Father’s Day ad Ban Proves Marriage and Parenting are Intrinsically Linked

All this time Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Advocates have been telling us that marriage has nothing to do with family or parenting. They almost had many well-meaning Australians fooled. But it all unravelled for them this week, when a heart-warming TV Commercial celebrating Father’s Day was banned from FreeTV.

In case there was any doubt as to the link between parenting and same-sex marriage, FreeTV’s Lawyers confirmed it: “in light of the same-sex marriage plebiscite…comment upon a matter which is currently the subject of extensive political debate”.

“Political matter is defined as ‘any matter that appears to comment on, encourage participation in or attempt to influence a certain outcome within a political process’."

FreeTV has been playing similar community service announcements from not-for-profit organisation Dads4Kids for years, but in light of the upcoming marriage vote, the ads celebrating Father’s Day are now considered ‘political’ in nature because fatherhood, motherhood and marriage are intrinsically linked. It’s about time we were allowed to say that out loud!

“These television commercials are simply a gentle encouragement to Australian dads, and an affirmation that they are an important figure in the lives of their children,” spokesman Ben Pratt said.

“This Father’s Day ad has been stopped from airing on TV because it’s too ‘political. It’s a scary world where the role of a father can be outlawed. What next?” Liberal MP Michael Sukkar.

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