About Us

The Australian Marriage Forum (AMF) is an organisation that has been set up to encourage Australians to discuss the issue of same-sex marriagefreely, openly and respectfully.

We are people and organisations who are concerned at how advocates are pushing for same-sex marriage without really presenting the reality of what this means for our nation. We are disappointed with the one-sided debate which sees 'marriage equality' only in terms of adult rights, and we urge our fellow Australians to consider the rights and needs of the child as well.

This site will help people to think from the child's perspective in addition to the adults' perspective and consider what it means to normalise, with the force of law, a domestic model where a child is deprived of either a mother or a father. Further, this site will consider the implications for school education, where the normalising of homosexual 'marriage' will be used to further normalise homosexual behaviour. Finally, this site will look widely at implications for the stifling of free speech and free conscience that has been observed in overseas jurisdictions which have introduced same-sex marriage.

Some of our team and supporters are well-known public figures, some are lawyers and doctors and writers, many are just concerned citizens and parents. Some of our organisational supporters have been well known advocates in the field of family policy for decades, such as the Australian Christian Lobby and the Australian Family Association, while others are newer to the scene.

It's important to note that legislation to support same-sex marriage will have enormous consequences on our culture and we want an open and honest debate on this - free of the intimidation that so many defenders of natural marriage have been subject to in recent years.

So, let the debate be thoughtful, civil, and 'for the public good' of this great community of ours.


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