Our response to the Greens’ Bill to recognise overseas homosexual marriage

In the previous post it was noted that the Senate Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee is considering a Greens' Bill to recognize homosexual marriage solemnised overseas. The argument against that was contained in the last post, but the full submission from the AMF President, Dr David van Gend, went beyond the specific objection to Senator Hanson-Young's Bill, stating:

For those Senators (and their advisors) interested to consider the broader harms of any such Bill that would normalise homosexual “marriage”, I offer the following material. It is is divided into:

• Marriage: the biological & anthropological truth
• First harm: the deliberate creation of motherless and fatherless children
• Second harm: radicalising the child’s sense of sexual right & wrong
• Third harm: suppressing conscientious & religious freedom
• Fourth harm: the sexual radicalising of marriage
• Conclusion: politics & just discrimination

The full submission can be read at the Senate Committee site HERE.

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