‘Yes’ Elites Claim ‘We’re Smarter Than You’

Recently ‘Their ABC’ made the startling claim that: “Higher levels of cognitive ability are unambiguously associated with greater levels of support for same-sex marriage.”

This conflation is based on the tax-payer funded 2015 Hilda Survey (from The University of Melbourne). From this survey, Francisco Perales, (from the University of Queensland) reached the conclusion that:

“Specifically, there is a strong and statistically significant association between higher cognitive ability and a greater likelihood to support equal rights between same- and different-sex couples.

This may shed some light on why those who stand against equal rights may not be persuaded by evidence-based arguments in the ongoing same-sex marriage debate.”

They use this research to assert that: “It is possible many supporters of the "no" case could not be convinced by reason and evidence.”

Here’s the question that was actually asked of survey participants:

"Homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples do" on a scale from one (strongly disagree) to seven (strongly agree).

Looks like the ABC didn’t get the memo: Homosexual couples already enjoy ALL the same rights as heterosexual couples in Australia. No one involved with the Coalition for Marriage campaign to preserve the current definition of is seeking to deny rights to anyone.

Blanket claims by 'Yes' Elites that all ‘no voters’ have lower cognitive ability are out of line and out of touch.

Here’s some research, conducted that same year, which the the 'Yes' Elites ignored:

  • By a margin of three to one, Australians agree we should try to ensure that children, where possible, are raised by their own mother and father.
  • By a margin of three to one, Australians agree that the right to marry includes the right to create a family.
  • By a margin of three to one, Australians think it is more important that a child should have a mum and dad than that two men should have the right to marry and create a family.
  • By a margin of three to one, Coalition voters would be "MUCH LESS likely" to vote for an MP who supports same-sex marriage.

Children’s rights must always come before the feelings of grown ups. That is a statement with which most Australians agree.

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