Not all Gay People want Gay Marriage

'Anti Gay-Marriage gays'

by Ben-Peter Terpstra in ONLINE OPINION, 27 September 2010

From the ABC's Hungry Beast (2009): "If more than half of all Australians support same sex marriage, you'd at least assume that gay people would be in favour of it, right? Monique [Schafter] found out this isn't always the case. She spoke to a selection of gay people opposed to same sex marriage to find out why they held this view."

But Monique isn't alone, and for the record, I sincerely doubt that most Australians believe in "gay marriage," although I do accept that some polls are laughably unscientific.

Below are some don't-hide-them questions:

Who is seeking approval?

Eve Tushnet, a self-identified lesbian, holds the position that "homosexual activists are merely picking up on a trend begun by and for opposite-sex couples." In her view:

Same-sex marriage is just the next step in the divorce culture. The belief that marriage is merely the way that our culture expresses its approval of atomistic adults' sexual and romantic partnerships isn't new - it's the same "me generation" worldview that produced "fatherless America."

It is my contention that some leftwing homosexual activists are hungry for approval, and that they're consciously or subconsciously trying to mirror traditions.

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