Big Business Should Butt Out of Marriage Debate

After a rough start to the year, with major outages effecting thousands of bigbusinessunhappy customers, is it any wonder that Telstra decided their time is better spent focussing on their core service, rather than a campaign bent on coercing Australians to believe a lie about marriage?

Sadly, Telstra have since bowed to public pressure and rejoined the campaign.

In the face of plunging shares, perhaps Qantas should reconsider their position. Openly gay Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce is using his public platform to push his personal agenda but at what cost?

Now Facebook has been accused of censoring views that differ from its own social agenda, after removing a post by John Dickson from the Centre for Public Christianity.

It should come as no surprise to hear that a website dedicated to the objectification of women is protesting North Carolina's decision to stand firm on their decision to protect the safety of women and children in public toilets. The Australian Marriage Forum wholeheartedly supports their decision to block users in North Carolina and strongly recommends other pornographic websites follow their lead. If they would only block Australian users... because we all know #pornkillslove

An embarrassing decision by PayPal saw them pull out of a deal in North Carolina because they couldn't possibly do business with a place that puts the safety of women and children above the emotions of transgender people.

“PayPal does business in 25 countries where homosexual behavior is illegal, including five where the penalty is death,” NC Rep. Robert Pittenger wrote on Facebook. “Yet, they object to the North Carolina legislature overturning a misguided ordinance about letting men into the women’s bathroom?”

Washed up, middle aged performers Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams also seized upon the opportunity to get some free publicity by declaring their offence. But both have performed in countries where homosexuality is a crime.

"These are people and companies choosing not to provide services to a group of people as a means of protesting a law that allows people to deny services to groups of people. They are following their conscience and boycotting to overturn a law that allows people to follow their conscience. They are exercising their First Amendment rights in order to make a statement against First Amendment rights. They are discriminating in response to “discrimination.” What’s next? Will they fly a private jet around the world to lecture people about the dangers of fossil fuel?"

Australian companies declaring their support for Genderless Marriage, without consulting their employees or their customers, show a blatant disregard for the genuine concerns of everyday Australians and while claiming to create culturally a diverse workplace, they alienate the thousands of Australians from cultures that honour marriage between a man and a woman as sacred and who have genuine concerns for the children who will be engineered into a life without a mother or a father.

They greatly dishonour our First Australians and Custodians of our Land, who presented a traditional 'Bark Petition' to Parliament declaring that the plan to change the definition of marriage is offensive to them.

Corporate Australia should focus on improving their service, not destroying the family unit.

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