“Leave the demands on the shelf”

November 20th 2010 Homosexual commentator and journalist for the Australian, Christopher Pearson, argues that gay marriage proposals should be left on the shelf: “Labor's reforms in the last parliament mean that couples are treated pretty much equally except in the matter of marriage. But the few remaining privileges reserved for matrimony are there for sound, practical reasons...”...
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ban-marriage-big We want to live in a society where all people are valued, accepted and loved.

Freedom of choice, and freedom of expression are things that we hold dear in this nation. We support those freedoms. The claim that it is discrimination if marriage is not redefined to...
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Does Gender Matter?

Marriage is much more than a simple legal convention or social tradition. Humanity knows many different forms of relationships: close friendships, cousins, aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. Why is it that every society throughout human history has favored the relationship between a man and a woman who commit to one another?...
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The Impact. The Kids

It would be naïve to suggest that a significant social change can occur without an impact on society, on marriage, and on children. Marriage is an institution that long precedes us, and one that should remain long after we have gone. Tinkering with it may well be reckless so we must be prudent as we discuss...
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Same-sex marriage hurts kids

November 16th 2010 Family doctor, David van Gend, gets to the heart of opposition to gay marriage: “Homosexual people are not second-class citizens but a gay man certainly makes a second-class mother. Two lesbian women may be model citizens, but neither of them can be a dad to a little boy.” Read more…...
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