to rest that tired old narrative of “we’re not bothering you!” doesn’t it? Well, now you are bothering us, by targeting our children.

        • Exactly,
          I’ve heard enough about the lgbt rights. They’ve already got all the rights as anyone else, and that’s good, but I don’t want to know what they do in private. And I certainly don’t need it shoved down my throat. (Pun intended).
          Neither do our children.
          We all have rights.

          • It’s true, “Jesus used a language of light, love, abundant life”.
            Jesus also said we will be persecuted and suffer trials for speaking the truth.

      • Brian,
        I am thankful that Jesus Christ paid for my sins on the cross and not you because you would have condemned me as not being a good enough Christian (remember I am a “legal murderer,” and that is what the devil accuses people. Brian, I am not your judge. God knows our hearts and mind, but you won’t find any biblical evidence that he wants “one flesh” (marriage) between a same-sex couple. I can love LGBTIAQ people like my own children, but I don’t have to love their sinful behaviours, ideas, values and beliefs. The Y generation have witnessed a lot of divorce and are demanding a good role model. Changing the model of marriage to between “any 2 genders” means “a living hell relationship.” I will be like the Christians in other persecuted countries praying that Jesus returns quickly because I don’t want to see more depravity as I have witnessed enough.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjOneiZgQtU

        What you say about Jesus and gays: Jesus showed us how to be loving, and tolerant. Yes, He did. And we strive for this standard. However homosexuality is an act of treason against God and humanity. God created woman to complete man. And there is the texts in Exodus, Leviticus, Ephesians and Romans that outright call out homosexuality as a sin that stops you entering into Heaven. If you have 2 people in a loving monogamous relationship then how can it be wrong? Some point to the golden rule “Love Thy Neighbour”. Its a very important text.

        Who are we to call out sin, since we are all sinners? So you’re perfect? Of course not. But the issue is repentance. If there is not ongoing repentance in your life then there is a problem. To refuse to acknowledge your sin is not repentance.

        So – please do not use the name of Jesus Christ when you are attempting to justify your life choice. If I did what came natural to me I would sleep with every beautiful woman I saw. How would that help me, my family, or them – and how is this bringing glory to God?

        There are many more reasons to know that any self professing Christian who claims that homosexuality is some kind of divine gift is a heretic, and worse than any of us, because these people, some of them pastors, are dragging people down by telling them a lifestyle which brings only the wages of sin which is an early death and barreness and disease.

      • don’t be stupid brain. we don’t hate you. we hate what you are trying to teach our kids. The only hate is coming from you and lgbt activists spewing forthi this propaganda. you are a blight on society.

  4. I hope you are being as active as you can to forward the AMF posts to as many people as you can and ask them to do the same.
    We have had some substantial discussion on this site (good post today Janine), regarding SSM and Safe Schools.
    If you haven’t followed the links on this post please do, being aware as you do that you are looking at material that certain adults in responsible positions, as stewards of our children’s education, believe is appropriate and acceptable to be made available to our children as part of an anti-bullying programme. (Who needs parents anyway???). Note those members of Parliament who are berating their fellows who have called for Safe Schools to be reviewed……they are not our children ‘s friends.
    Consider the $$$ that have been spent in the design/production/distribution/inservicing/teaching hours of this so called ‘anti-bullying ‘ programme which is (promoted as being) focussed on (countering the bullying of) a single group that constitutes about 3% of the adult population (to the exclusion of all other identified bullied target groups) in a society which apparently is 80% supportive of homosexual lifestyles as normal. We have just been informed that a pro-LGBT organisation has published an analysis of the costing of allowing mums and dads to vote on the issue of SSM which they report (just happens) to exceed the cost of all previous plebiscites and this is being used as the latest tool by LGBT activists to attempt to have the plebiscite cancelled.
    Certain learned citizens, scientists no less, reported the finding of a gay gene. This was to remove all stigma associated with lifestyle choices and our media jumped all over it. Turns out they were wrong…..they lied…..no gay gene and our media were silent.
    Popular TV shows are promoting motherless and fatherless families. Our TV adverts are increasingly picking up on the same theme. We have just had one popular TV network giving us two prime time series both apparently capable of stopping the nation. Peter Allen and Molly Meldrum….both famous Australians but by some strange co-incident (because there are so few famous Australians) both gay. (Not propaganda by any chance?)
    If you are not in favour of SSM you are a bigot and a homophobe because what fair minded person with a modicum of decency could not understand that LOVE IS LOVE!
    Opponents to SSM say ‘think of the child’. LGBT activists and their supporters reply ‘gays and lesbians already have children’. This truth does not negate the obvious that gays and lesbians having children does not eventuate from an expression of their ‘love is love’ as and for a gay or lesbian.
    So when it comes to thinking of the child….100% possessing a biological mother and father, what does love is love mean? What does love demand of the adult responsible for creating a child? What value does the notion of ‘love is love’ hold for an adult agitating for equality for themselves when having had a mother and a father their love makes no demands on their responsibility toward ensuring equality for our children?
    LGBT’s have a right to equality……..including marriage…..and children?
    Children have a right to equality……including a mum and a dad!
    If equality means more than having the fattest wallet and the loudest voice Australia will remain children focussed and a proud member of the group of 170 UN member countries that have not lost sight of what is best for all children. (As opposed to the remaining 20 UN members who have capitulated to SSM genderless propaganda.)
    My parents taught me; ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’ The wisdom is appropriate…look after the children and society will look after itself!

  5. Thank you for your informative article. Some readers mistakenly believe the LGBTIQ community want to engineer community’s values and force good and moral people to change. Some readers see the request for Marruage Equality as undermining social values and causing healthy marriages to collapse. This is not true.
    All I want is to be treated with respect. I want to enjoy the same protection and uphold the same responsibilities as others within the community.
    I would like to live in a society where I am judged by who I am and what I do, not simply on who I find attractive.
    And I want children to grow up free of the discrimination, hatred and violence I faced when I was at school. I do not believe that this is asking too much.

    • Brian,
      You might not want good, moral people to change, but the reality is “gender marriage” means I am called a “bigot,” “homophobe,” “prejudice” and hate speech” because I believe in the Bible, and that God made one man and one woman to become “one flesh” (sexual intercourse-marriage) for the purpose of filling the whole earth with people. This belief is backed up with personal experience, family history, culture and scientific research and nature/biology which shows 2 men’s sexual organs or 2 females sexual organs aren’t the same as sexual intercourse between one man and one woman which can reproduce biological children. So if “gender marriage” makes the Bible, science, history, culture, and my personal experience all wrong then what will I swear on when I go to court? Can I just make up the truth from whatever might pop into my head? If the Bible isn’t true, then why would anyone want to believe me on a jury? I don’t believe that people should be able to lawfully discriminate against a person. However, we should all be able to discriminate against behaviours, beliefs, ideas and values, otherwise there is no difference between ISIS and Muslims or German people and the Nazis. You might not like me making a judgement on your sexual activities if you are attracted to a guy. However, if I was your friend, and you knew me as a married woman with children and I told you I was attracted to another married man I went to school with. Would you be totally blank and pass no judgement on me at all? If you knew my husband was a loving father and my children were fantastic, you’d be thinking, “Am I crazy to give up on my great family and risk it all to be with a married man and break up his family.” I could tell you, “that it is in my genes, I think I was born this way to love a married man.” I doubt that you’d believe me. However, if the law allowed marriage between multiple people then you’d think my behaviour to have a sexual relationship with a married man would be perfectly fine. However, if I told you the married man I loved was your husband, how would this make you feel? Would you not pass any judgement on my sexual behaviour if I cheated on you by having a sexual relationship with your husband?

      Children and teenagers get bullied at school for all types of reasons. I got called “gay” because I refused to go out with guys at school. If children/teenagers don’t learn to discriminate between sexual behaviours then their sexual lives will be in a huge mess. Australians didn’t make up the meaning of marriage as a public, life long commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children. This is a foundational truth which has existed from the beginning of time, and it has been the only way natural, biological children have entered this world. The Marriage Act is the only law in Australia which protect these natural, biological children being legally able to live with their biological mother and father, and not the state as their guardian. There are other laws which protect children from divorce/separation, IVF, surrogacy and adoption which same-sex couple get their children from. It is impossible to change the truth of nature “one flesh -sexual intercourse-Marriage” into a man-made private “love” and “commitment” for self-pleasure without destroying generations of potentially good, moral people. People say my children are good and moral child/teenagers. However, if I exposed them to the sexual activities of same-sex couples including multiple partners with anal and oral sex, pornography (mind sex) with masturbation, chem-sex and robotic sex, then there is plenty of scientific research which show evidence that all these sexual activities would cause significant harmful health and relationship problems. Remember not all the people in the Nazi party were bad people including Oskar Schindler. Australians need to stand up against “gender marriage” as this will breakdown our families and society to give the government more power in our private lives.

    • And none of that has anything to do with sneaking post modern sexual liberationist degeneracy into my childrens minds behind my back, now does it?

      Interesting that no LGBTIBBQ’s can actually defend the *content* of these programs isn’t it? It’s all general motherhood statements about poor, poor them and hallmark cards and diversions to nonsense.

      We all know why. Because to defend teaching speaking of kids as being “sexual beings” makes one sound, coincidentally, like a degenerate pedo pervert.

  6. Hi Janine,
    Thank you for your thoughtful response. With deep respect, may I make a few comments in response, please?
    The case study you present relates to the violation of marriage vows and the commitment two people make during their public wedding ceremony. The violation of these vows offends every moral person. People who advocate for Marriage Equality are asking for exactly that type of relationship – committed, life-long, excluding all others, with community support. Advocates of Marriage Equality are asking for protection from infidelity, a public recognition for their monogamous relationship, with the responsibilities that go with marriage. Rather than undermining the sanctity of marriage, advocates of Marriage Equality are celebrating and protecting the sanctity of marriage.
    You make the observation that the Bible advocates our current legal definition of marriage – one man and one woman, united for life, to the exclusion of all others, with the purpose of raising offspring in a nuclear family environment. Unfortunately, the Bible does not define marriage in this way. In fact, the Bible describes marriage as a dynamic range of relationships which changes and adapts to meet changing social and community needs. I do not advocate polygamy, concubinage, levirate marriage or slavery. However, the Bible is not critical of these relationship types. Neither is the Bible critical of life-long committed relationships between people of the same gender. While the relationships between David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi were never sexual, these relationships have given us some of the most powerful descriptions of life-long commitment found anywhere in the Bible. “Your people will be my people, where you live I will live, where you die, I will die,” and “”His love for (Jonathan) was greater than the love between a man and a woman'” stand as statements of overwhelming intimacy.
    AMF’s fundamental argument is that marriage is designed for the raising of children. You even state that the purpose of marriage is for, “filling the whole earth with people.” Many people would argue that the whole earth is currently filled with people, and even leading theologians and Christian Ethicists would argue that Marriage is not primarily about raising children.
    I agree whole-heartedly with your comments about the dangers for children being exposed to pornography, explicit sexual acts, and actions that are morally reprehensible. Advocates of Marriage Equality also share your views – children are vulnerable and need to be protected from such influences. This is another reason for supporting Marriage Equality – so that healthy relationships can be celebrated and publicly acknowledged.
    Thank you for your thoughtful and informed response. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas as we work together to support healthy relationships.

  7. Brian I appreciate the tone of your post. Your expectations of society as expressed in the second paragraph of your post are I believe irrefutable. It is interesting that you have included a personal acceptance for meeting your responsibilities. (Interesting in that acknowledgement of responsibility moves beyond the ego centric dialogue that I have experienced as typifying the pro SSM proponents to date.)
    There must be noted a necessary clarification when attempting to discern the mind and intent of the LGBT community. This surely is as diverse as that evidenced in the non-LGBT community when critical and emotive topics such as SSM are discussed. (Evidenced by gays who have freely expressed their view that marriage and children should not be part of the gay lifestyle; By the adults raised by gay parents who speak of the love and respect they have for those who raised them, but express their felt pain from the absence of a mother or father.)
    So while I believe it is not correct to attribute an intent, to orchestrate radical social change to normative sexual behaviour to the LGBT community at large, there can be no doubt that LGBT activists and so called ‘progressives’ who support their agenda are aggressively engaged in social engineering. (The above article and postings would not exist if this were not so.)
    Their agenda is no more than an extension of the ideological worship of ‘self’ that underpins what we call the sexual revolution. Like feeding fairy floss to a hungry generation the Sixties gave us….’Love means never having to say you are sorry’ ….(a good ingredient for any disfunctional co-dependent relationship) and we have continued down the slide to the meaningless platitude that ‘love is love.’ In between, amongst the complexities of our human faults and failings, we have had ‘blameless divorce’, the ‘blended family’, the ‘single parent family’, all accompanied by the appropriate doses of conscience salve that our children are resilient and can cope and now we are contemplating the next step…SSM.
    There is a simple maxim that I have read in psychology presentations….’hurt people, hurt people’! The increase in violence in our society is undeniable. The coward punch phenomenon is addressed in terms of being alcohol fuelled; But alcohol can’t fuel violence if the coals of violence don’t exist in the first place. If we continue to break the traditional family unit and relegate children to a status as goods and chattels to be traded in the market place we should not wander around scratching our heads confused that our nice and equal society….isn’t.

    No adult has the right to a child. Every child has the right to a mum and dad. As a citizen authentic in their intent to uphold your social responsibilities the rights of every child to have a mum and dad should sit easily with your sensibility to equality. I’m sure Brian you could empathise with every child who pronounced…’all I want is to be treated with respect….to enjoy the same protection…(as afforded the 98% of children who have a mum and dad).
    SSM legislation will act to normalise gay lifestyles. The windows patched into the SafeSchools programme that open to promote abnormal and deviate sexual behaviour are but a taste of what is coming should SSM be written to our law.

  8. Brian,
    I have to agree with Tony. The idea that a man-made “gender marriage” is able to serve two masters is ridiculous. The Bible doesn’t encourage and promote polygamy, but recognises the relationships people chose and there downfall including incest between Lot and his daughters, adultery between David and Bathsheba, Abraham used Hagar (Sarah’s servant) to reproduce a son. There is no where in the Bible that God does say for “man and man” or “woman and woman” to become “one flesh” (intercourse-marriage) because this is impossible even to God. God knows the heart of man and he could have made children out of sexual activities for everyone if he wanted. However, the Bible does state about a man should leave his parents and unite with his wife and become “one flesh” (intercourse-marriage) and to fill the earth with people. Jesus even repeated the Genesis story of how God created man and woman for each other. Culture has celebrated marriage in a public wedding ceremony of making a life-long commitment “one flesh” (sexual intercourse between one man and one woman), excluding all others for the benefit of children. The laws regarding fornication (premarital sex), adultery, sodomy, incest, pedophilia, bigamy and divorce were all created to protect sexual intercourse. However, gender marriage makes all these laws irrelevant because it isn’t about a sexual union which can reproduce natural, biological children. Your asking the government to support a different type of marriage which is public, life-long commitment to love each other, exclude all others for the benefit of your private life which legally doesn’t need to be recognised. This is the reason the majority of LGBTIAQ people state that marriage shouldn’t exist and if it does, it needs to change to accommodate the multiple relationship with children from often different mothers and fathers. The LGBTIAQ lobby group are using a very conservative approach making out that most “gays” and “lesbians” want a marriage (sexual intercourse) like man-woman relationship. However, the majority of LGBTIAQ people don’t want marriage and they reject this conservative, religious marriage. My homosexual experience started in year 1 in the girls’ toilets with 10-15 girls so fornication (pre-marital sex) would never apply to people whom identify with homosexuality. The Bible doesn’t encourage or promote homosexuality at all, it is a book which has been labelled as “hate speech” and there has been quite of few preachers and law clerks serve time in jail when they have quoted verses against homosexuality. The Bible hasn’t adapted at all to current thinking and societies attitudes to sexual relationships. The scriptures have stayed the same, and people have studied them over time to gain information about the God who created the Universe.

    My relationship with my younger brother could be described like Jonathon and David’s. If the law considered us married then we could pass assets between each other with out paying tax. If the Marriage Act isn’t about biological children then what other law protects these children to live with their biological mother and father? Thanks for your support of wanting chidden and teenagers to learn healthy sexual relationships. Most preachers have stated the Bible would need to be written entirely if it was ever going to support gender marriage. Also, science would need to be written if it was going to support gender marriage. However, I can’t rewrite my own personal experience with LGBTIAQ. I can’t pretend that the sexual activities that same-sex couples can practice are equal or the same to sexual intercourse which can reproduce natural, biological children to be called marriage. It is the same if my best friend asked me to assist her with a legal abortion. She could appeal to my previous experience of assisting in legal murder as a student nurse against my will. However, my moral conscience is unable to pretend that a neonate is bodily waste. It is my past experience as a child/teenager with LGBTIAQ which has made the evidence from the Bible, history, culture and science/biology/nature so clear that Marriage is a public, life-long commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children. Brian you may want to disagree with my marriage to my husband, but I’ll get my marriage certificate from the NSW registry and rip it into pieces if the government changes it into “gender marriage.” Since the government will have to change laws to make “gender marriage” then I don’t have to consent to this new marriage. I will be like my german forefathers and have non-legal church marriage as the government hasn’t been able to control my mind and persuade me to adopt its “gender marriage” for everyone. My religion, culture and family history doesn’t require me to have a legal marriage. I am sure that the courts won’t have me on any jury if I don’t respect an unjust law, but the courts may find they can’t get a jury which can represent our society if half of society behaves like me. Is Australia heading for a “black death?” Nurses and doctors have been able to be legal murderers for abortion. However, society is pushing to expand this scope of practice to include the consenting elderly, sick and mentally and physically disabled. Since nurses and doctors practice legal, professional sexual activities these will be known as sexual intercourse with patients, including minors if marriage – sexual intercourse is changed to include sexual activities. It may become very hard to attack people to the nursing and medical professions if their legal role is to murder consenting patients. I think Australia will split marriage between civil and religious. This will mean children/teenagers will find it hard to marry between the two different belief/ideology. It may create the Romeo and Juliet situations, but this is the new “living Hell.”

  9. I’ve tried to post a comment twice. Both were either not approved or deleted, for some reason.

    • Brian,
      When I was a teenager I hadn’t heard the word sexuality. However, I came to the conclusion that God didn’t make me to love intimately my life-time girlfriend because it was impossible for us to have children together. I thought God would have been cruel if he made me to have feelings for my girlfriend, but he didn’t provide the possibility for children. If I know same-sex and man-woman couples can practice sexual activities than I think God know these things, but he didn’t allow children to be born by these sexual behaviours. I don’t see any examples in the Bible of 2 man or 2 woman being called a family and being blessed by God with children. The Bible does warn against man and man or woman and woman lying together like a man and woman. I don’t think my parents ever read this part of the Bible because they didn’t have a problem with me sleeping with my girlfriends. My daughter had a sleep over recently, and she told me she slept with her girlfriend in a double bed, but nothing happened. Fortunately, God’s plan was bigger than mine and greater than my own idea. I didn’t realise at the time that I had to overcome a general dislike of guys and their behaviour. Fortunately, I had a good relationship with my brother and a few male friends which gave me some hope of being in an intimate relationship with a guy. I have had a problem of being a perfectionist, and my mother had told me as a child/teenager that I would be unbearable to live with as I would constantly clean up after her. It is a miracle that I met my husband who is a genius, and I can admire his great achievements. My mum and dad both think my husband is fantastic, and they find it difficult to believe he’s willing to put up with me. I definitely found it easier to believe in “God being good” since he provided the best husband in the world for me, and my belief in Christ got me through a couple of high risk pregnancies. I read an article today about a 20yr old Norwegian believing she’s the wrong species as she believes she is a cat. This new twisted mind-set is really scary as I’m not sure where this is all going to end. People will rationalise their behaviour as being good, so I have heard a person say, “I needed to have an abortion because I wasn’t ready to have a child and I couldn’t afford to look after the baby.” People are now trying to rationalise death as “I don’t want to suffer…we treat animals better than humans…we should be able to choose how and when we die…” People will try to rationalise gender marriage for everyone, but they won’t find any civil or biblical law which requires people to get “gender marriage.” Religious people celebrate baptisms and confirmation as public commitments of faith, but the law doesn’t recognise them because they are considered a private matter. There is nothing to stop religious people from only having a church marriage if governments adopt gender marriage for everyone. However, I doubt the state will be willing to let more than 60% of the population whom identify as Christian plus 15%+other religions to abandon gender marriage as they have a significant amount of children whom will contribute to the future of our society.

      Nick, I hope I haven’t said anything to upset you! I can respect you without endorsing your bisexual life-style.

      • I’m not Brian.

      • Thank you Janine for your testimony here. It is tragic, the lies that we come to believe from an early age – and a school program that adds even more is only asking for trouble. Christians need to stand up, we have had a small victory in Victoria – that of upholding the rights of Christian schools to employ Christian staff. Let’s all be aware than many, many more parents will be looking at Christian schools, and if you get a chance to reduce a fee, or help someone out, this could add blessings by exposing non-Christian kids and their parents to the Good News just because they don’t want their childrens’ minds being poisoned at state schools.

        God bless you AMF, Janine, and all the regular contributers – especially you Nick!!

  10. I have a comment for Brian,… you suggested there is hatred here.
    I don’t see any hatred, it’s all just trying to understand what’s going on in this society we were born into, and where it is heading, instead of accepting a new norm.
    It may not be a choice to be gay, it might be caused by a hormonal imbalance and the nurturing environment. (though some people become gay or are forced into it, – consider prison sexuality).

    There is also no choice other than to realize that this is abnormal behavior for a conscious sexually reproductive species like humans.

    If children are going to be taught about sex apart from the reproductive mechanism, they must also be taught the recent history and the impact of the sexual revolution of the last century, including the free love movement and the contraceptive pill and the endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment and the feminist movement, to understand how we have come to this.
    Actually, I think most adults need to be taught this first. Instead of just being tolerant of anything and everything that goes.

    Last paragraph of this blog says it well –
    The person who should be teaching your children about sex education is YOU. So make sure you have an open, ongoing conversation with your child about this and make them feel as comfortable as possible about approaching you with questions and concerns on this issue.

  11. Janine raises the fact that conventional marriage is based upon physical union. It is what the promise “to the exclusion of all others” refers to, with dire consequences for the marriage if the promise is broken. That raises the question as to how physical union which is so important can remain the criterion of being married if marriage is changed to accommodate same sex couples. In all the 12 or so reasons for wanting marriage that I have seen on the Marriage Equality www site sexual intercourse is never mentioned. Marriage is described as loving, devoted and supportive companionship with a range of social and “goods and services” benefits. “To the exclusion of all others” in that context must mean that marriage is to be maintained a sort of life-long mutual admiration pact. If sexual intercourse officially plays no role in marriage for same sex couples, “to the exclusion of all others” must mean that love, companionship and support are what are not permitted for anyone but the partner. Conventional marriage is not an exclusive mutual admiration pact; love, companionship and support are not denied to all others. It is sexual intercourse that is denied to all others. “To the exclusion of all others” means that the partners in a marriage do not have sex with anyone except the person to whom they are married.

    If, as the same sex lobby claim, there will be absolutely no change to marriage by allowing same sex couples to marry, that must mean that it is exclusive sexual intercourse that is of prime importance to them. If so, why do not they come to some description of what same sex intercourse is and proclaim that it is equivalent to the “becoming one flesh” of male – female physical union? If they can find no way to describe what sexual intercourse is for them, or are too ashamed to, and sexual intercourse is officially removed from marriage to accommodate their sensitivities, then it is not true that agreeing to same sex marriage will have absolutely no effect on conventional marriage. The opposite will be what happens. The fundamental meaning that marriage has had for all time up till now for male – female unions will officially cease to exist. Will this consequence be spelt out in the preamble to the plebiscite?

    • David,
      I found your comment helpful.
      I have been investigating the history of marriage, and I have found only a small amount of LGBTIAQ people have ever been interested in the concept of marriage and not for the whole of history and not in all cultures. The majority of LGBTIAQ people hate marriage and wished it never existed or want it changed to accommodate their multiple relationships with children to different partners/ donors. Same-sex couples are wanting their sexual activities (a sexual organ with a anus, hand, mouth, mind) to be treated as equal or the same as sexual intercourse to be called marriage (acceptable and respectable). This includes anal and oral sexual activities, addictive pornography with masturbation, chem-sex, robotic sex dolls/ Dutch dolls (pretend sexual organs). There has been a lot of scientific research and a Royal Commission which has exposed evidence of the abuse, harm, pain and suffering health and relationship problems of practicing sexual activities which same-sex couples practice. The scientific research has lots of evidence against anal and oral sexual activities, and this has never been encouraged or promoted as a form of contraception because of the significant harmful health and relationship problems. Recent research into pornography and its addiction with masturbation are showing evidence that this is having a negative impact on relationships. On-line pornography has been violent and degrading to women with the practice of anal and oral sexual activities with multiple partners. There is now scientific evidence which is showing guys mind-sets are changing because of pornography and this causes them to objectify girls/woman. The porn industry is worth billions, so it should be no surprise to anyone that they don’t want to lose revenue here in Australia. Therefore, if they can make the sexual activity of pornography equal or the same as sexual intercourse to be called marriage then it will be acceptable and respected. There is plenty of research which shows evidence of illegal drug activity causing significant harmful health and relationship problems in our society. Therefore, Australians should not be surprised by the illegal drug traders attempting to get some acceptability and respect in our society. The push to make all illegal drugs available for medical treatment and sexual activities within marriage are ways of encouraging and promoting their use in our society. The Age, highlighted in the Royal Commission that men had felt “gay” or lived the “gay lifestyle” because they had been sexually abused as a child/teenager by male priests/teachers including groping sexual organs, being naked whist the priest masturbated, anal and oral sexual activities. I found it interesting that Bob Brown has recently provided evidence that he had his sexual organ groped by an adult when he was at school.

      Australians should be aware that people will try to rationalise deviant behaviours as acceptable, natural, normal, good, healthy, moral and usual. The LGBTIAQ lobby group with the pedophiles have the protection and support of the porn industry and illegal drug trade to gain marriage equality. They’re all sleeping together and rationalising their deviant behaviours with each other (I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine). When the LGBTIAQ lobby can get their sexual activities as equal or the same as sexual intercourse to be called marriage. This will give the porn industry and illegal drug traders acceptability and respect in our society. When it is perfectly acceptable for same-sex couples to engage in sex with multiple partners and use porn, robotic sex (pretend sexual organs) and chem-sex then society can’t disapprove of man-woman behaving sexually the same. When the Marriage Act changes then healthcare professionals can practice legal, professional and consenting sexual intercourse as this will include sexual activities with patients, including minors by examining a naked body, anal and vaginal examinations etc for diagnostic and treatment. Then pedophiles will plan to gain the same legal access to sexual intercourse including sexual activities with minors as health professionals.

      David, I doubt very much the plebiscite will raise the issue that men and women should be fighting to protect their sexual union called sexual intercourse which is the only way of reproducing natural, biological children. We have already been told by the LGBTIAQ lobby group that marriage has nothing to do with sex and children. They just forgot to tell Centrelink that they shouldn’t be discriminating against anyone if they are in a sexual relationship with them. Also, they forgot to tell all married couples that their sexual intercourse and biological children are irrelevant in marriage because they can’t practice this sexual behaviour or have natural, biological children together. Also, marriage has to be flexible (not exclusive) so they can use at least a third person to gain children. Also, the life-long commitment should be flexible because they have a significant higher rate of divorce in the countries which have introduced “gender marriage for everyone/ civil homosexual unions. Plus, they forgot to tell married couples that their biological children would no longer have a legal right to live with their biological mother and father as the state would become their children’s legal guardian. We have been told these days by the media that sexual intercourse between a man and woman which can reproduce children is called, “Vanilla sex.” The LGBTIAQ lobby group state, “Vanilla sex is boring sex.” Porn is encouraging and promoting anal and oral sexual activities as the new “sexual intercourse” called marriage as this can be done by same-sex and man-woman and single people with robotic sex dolls/Dutch dolls (pretend sexual organ). The illegal drug traders make millions of dollars when people combine sex with drugs (chem-sex) which is extremely popular in the gay community. They will be keen to push chem-sexual activity for all man-woman relationships with the acceptance and respect of marriage.

      David, I have been a healthcare professional for more than 23yrs in critical care. Could you imagine if you were my patient and I was educating you about your illness. If the information I was giving you was like the LGBTIAQ lobby group has given on marriage which often involves lying about the truth as it will impact on the meaning of sexual intercourse which can reproduce, natural biological children. I can’t imagine any politician who would want me to be dishonest about a fundamental truth about their illness. Therefore, I won’t accept a lie from the LGBTIAQ lobby group as the truth. They may want for the rest of their life their sexual activities to be treated as equal or the same as sexual intercourse which can create natural, biological children. However, I refuse to pretend this is can be called marriage. Marriage is a public, life-long commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children. This is the reason I wear my wedding rings everyday to as a way of telling guys I’m in a committed sexual relationship. Unlike, the New Zealand married lesbian couple advertising on FaceBook for a donor/sexual partner to have a baby. When a married couple aren’t having sexual intercourse or adultery is involved to break this sexual union this will often lead to divorce/separation. However, “gender marriage” makes sexual union (sexual intercourse) irrelevant which makes all the other laws like incest, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, fornication, bigamy and divorce irrelevant. My marriage has been a public commitment to my husband because everyone needed to be told that sexual intercourse was only happening between us for the rest of our lives, and our biological children are our responsibility. A man and woman whom get married and their sexual intercourse doesn’t create biological children their relationship is still important for society as they may adopt children. The parent’s sexual union benefits children because this is the only way to have natural, biological children, and this behavioural practice has existed from the beginning of time. The LGBTIAQ lobby group try to persuade people marriage has changed throughout history. The fundamental truth about marriage being a sexual union called intercourse which can reproduce biological children has never changed. The LGBTIAQ lobby group try to argue about different races/culture stopped two people being married. There has been cultural influences on marriage, but the fundament truth about marriage being a sexual union called sexual intercourse between one man and one woman doesn’t change. I care for my family privately, but my paid work as a healthcare professional is made public because the community needs their care/treatment to be protected by competent and qualified people whom have current registration. There are reason our society celebrate or recognise some behaviours publicly and other behaviours are viewed as private. The truth came out about the dangerous Safe School (coalition) program which is going to be significantly changed, and parents can remove their children from the program. The truth about marriage equality is sexual activities, porn, illegal drugs and pedophilia are all wanting to be equal or treated the same as sexual intercourse (acceptable and respectable) to be called marriage. I will expose all their lies because I understand all of these deviant behaviours which cause significant abuse, harm, pain and suffering to people’s health and relationship. I will lay down my life for the truth.

  12. David,

    I know I have said a lot already. However, the plebiscite needs to expose the addictive nature to all these deviant behaviours / practices including anal and oral sexual activities, porn (mind sex- virtual world sex – online) , masturbation, robotic sex dolls/Dutch dolls, chem-sex. The Guardian reported recently on the 13/3/2016 of a married man wanting to have anal sexual activities with a woman because his wife refused to give him his “sexual bucket wish.” He’d described her as good, he loved her and they had a great sex life, but she refused to allow him to explore his sexuality. The Guardian reported last year of married men in England were using prostitutes because their wives refused to give them “blow jobs.” So guys are quite prepared to find partners whom they don’t know and may even put their health and their partner’s health at risk so they can have anal and or oral sexual activities. The Age reported recently of a PReP trial for high risk LGBTIAQ people so they could practice unprotected sexual activities on partners with HIV. Therefore, men are prepared to risk their own health with getting HIV so they can have sexual activities with HIV positive partners if PReP fails to work. A report in the Age last year showed evidence of how addictive porn is to students at Melbourne University. Students were extremely upset when they found out that the University was no longer going to enable them to gain access to on-line porn whilst at the college residential campus. It is interesting that society will use marriage (sexual intercourse) to make a behaviour acceptable and respectable or they will use doctors and nurses (delivering illegal drugs or examining naked bodies) to make a practice acceptable and respectable as these professionals are the most trusted by our society.

  13. There is a common belief that sexual orientation can be measured on a scale of 0 to 6 :-
    0 meaning purely heteosexual, and 6 meaning exclusively homosexual, and there is a range of bisexuality in between, all of which are “normal”.

    I think the truth is: heterosexuality is the normal state, and anything else is a deviation from the norm. EVERY sexual practice apart from the natural attraction of man and woman is deviant.
    Who decides what is normal?
    Nature (God actually), that’s who. Not biased (bisexual) reseachers (eg. Kinsey and Klein of the 1960’s).

  14. Janine, I appreciate very much your passion and what must be exhausting effort that you put into your research and responses. You rightly point out the worst aspects of the “gay” scene. The Mardi Gras and similar parades do nothing to counter the image of disrespect for our sexual parts in the same sex “community”. All that jars with claiming to have the values of the staid institution of marriage. However I am uncomfortable with arguing that same sex marriage should be denied because of all that. It risks being characterized as divisive and incitement to “hate” which the same sex community are using as reasons for the plebiscite to be cancelled. There are many people in same sex relationships who are models of the best in humanity. The difficulty is how to deny marriage to such people.

    The logical answer is that the male – female union has the responsibility for bringing about the next generation. That is a great responsibility and therefore the male – female union should have a name that denotes that and distinguishes it from other unions no matter how personally meaningful other unions may be. It comes down to as simple a categorisation as that and there should be no need to defend conventional marriage in any other way. There is no need to belittle the sexual activities of others; they simply do not qualify as unions that have the responsibility for creating the next generation. Why isn’t it an open and shut case that only a fool would persist with?

    Re the plebiscite, the most important thing is to ensure that the question is put with the key changes for marriage in the event of a yes vote. I suspect that there will be great pressure to put the question as the simplest do or do you not agree that the marriage act should be changed by replacing “man and woman” with “two adult people”. The reasoning for sidestepping any explanation of consequences would likely be that if the people want same sex marriage then the laws should be changed to accord with that.

  15. David,
    I agree that people shouldn’t discriminate against the person. However, everyone needs to learn how to discriminate against behaviours, ideas, beliefs and values. People might not like hating people whom murder, steal or are violent. It is a lot easier to love a person who is a murderer, thief or has committed family violence if they haven’t hurt you. However, their negative behaviours have impacted on other people’s lives and society is affected by these behaviours. Homosexual behaviour is a choice regardless if people are born with or without the desires, feelings, lusts and passions. People whom identify with these behaviours have made a decision to act on their feelings, desires, lusts and passions. Australians don’t make excuses for murderers, thieves, family violence, adulterous couples, incest, pedophilia, bigamy, bestiality, divorce, rape, sexual harassment or sexual assault etc. The LGBTIAQ lobby group are scared about a plebiscite because an older generation whom hold to traditional family values and are concerned about the welfare of children are all going to vote against same-sex marriage. There is a significant amount of the younger generation that have never thought about marriage, and aren’t on the electoral role and won’t bother to do anything about this issue. I am aware of all the sexual activities between people including :same-sex, man-woman, single with robotic sex toys, and consenting, legal healthcare professionals can practice on patients including minors, but none of these sexual activities are equal to sexual intercourse to be called the same as marriage.

    Australians are going to have to make a decision if marriage should stay as a public, life-long commitment to the sexual union called sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children. This is one of the fundamental behavioural practices since the beginning of time as it is the only way to have natural, biological children. The LGBTIAQ lobby group are using the conservative, religious LGBTIAQ people to try and change the Marriage Act to “gender marriage” for everyone. The LGBTIAQ lobby desperately need religious people to protect and support “gender marriage” for everyone. People like Mr Rodney Coome believe that religious people won’t be offended by the meaning of marriage changing to suit same-sex couples and we can be one big happy family in the new “gender marriage.” However, the government didn’t come up with the meaning of marriage as it occurred in nature from the beginning of time. The government can change the legal meaning of marriage to mean “love” and “commitment” to a personal relationship, but the government has no right to get involved with friendships. However, governments have been involved with sexual unions because of public health services, reproduction services and the welfare of children. The government is concern about people like myself whom for their moral conscience won’t identify their church marriage as “gender marriage.” If the government changes the Marriage Act to remove a fundament behavioural practice which is a sexual union called sexual intercourse which can reproduce natural biological children then consent is invalid. This is no difference if I removed a fundament behavioural practice to treating a patient’s illness/disease then their consent would be invalid. This will create a nightmare for their social security benefits, taxation, doing jury duty, working in the public sector etc. My religion, family history and culture doesn’t require that I am legally married as I only need to be married in a church (at home/building). Marriage has been legal and non-legal because of people’s moral conscience throughout history and in different cultures. My family and friends will view my husband and I as church married even if we don’t identify as a new “gender married.” However, the government will lose control over the people whom don’t identify their marriage as “gender marriage” and this is a problem because the people whom hold to a traditional view of marriage are more likely to have more children because “gender marriage” can be sexless and infertile. Since there are no civil or religious laws to make people get “gender married” this will cease to exist in the future. The western countries which have adopted “gender marriage” have had a significant cultural change and they’re no longer viewed as Christian countries, and some have even taken up pagan practices.

    The only way to win the debate on keeping marriage as a behavioural practice of a sexual union called sexual intercourse which can only happen between one man and one woman, and this is the only exclusion married couples make with other people because people can love their children and girlfriends and can be committed to their career or a business partnership so exclusion isn’t about love and commitment. Marriage is for the benefit of children whether they’re biological or not because sexual intercourse is the only way to have natural, biological children since the beginning of time, and children need to be taught this through the sexual behaviour of their parents and community. The debate on marriage can’t be on the institution of marriage because this is like a church where all people should have access. It can’t be about people whom identify with sexual activities or comparison to straight or heterosexuals. There is no point discussing same-sex marriage as LGBTIAQ lobby aren’t wanting a separate marriage. They’re only interested in changing the meaning of marriage for everyone to gain acceptability and respect. Society believes that the consenting, legal and professional sexual activities doctors and nurses practice on patients for diagnoses and treatment are good, but they don’t view these sexual activities as equal to sexual intercourse to be treated the same as marriage. The debate on marriage has to remain on separating sexual activities from sexual intercourse and this is best for society because health professionals need the distinction between sexual activities and sexual intercourse to maintain appropriate professional conduct. If society was into harm minimisation using sexual activities they would want single people to use robotic sex dolls/Dutch dolls (pretend sexual organ) as being recognised equal to sexual intercourse to be treated the same as marriage because it avoids STDs/HPV/AIDS/HIV, parasitic disease “gay bowel syndrome,” anal and cervical cancers, pelvic inflammatory diseases leading to infertility and death if treatment fails. There is no doubt that our society will have to one day address the significant health and relationship problems caused by anal and oral sexual activities resulting in being referred to specialists for surgery. There are far too many girls and women presenting to health services after practicing anal and oral sexual activities resulting in significant harmful health and relationship problems such as: faecal incontinence, anal bleeding, green vaginal discharge, anal cancer, anal fistulas, STDs/HPV/HIV/AIDS, pelvic inflammatory disease leading to infertility and death if treatment fails, self-loathing, self-harm and suicide etc. This significant health and relationship problems will only be harder to address if the Marriage Act is changed because if it is acceptable and respectable for guys to have anal and oral sexual activities with guys then it is the same with girls/women (gender equality). These health problem becomes a similar dilemma to legal abortion where healthcare workers and services are unable to address the problem of abortion being used as a form of contraception and poor decision making in having unwanted pregnancies. Health professionals and services view abortion as a practice to make money, and this will be the same with anal and oral sexual activities which cause significant harmful health and relationship problems. I am concerned that the porn industry, robotic sex toy industry and pharmaceutical industry/illegal drug trade are all rubbing each others back and rationalising their behaviour with the LGTBIAQ lobby group to get their mixture of sexual activities +- multiple partners + chem-sex + porn + robotic dolls/toys (pretend sexual organs) recognised as equal to sexual intercourse to be called the same as marriage.

    The LGBTIAQ lobby group threaten Australians with youth suicide, but I threaten to not recognise my church marriage as “gender marriage.” The government has no control over my moral conscience they may try to use the ant-discrimination Act, but they can’t make me pretend that the sexual activities which same-sex couples practice are equal to sexual intercourse to be called the same as marriage. I can love my second cousin whom murdered his girlfriend, not for his behaviour of murder, but because he is my second cousin. The government will create a nightmare for themselves if half the population identify with a legal “gender marriage” and the other half identify with a non-legal church marriage. When the divide between legal and non-legal church marriage happens the LGBTIAQ lobby lose the acceptability and respectability they were hoping to gain from society. This has been quite evident in countries which have accepted “gender marriage” for everyone as Christians have been put into jail, lost their business or job or been disciplined, or university course has been cancelled all because they haven’t changed their mind on the meaning of marriage. However, the wider community believes the rights of Christian and religious people to their moral beliefs and freedom of speech have been trampled on by LGBTIAQ people when the government and or the law has changed the meaning of marriage. The british government are quite concerned about the growing amount of religious groups whom have an extremely negative view on homosexual behaviour. They believe the regular british person are illiterate on religion, and they’re unable to communicate with these religious people which will create problems for the future of England.

  16. David,
    I know I have said plenty already, and you probably think I was originally against same-sex couples getting married, but this isn’t the case as my boyfriend is gay. The cracks to their argument for marriage started to appear quite early, and when the LGBTIAQ lobby group told me to divorce my husband and to marry my life-long girlfriend then I knew this was evil. I never viewed a marriage between same-sex couples as religious, but a legal contract with the state. However, they didn’t want their own separate marriage, but change everyone’s marriage to “gender marriage,” despite claiming this won’t affect your marriage. I knew I had an understanding of all the sexual activities which exist between people to expose the lie that none of these are equal to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse to be called the same as marriage. The reason for detailing all the sexual activities is for people to have a greater understanding of the complexity of marriage. Some people haven’t thought about any of the arguments against changing marriage. People need to get passionate about the issue to write to MPs so we can resist the change being forced by a very minority group whom have no concern for the next generation of children. There whole argument is tied up in themselves and wanting a right to change a behavioural practice into a private commitment. Well I have no problem telling the LGBTIAQ lobby group to get lost and leave the behavioural practice of marriage alone as this isn’t something same-sex couples can ever practice.

    • Janine, being overwhelmed by the depravity of sexual perversion will not stop gay marriage. I do understand how your medical work puts this into the forefront of your mind. As I said before there are many same sex people who are not depraved and it is for these that you have to be able to make a case against marriage. That is much harder than denying same sex marriage because of depravity. I believe that you are right to be emphasizing sexual intercourse. The Achilles heel of the same sex claim to be admitted to marriage is their inclusion in the marriage vows the words “to the exclusion of all others” because that vow implies that sexual intercourse has the same value for same sex couples as for male – female couples yet the same sex lobby are unable or unwilling to put into words the physical reality of what sexual intercourse is for them. That vow is a real bind for the same sex lobby; there is a disconnect there that a good lawyer could use to demolish the logical case for same sex marriage, I think. That vow can’t be gotten rid of because that would destroy the very essence of marriage but same sex advocates cannot explain what the very essence of same sex marriage is – exactly what are you excluding all others from. Please try to put up a case not dependent on depravity to convince people to vote no in the plebiscite. People who are not particularly interested or given to reading will not read more than about 200 words, so you must aim for your No case to be convincing in 100 words. I know how difficult that is because I can’t do it (yet).

      • David,
        Thanks for your thoughts, and I do hope one of my friends/family members whom have a legal background will be able to help me get a legal framework for marriage to remain as a man-woman sexual union. A case against same-sex marriage without depravity would be the LGBTIAQ lobby group is encouraging and promoting marriage to become a “legal union” which means sexual activities are irrelevant (no depravity). The 2 people make a public commitment to “love” each other for life. The argument against this type of marriage is it has made irrelevant the fundamental practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, which excludes all others for life because same-sex couples can’t practice this behaviour. It makes it impossible to argue against other relationships calling themselves married. I am looking forward to your 100 word case against same-sex marriage without depravity.

      • That’s a good point you make there David. A commitment to love each other is different to a marriage license.
        Consider the consummation of the marriage.

        verb (used with object), consummated, consummating.
        1. to bring to a state of perfection; fulfill.
        2. to complete (an arrangement, agreement, or the like) by a pledge or the signing of a contract:
        The company consummated its deal to buy a smaller firm.
        3. to complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse.
        Same sex marriage is consummated as in the second sense above (like a business contract) where there is no sexual intercourse, whereas true (male/female) marriage is in the third sense.
        Same as the word “marriage” is used for SSM as in the business sense of a merger for benefits, not in the traditional meaning.
        Can’t we differentiate between the two contexts and keep to the dictionary meanings of these words.

        I also wonder how the plebicite will be worded.
        Not to mention the amount of pro LGBTQ propaganda and support spewed by the media, and the stifling of the defenders of marraiage. Yes, we need a simple, succinct defence. I thought it was obvious: . Man + Woman = Marriage. Why does that even need to be explained!
        We seem to be engaged in a battle here, but we are on the defence. It is the LGBTQ who are on the attack to destroy the meaning and traditions of marriage.
        No one is persecuting gays by defending the true meaning of marriage. Yet we are persecuted for not accepting their opinion.

        Marriage is much more than a love commitment, it is based on the science of sexual reproduction. Same sex marriage is simply a business contract.

        • Mikel,
          I totally agree with you. Marriage is a based on the science of reproduction which all children need to learn at school if they want to have natural, biological children. This is extremely important for all children to learn if they want to develop a healthy sexual relationship. However, the LGBTIAQ lobby group believe marriage for them has nothing to do with sex and children so they believe they have a right to change marriage for everyone to make sexual intercourse and biological children irrelevant. In countries which have allowed same-sex couples to get married this has changed sex education to include sexual activities, sexuality and gender theories. There are significant abuse, harm, pain and health and relationship problems when mixing sexual activities and sexuality with sexual intercourse which I have previous detailed.

          Fortunately in Australia, we have a history of non-legal marriage, and my german forefathers have a history of non-legal marriage. This gives my family the freedom to have non-legal marriage if our government decides to change marriage into “gender marriage” for everyone. There is no civil or religious law in Australia requiring a couple to get “gender marriage.”
          If the government takes out of marriage the fundamental behavioural practice of sexual intercourse which is the only way to reproduce natural, biological children then my consent to identify myself as married is invalid. I don’t have to identify with “gender married” or defacto of “gender marriage.” I don’t need a divorce as this comes under family law and I am not separating from my husband. According to human rights, my husband and I have a right to be married and our 3 biological children have a right to live with us. So I’ll identify myself as church marriage until the government comes to its senses to protect and support man-woman married couples. My family has to separate from “gender marriage” as I need to protect my children from the depravity I have already discussed which comes from “gender marriage.” I have talked with lots of conservative people (both Christian and non-Christian) and they feel the same way that they will no longer identify themselves with “gender marriage.” Will same-sex couples get the dignity and respect with a title of marriage when a significant group of married people don’t identify with “gender marriage?” This married group of people won’t be remaining silent on having their children education affected by forcing sexual activities, sexuality and gender theories on them.

          Mr Turnball made a comment recently in the Age on-line, “Government works hard to promote inclusion and mutual respect, ensuring that all communities and all faiths feel part of ours, the most successful multicultural society in the world. Australia’s situation is materially different, precisely because of its commitment to religious freedom and cultural pluralism.” If Australians are to maintain our religious freedom then the government can’t be changing the religious law of marriage nor can it start making laws that religious leaders are exempt from consummating same-sex marriage because this starts to destroy religious freedom and freedom of speech. Australians are extremely close to losing our religious freedom and freedom of speech as the anti-discrimination Act has already been used against the Catholic Church publishing a booklet “Don’t mess with marriage.” When Australians can no longer identify with the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse “one flesh” – marriage between one man and one woman which is the only way to create natural, biological baby then this world has gone mad, bad and crazy. The history of marriage in NSW clearly provides evidence that marriage was only recorded in the Church of England and other denominations from 1788-1856. Therefore, the history of marriage in Australia is a religious practice, and the LGBTIAQ lobby group have no claim to the word marriage. Marriage has been legal and non-legal in Australia, so the LGBTIAQ lobby has no right to the Marriage Act as they can only make it reflect sexual activities which same-sex couples can practice which goes against sexual intercourse. The Labor governments have spent millions of dollars changing 85 laws to give same-sex couples the same legal rights as defacto couples whom have the same legal rights as married couples which has demonstrated Australians inclusion and mutual respect for LGBTIAQ people. However, man-woman should refuse having marriage defined by LGBTIAQ lobby group. Christians, other religious people, and people whom believe marriage is a sexual union called sexual intercourse “one flesh” between one man and one woman, which excludes all others for the benefit of children won’t stop practicing this behavioural practice and they will separate themselves from “gender marriage” which is something to do with “love” and “commitment.” I tell my children if you marry someone on the feeling, desire, lust and passion of “love” then your marriage will be very short. What is this “love” as the LGBTIAQ lobby never define this word? Man-woman would define love as sexual intercourse “One Flesh” which can create a biological child, but it is obvious same-sex couples don’t have equal nor the same “Love.”

        • Mikel, thank you for response; yes, marriage with sexual intercourse relegated to just one of the activities of marriage is really a “business” operating mode. Janine, I have pretty well the same idea of marriage being first and foremost sexual union as you (I am a grandfather). The overwhelming majority of Australians also have the view that marriage above all else is a sexual union, going on surveys of 20,000 people reported by Bettina Arndt last year and of 4,000 people recently by the Herald Sun. Only 4% of married men and 2% of married women have sex outside of marriage in a year, and when infidelity is discovered it is frequently the end of the marriage. Women friends are especially unforgiving and put pressure on a wife to turf a husband who has been unfaithful. That said however, a large proportion of heterosexual people are moved by the “equal love” appeal of the same sex campaign. It seems unfair to them that two people who love each other as they do should be denied marriage because they are of the same sex. Anna Bligh, premier of Queensland summed it up on December 1st, 2011 when civil unions were approved 47 to 40: “This is about the joyful business of love, and that is why it has touched the hearts of so many Australians.” Most of the people in my circle are well educated, open minded, responsible professional and artistic people who do good works such as supporting refugees and funding schools in Africa. Most take the view that same sex marriage is only fair, based on “equal love”. These people, my wife is one, refuse to listen to “hateful” depravity arguments. It is these “fair minded” people who will deliver same sex marriage. The problem is that they are so moved by empathy based on “equal love” that they do not see any conflict between the sexual activities of same sex couples and their own very different private sexual code. They are happy to keep sexual acts a taboo subject and to keep their heads in the sand about legislative consequences and widespread social engineering that will follow. A huge effort has to be made quickly to change their minds.

          • David,
            Your totally right! The way LGBTIAQ has advocated for dignity and respect for a separate love called “same-sex marriage,” but it has been cleverly disguised as “equal love” to change the Marriage Act for everyone into “gender marriage.” The effect of a change to the Marriage Act isn’t suppose to be felt by those currently married. People don’t realise they’re giving up their right to call marriage a sexual union between one man and one woman so that same-sex couples can make marriage into a “gender marriage” for everyone. I can only pray that God will protect children/teenagers from the depravity which comes from this sexual activities being normalised in our society.

          • David,
            A Christian newspaper called “Eternity” March 2016 reports “child-on-child sexual assaults have skyrocketed, and porn viewing is involved in the majority of cases…teenage girls are increasingly experiencing internal damage from anal sex, which they are pressured into by boys, who are mimicking the porn they view.” It is unlikely these girls will be pushing out babies after they have had surgical repairs and treatment for infection. There are so many problems in Australian society including child sexual abuse, family violence, drugs, suicide, STDs/HPV/AIDS/HIV, infertility etc. Your wife and others like her might be for “love is love,” but the moment they hear a grand-daughter or close relative suffering the abuse, harm, pain, health and relationship problems from practicing anal sexual activity they scream out, “How can a guy do this to a girl? This is so wrong! Why are guys doing this to girls?” You’ll just have to explain to your wife and others like her, “If it is perfectly good for guys to have oral and anal sexual activities with guys then this is the same for girls/women (gender equality). You voted that guys have their right to practice sexual activities and now you can’t complain about the depravity that is now accepted as marriage. There was a time prior to changing the Marriage Act, people would speak out against this behaviour, but now it is like legal abortion we just have to pretend the health and relationship problems are acceptable and usual. Gender marriage is like family violence in that we aren’t arguing against it from a positive position. It is a real fight against all the depravity which exists in our society where our culture has embraced sexual activities (a sexual organ with a non-sexual body part).

            I read Fiona Richardson story in The Age on-line today as it gave detail about her personal experience of domestic violence. The article highlighted, her father’s violence towards his wife was in the action of sodomising her. When I talk with my friends whom are GP’s they’re extremely concerned about girls whom they refer to specialists because of practicing anal sexual activity. They have told me they tell them that they should have more respect for their body, and they are at huge risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease leading to infertility and death if treatment fails. I find the people whom are for “gender marriage” can’t tell me a good reason for the next generation to get married. I told my son recently, “You know “gender marriage” has nothing to do with sexual intercourse which is the only way to have a natural, biological child because same-sex couples can’t practice this behaviour, so you would be out of your mind to get legally gender married.” It is interesting that the countries which have accepted “gender marriage” are celebrating divorce as a good thing for families. I have been counselling a mother who has pulled her child out of school because she was around 8 girls whom were self-harming, and the school was telling this mother that “this was usual behaviour for teenage girls and they will grow out of it.” I told this mother, “People are now rationalising the irrational behaviour.” The positive message we can tell people is the Marriage Act should stay the same because it is a fundamental behavioural practice of a sexual union between one man and one woman, which excludes all others for life, and this is the only way to have natural, biological children from the beginning of time. It doesn’t matter whether we’re religious or not, marriage has been about primarily creating a family through sexual intercourse. When married couples have been infertile they still provide an example to children that the sexual union is between one man and one woman. Same-sex couples create confusion because they don’t practice sexual intercourse. Australians allow a same-sex couple to live together and have the same legal rights as defacto couple, but we should never recognise this as marriage. It is impossible to mix sexual activities same-sex couples practice with sexual intercourse without causing significant health and relationship problems, and this will contribute to a significant decrease in fertility rate and our culture will cease to exist. I am afraid a lot of Australians do need to get themselves out of the sewers of depravity and lead a more healthy sexual life-style.

  17. Ketih Mascord claimed today in the Gaurdian that the “Bible is the true prejudice in Christian opposition to marriage equality.” So it looks like the LGBTIAQ lobby group are going to be out to get rid of Christians and their Bible. According to the article, “Christians have a weak and unconvincing argument” of keeping marriage as an “ancient” or “historical institution,” and “it entails the possibility of having children” and they should be “brought up by their biological parents.” Also, “same-sex marriage would necessarily involve sexual activity which the Bible plainly and clearly describes as abominable or abhorrent that Christians who adhere to this way of reading the Bible simply cannot say yes to same-sex marriage.” Interesting Keith doesn’t provide one logical or rational argument against marriage is a public, life-long commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse between one man and one woman, excluding all others for the benefit of children. Marriage is one of the fundamental behavioural practices in society since the beginning of time as sexual intercourse is the only way to create natural, biological children.

    It is nice that Keith doesn’t believe Christians are “homophobic necessary. It isn’t that they are not genuinely caring and compassionate towards LGBTI Australians. Many are. However, their Bible-based, Bible first prejudice simply won’t allow them to approve of this institutional modification.” Keith doesn’t understand that marriage is a physical sexual behavioural practice and isn’t a church/institution which all can belong. He lacks total knowledge about the laws which have protected and supported sexual intercourse -“one flesh” between one man and woman. It is clear by his argument that he wants to attack the Bible, and convince Christians that the teachings are false as he attempts to compare the Bible and evolution. There is no doubt that the LGBTIAQ lobby group are going to persecute Christians as they fight for the title of marriage – sexual intercourse. Christians and those opposed to “gender marriage” for everyone are going to have to argue the basic fundamentals of marriage on a scientific level as a physical sexual behavioural practice called sexual intercourse between one man and one women. The scientific evidence supports sexual activities aren’t equal to sexual intercourse to be called the same as marriage.

  18. “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man.”

    Not a new idea, but certainly a powerful one.

  19. Janine, so this is where sexual liberation that started in the 50s when I was a teenager has taken us. You must not confuse this with same sex marriage; it must be heterosexual boys who are doing these things to girls so same sex people cannot be blamed. Our Western society has gone down the slippery slope to sexual depravity without the help of same sex marriage. Same sex marriage maybe the ultimate consequence of going down the slippery slope. It is treating sex as recreation rather than the deepest union that a man and woman can have that is to be blamed. Yesterday I read in the Herald Sun a prediction by a Professor Henry Greely of Stanford University that in 20 to 40 years time IVF with gene selection to produce “designer” babies will be standard practice for becoming pregnant, not sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse then will be purely for recreation. Brave new world!

    What are we to do about preventing the last stage of the recreation transformation where sexual intercourse in marriage becomes “sexual activities”? That is what we should be putting our minds to. Although I am Christian and believe in marriage as described in church weddings I do not think that religion based opposition will succeed. Too many people have no affiliation with religion and are easily swayed by the same sex lobby claim that opposition to same sex marriage is due only to centuries of bigoted religious teaching that is irrelevant in modern secular society.

    I think that we have to make use of the high value placed on exclusive sexual intercourse by married people as shown by the surveys that I mentioned in my last post. It is the transforma-tion of sexual intercourse to sexual activities necessary to make marriage include same sex partners that should be offensive. The things that you describe “sexual activities” descend to should certainly cause “fair minded” conventional married people to shy away from “sexual activities” as the basis of marriage. But they will only shy away if they are alerted well in advance of the plebiscite. The Churches make clear the sexual nature of marriage but linked to procreation which is easily ridiculed.

  20. David,
    In Japan and the Bible they both don’t recognise homosexuality, but homosexual behaviours. Whether a guy has anal and oral sexual activities with a guy or girl this is known as homosexual behaviours – “sexual activities.” The abuse, harm, pain, health and relationship problems with anal and oral sexual activities are similar whether they involve a male or female partner. There are significant healthcare costs from treating illnesses and diseases from practicing anal and oral sexual activities whether girls or guys are involved. Australians don’t need to encourage or promote anal and oral sexual activities for all Australians, not just those whom identify with these behaviours. There is no scientific report which proves people are born homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, asexual or queer. Therefore, the comment that “heterosexual boys are doing this to girls” is a sexuality theory. Whether guys identify themselves as “heterosexual” or “homosexual” or “bisexual” or “queer” or “asexual” they can learn homosexual behaviours -“sexual activities” (a sexual organ with a non-sexual body part – anal, oral, mind (porn), hand (masturbation), pretend sex toy, chem-sex). Australians don’t need the Marriage Act to change to include same-sex couples whom can only practice sexual activities as there are significant harmful health and relationship problems. The only way to encourage boys and girls to develop a healthy sexual relationship is to encourage marriage which is a public, life-long commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse “one flesh”, excluding all others for the benefit of children.

    It appears the human race is splitting into two groups. The first group views themselves as been made in the image of God – as male and female. They have been given a purpose to fill the world with people via “one flesh” (marriage) between one man and one woman. The second group don’t believe in God nor does their existence have a purpose. They believe marriage is only a “legal union” and sexuality/gender can be explored with whomever their passion desires, feel attracted, or lust after them. Their sexuality can be more animal like or degrading by using multiple partners, anal and oral sexual activities, chem-sex, porn and masturbation, sexual toys/robotics, but they don’t want other people to judge their sexual activities. They rationalise children being separated from at least one parent by using irrational arguments, and denying reports on the “stolen generation,” forced adoption, children of divorce/separation, IVF/surrogacy- anonymous sperm donation, and children orphanages. They require science to develop technology which will allow them to design their own children. This group wants state schools to change into “sexualised schools” to encourage and promote their life-style. They use the media to promote new life-styles of open marriages, a new monogamy which includes other partners, divorces are great etc. The second group would prefer that marriage didn’t exist and if it does exist it need to significantly change for them. There will be people whom identify with the first group, but believe the second group should feel free to practice their sexuality/gender.

    Fortunately, my German forefathers have already experienced a similar problem when the King tried to control their minds by persuading them to get married in his State church, but they refused. They didn’t believe the King had the right to make laws that was unjust and then he could get them blessed in his state church. So my forefathers had non-legal home church weddings. I only have my church marriage certificate which I have changed my name. My legal marriage certificate is in the NSW Marriage registry office. Therefore, my family will never have to identify their marriage as a legal “gender marriage.” I was reading an article about the change to marriage in Britain by allowing same-sex couples to get married. They’re scared that the governments totalitarian force of “gay marriage” will cause a rise of people similar to the Nazis. I have read my forefathers history, and they came to Australia or America to get their freedom of religion (separation between church and state). This left behind germans whom followed the state church so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that the Nazis had not a lot of resistance in coming to power. What will our government do when at least a third of married couples won’t identify with “gender marriage?” When at least a third of Australian parents will teach their children that “gender marriage” known as the “meaningless marriage” is an equivalent of the Hook-up-culture “friends with benefits,” and they don’t want them to have anything to do with it because a legal union with no commitment to the behavioural practice of sexual intercourse which excludes all others will destroy their mind and soul. What will our government do when at least a third of married couples refuse to tick the married box in a census because they don’t identify with “gender marriage?” The government has a huge problem on its hand if at least a third of Australians aren’t participating in our society, and those whom are participating are having more rights to government assistance for their life-style then our culture will cease to exist. Australians would view Europe including Britain as pagan with their past culture of Christianity as hidden. I visited Western Europe in 2005, and it now not a safe place to visit.

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