A young view of marriage

Contrary to the popular perception that all young people are in favour of same-sex marriage, young Australian Blaise Joseph dismantles the misconception that marriage is purely about love and equality. Rather, he argues, marriage is about upholding a societal ideal of natural, biological parenting in the best interests of children. He says:

"The practical consequences of gay marriage for children and society would be long-term but still very concerning. It would change the institution of marriage from being centred around the production and well-being of children to being based on the self-fulfilment of adults. It would obscure the value of opposite-sex parenting as an ideal, taking away the special status marriage gives to the best arrangement for the upbringing of children. Society departing from the favourable norm in this way would adversely impact children, forcing the state to have a larger role in their welfare, such as in education and health."

Read the full article here.

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