Our official launch of the ‘Think of the Child’ campaign!

MEDIA RELEASE Saturday 7th March, 2015



Australian Marriage Forum ad broadcast during Mardi Gras
- opposes "marriage equality" and calls for "equality for kids"

"For too long the same-sex 'marriage' debate has been framed solely in terms of the demands of adults", according to Dr David van Gend, President of the Australian Marriage Forum, speaking at the launch today of a multimedia campaign opposing same-sex marriage.

"We intend to reframe the debate in terms of the fundamental right of every child to have, wherever possible, both a mother and a father. That birth-right would be abolished by the institution of same-sex ‘marriage’, which carries with it the right to adoption and surrogacy. That deprivation is an injustice against the child".

URL: http://youtu.be/7tZzbfsTeYE

Discrimination against the child

Dr van Gend explained the timing of the launch this weekend: "We decided to broadcast our TV ad at the time of the Mardi Gras Parade because it is a political protest rally, broadcast nationally, which features a ‘marriage equality’ float. Our ad is a gentle but direct counter-protest, pointing out that ‘marriage equality’ for adults always means inequality for kids. That is the discrimination at the heart of so-called 'marriage equality', and that is what we oppose."

"Beyond that injustice against the child, our campaign will address other grave consequences of normalising homosexual ‘marriage’ in law, such as the radicalising of sex-education and the crushing of conscientious and religious freedom with the full force of anti-discrimination law", Dr van Gend said, during a promotional video for the 'Think of the Child' campaign.

URL: http://youtu.be/7tZzbfsTeYE


A choice and a challenge

Dr van Gend, who is a family doctor in Queensland, explained how society is confronted with a choice between giving priority to the demands of homosexual adults or to the rights of the child. "We have to choose; we cannot honour both the right of the child to have a mother and father, and the demand of same-sex couples to marry and form motherless or fatherless families", he said.

"In our view, same-sex couples are free to live as they choose, but they are not free to impose a motherless or fatherless life on a child."

"I conclude with a fact, a judgement and a challenge", Dr van Gend said today.

  • "The fact is that instituting marriage without a woman creates families without a mother.
  • The judgement is that it is wrong of us to deliberately deprive children of their mother.
  • The challenge, for all those activists and journalists who advocate "marriage equality", is to justify this profoundly unequal treatment of children, this violation of the deepest bond in a baby's life, this discrimination against kids done in the name of 'equality' for homosexual adults."

"Whether activists take that challenge to heart depends on their capacity to 'Think of the Child'", Dr van Gend concluded.



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