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The Mardi Gras Parade, that proudly political protest march with its “marriage equality” float, was certainly the right time to place our gentle counter-protest. That decision, and the subsequent decision by SBS to ban our ad, has stimulated debate in a big way. The ad has been seen over half a million times in the last six days, and has posed the question, “What about equality for kids” on numerous radio stations, TV current affairs and media websites here and overseas.

Here is a sample of media coverage where the ad is played, AMF is quoted or the President of AMF is interviewed:



SBS TV: Should SBS have aired the anti-marriage equality ad?

Radio 2BG: Ben Fordham speaks with Dr van Gend as to why the ad didn’t run on SBS

Radio 2UE: Justin Smith speaks with Dr van Gend about the ad (near end of the page)

Catholic Leader: Standing up for children


 Article by AMF President:

Courier Mail: Opponents of gay marriage have a right to air their views, too


Australian print and online:

Sydney Morning Herald: Backlash after anti-marriage equality ad debuts on Mardi Gras Anti-marriage equality ad pulled from SBS TV

Channel 9: SBS pulls anti-same sex marriage ad from Mardi Gras telecast

mUmBRELLA: Ad watchdog says it will not rule on anti-marriage equality ad

2DayFM: Marriage equality ad pulled from TV

Sydney Morning Herald: Mardi Gras – SBS wrong to dump ad, say MPs

Gay News Network: Advocates condemn anti-marriage equality campaign aired during Mardi Gras

Mercatornet: Marriage equality? What about equality for kids?

Mamamia: Shame on you channels 7 & 9! This ad should never have aired.

Andrew Bolt: SBS sponsors just one side of a debate

IPA Freedom Watch: That marriage equality ad and freedom of speech

ABC The Drum: SBS should have run this offensive ad


Overseas coverage:

Daily Mail (UK): Party pooper!

TVNZ (NZ): Backlash at anti-marriage equality ad

International Business Times: Anti-gay marriage ad aired on Ch 7 & 9 during Mardi Gras

She Knows (US): Anti-marriage equality ad during Sydney’s Mardi Gras causes anger

Pink News (Europe): Australia: anti-gay marriage ads air during Sydney Gay Mardi Gras

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