You want “social science”? This is a must-read.

brainTODAY IT BEGINS: The US Supreme Court starts considering oral arguments on whether the 52 States are required to normalise homosexual 'marriage' in law. Many expert submissions have been lodged, and we highlight one as a valuable summary of the "social science" on the effects of same-sex parenting on children.

As the amicus curiae brief concludes:

The longer social scientists study the question, the more evidence of harm is found, and the fact that children with same-sex parents suffer significant harm in that condition, compared to children with opposite-sex parents, particularly among same-sex parents who identify as married, has been established beyond reasonable doubt.

At AMF we always look with puzzlement on people who demand to be shown "the empirical evidence" that a child should have, where possible, both a mother and a father. Why, we ask, would anybody need 'evidence' of something so obvious? How is it that they cannot know, in their own bones and from their own experience, that some fundamentals of human life are self-evidently good and true? We think that, if a person does not already see as self-evident that a growing baby should have, wherever possible, her primal relationship with the man and woman who together gave her life, then there is nothing we or anybody can do to heal their blindness.

Still, for those who demand 'data', who seem unwilling or unable to hold to any heartfelt conviction without the reassurance of "science" - even that knockabout poor relation of the hard sciences known as "social science" - here is the review you have asked for.

And for those who prefer summaries to reading the whole presentation (and it is a great read - see HERE), this is the overview given to the Supreme Court of the USA by these scholars:

The alleged consensus that children suffer no disadvantage with same-sex parents is a product, not of objective scientific inquiry, but of intense politicization of research agendas in social science associations. (Page 3)

Pervasive methodological flaws undermine the alleged “consensus finding” that children of same-sex parents fare just as well as children of opposite-sex parents. (Page 10)

Of the dozens of studies cited in support of the consensus, only eight meet scientific standards for population inference. (Page 14)

Of the eight genuine studies, four—the most recent—find that children with same-sex parents suffer substantially reduced well-being. (Page 15)

The four earlier studies reporting “no difference” findings are invalid due to corrupted samples. (Page 28)

- In Rosenfeld’s 2010 study, at least forty percent of couples classified “same-sex” are mistakenly coded opposite-sex couples. (Page 28)

- In Wainright’s three add health studies, 27 of the 44 same-sex couples are actually opposite-sex couples. (Page 29)

- Re-analysis of the Wainright studies data, after correcting the sample flaws, reveals that the adolescents with married same-sex parents fare worse than those with unmarried same-sex parents. (Page 32)

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  1. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS????? What, in return, gives you the right to discriminate in exactly the same way and cause harm to others including suicide, mental health disorders, bashing’s, murder’s and more.

    Honestly this is just a sickening hate site that does not do their research and is at risk of sparking further crimes against those who are simply asking for the same choice you have.

    Your arguments and so-called facts are based on opinion and are very widely refuted. Breeders do have a place in society, but so do the rest of the population of the same planet.

    I helped raise around 500 students with disabilities caused by straight “abusive parent’s” and statistics easily substantiate the damage caused by “social” modelling….for those of you not understanding……social norms and acceptances are human made and are in no way naturally decided.

    Don’t start me on the divorce rate, real man syndrome,straight people’s high infidelity and disease rate???……..hhhmmmmm…….Cain and Able??? must have procreated with their mother….meaning, straight people must have all, “allegedly” come from incest. little wonder they don’t learn very rapidly.
    I truly hope you consider how homophobic this site is and know that homophobia is legislated against in Australia (as backward as this is considering groups like yours fear mongering.)

    It didn’t work for Hitler, so don’t make the same mistake and persecute others due to your own insecurities and biased straight babble.
    Be a better human and respect freedom to choose or keep your psychotic religious marriage concept where it was invented and stay the hell out of others business!!!!

    I don’t attempt to leave straight people with physical and/or psychological issues because they are different in sexual orientation, so why do it to us!
    I would not wish being gay on my worst enemies because of people like yourselves. This alone says it’s not a choice I nor anyone else makes.

    Great if your straight, just keep it to yourself….we don’t want to cause harm but the straight community seems to have a lengthy, violent and murderous track record of self absorbed homophobic opinion.

    The best solution for all is keep marriage in the church and out of the public office, give all laws equality and keep human made rituals in their imaginary church realm where anything can be claimed to true just because of belief and not provable science!

    I really hope you find this advice useful, even though your sadistic socialisation will probably make you think this is funny that you’ve harmed another gay person! This site does not open any questions or FORUM, it is purely another not so hidden homophobic slander site!

    Should you wish to respond I’d be more than willing to speak with you in person face to face, who knows we both might learn something about HUMAN NATURE!

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