Let the People Speak – Australians want to vote on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

According to this week’s Essential Report, more than ever before, Australians want to have their say on what marriage really means to us.

“61% thought that same sex marriage should be decided by a national vote, up 2% since August 2016, and 27% thought it should be decided by parliament, up 2% since August 2016.

“62% of those who supported same sex marriage would prefer a national vote, as would 68% percent of those who did not support same sex marriage.

“Men were more likely to prefer a vote in parliament (32% prefer) than women (21%).”

So, why are SSM activists so opposed to letting Aussies speak?

Why do they bully anyone who has the courage to admit that they support the current legal definition of marriage? People like Margaret Court, who faced a “trial by left-wing media”. By the way, you’re invited to Sign the Petition to support Margaret Court’s right to Freedom of Speech.

Claims that a vote would increase suicide rates amongst the gay community simply don’t add up, with data released by the National Suicide Research Foundation showing a decrease in suicides during the lead-up to the Irish Referendum.


In truth, the longer SSM Activists keep Australians waiting, the more time we have to witness the fallout in countries where SSM is legalised.

One such revelation has come out of New Zealand just recently where any organisation supporting the traditional family unit is no longer welcome. According to Marriage Alliance: “The New Zealand Charities Board has recently decided that they will strip Family First NZ of its charity status – because they advocate for the traditional family.”

Family First issued this statement: “Coincidentally, this [decision] followed the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New Zealand, which Family First had opposed, sponsoring a petition against the redefinition of marriage in 2012. The group fought deregistration and the Wellington High Court in 2015 told the board to reconsider...

“Apparently it’s OK to lobby for new ideas about human beings and the way they relate to one another, but not for the tried and tested ones on which societies currently depend.”

And in Canada, where gender has been removed from marriage, Ontario has passed a law allowing the Government to seize children from parents who oppose gender transition.

"I would consider that a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently," says Michael Coteau, Minister of Child and Family Services.

What’s perhaps even more frightening is that this is already happening in Australia where 300 schools in Victoria have agreed to facilitate gender changes for children as young as 6 without their parents’ knowledge or consent!

We know that the vast majority of gender-confused children will accept their birth gender by their late teens. So if these children have undergone hormone altering therapies and even surgery as minors and then go on to change their minds, or suffer from debilitating long-term effects from these treatments, whom do they sue? The school that facilitated the change, the Government that endorsed it, or the parents who are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of their children, even though their parental rights have been stripped away in pursuit of a genderless society?

Australians are waking up to the dangerous SSM agenda and all that comes with the SSM “package deal”. The longer they deny us our promised plebiscite, the more we will uncover about the real consequences of redefining marriage. Sign ACL’s petition today and let the pollies know you want the plebiscite!

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