AMF to speak to the Senate Committee

The Chairman of Australian Marriage Forum, Dr David van Gend (submission 199), will join the managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Mr Jim Wallace AM (sub 147), at a full day of hearings before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee in Melbourne Friday 4th May.

The day will include testimony by teleconference from Professor Margaret Somerville AM (sub 65), as well as testimony from such stalwart spokesmen for natural marriage as Professor Tom Frame (sub 201), Major Brad Halse of the Salvation Army (235), and Dr Lachlan Dunjey of 'Doctors for the Family' (sub 229). These and other pro-natural-marriage viewpoints will be balanced by an equal number of opposing speakers; there will also be a full day's hearings in Sydney the day before.

After all the testimony is heard, and all submissions considered (note all published submissions are HERE), the Senate Committee will write a report for the benefit of all Senators (and any interested MPs and the public), summarising the arguments for and against the proposed Bills on homosexual marriage. This report is due on 6th June.

We need to maintain awareness amongst MPs that it is of the gravest concern to many Australians that marriage remain what human nature and human culture declares it to be: a man and a woman committed for life, establishing a home and typically raising a family. Click on this 'ACTION' button and drop your MP an email!!

Thank you for being part of this matter of life and death for our culture, and for our children.

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