It’s Just the Beginning

Tuesday marked the end of the Marriage Postal Survey that saw 12.6 million Aussies have their say about what marriage really means to us.

We have seen tens of thousands of Australians step forward and volunteer or donate to help educate friends and neighbours about the real consequences of redefining marriage. We’re so thankful to each and every one of you.

Next week, the ABS will reveal the final result but we all know it won’t end there.

If a ‘No’ result is announced, we all know ‘Yes’ activists won’t simply walk away. Bill Shorten has already promised that if Labor wins the next federal election, SSM will be legal within 100 days, regardless of what his fellow Australians want. And in the eyes of LGBTQ activists, their long march through the institutions won’t be complete until the Marriage Act is changed.

If a ‘Yes’ result is announced, we are in for the fight of our lives, to defend and protect religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the rights of parents to be informed about and decide what their children are being taught at school.

The ‘Yes’ camp have claimed that there will be ‘no’ consequences whatsoever if marriage is redefined, but they are already bristling at the idea of amending the Dean Smith bill to offer adequate protections against the consequences they deny even exist!

One thing is certain, conservative Australians around the country have been galvanised by this campaign.

We’ve had to learn quickly how to take on this battle, without the wealthy supporters who have bankrolled the ‘Yes’ campaign, many of whom don’t even live in Australia!

This has been ‘the people’s campaign’. In a very short space of time, we have been encouraged and inspired by the thousands of Aussies who have knocked on doors, distributed flyers and learnt to find their way around the Coalition for Marriage app, enabling them to communicate with and encourage each other, despite suffering physical and verbal assaults from ‘Yes’ campaigners on a daily basis.

It doesn’t end here, whatever the result next week. And we’re ready.

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