Monthly Archives: May 2017

Australian Medical Association Ignores Facts to Support Politically Correct Same Sex ‘Marriage’ Campaign

The credibility of the Australian Medical Association has been called into question after choosing to step into the political arena and make spurious, unscientific claims regarding genderless marriage. The AMA quotes a “quasi-natural experiment”1 to bolster claims that “marriage” improved overall health outcomes among LGBTIQ populations. Perhaps of greatest concern is this claim by the AMA: “The...
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Why Penny Wong is wrong to silence Christians in the marriage debate

Penny Wong made some rather unfortunate comments recently. According to Penny’s belief system, everyone is welcome to their opinion on marriage and “Safe” Schools - except Christians. In her humble opinion, she and her ilk are welcome to “impose their beliefs on everyone else", but if your views are different to hers - keep quiet! The...
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