On radio with ‘Amy’: “I desperately wanted a daddy”

This was a special few minutes during talkback radio a few days ago, when a young woman, call her 'Amy', rang to tell her story.

She had been raised by her mother and a lesbian partner. As a young girl, she describes the grief and loss at not having a father.

"I desperately wanted a daddy".

Hear her account of what it meant to be forced by her mother's choice to have no father in her life; hear of how she managed to discover who her father was and what came next.

As AMF President David van Gend summed up at the end, once Amy had finished telling her story:

"Straight from the heart and it clarifies everything: little girls need dads, big girls need dads; little boys need mums and they need dads… We mustn't mess with the deep things of human nature".

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