Fighting homophobia or promoting homosexuality?

Jim Wallace's latest contribution to the marriage debate:

ACT Education Minister Andrew Barr was pictured last week opening an "anti-homophobia" art display at a Canberra school.

So far so good. Everyone is against homophobia, but there is a fine line between that and promoting the lifestyle, especially for parents of school-aged children.

Barr was pictured with a "work of art" in poster form that included the statement "Love is not dependent on gender, what's your agenda?"

I am sure that, with all our empathy for people who may consider themselves inevitably gay, few parents would want to see this statement presented as truth to their children.

For the overwhelming majority of us, romantic love depends on gender. Few parents will want their children to be told, as this poster implies, that friendship or mateship inevitably lead as they mature to love; that the logical conclusion of this illogical proposition is that a sexual relationship may follow naturally from friendship with schoolmates of the same sex.

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