Recent commentary on marriage

In the last few days, columnist Angela Shanahan and Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby have offered some further insights into the ongoing debate on marriage in this country.

Ms Shanahan wrote in The Australian that:

"People who have an interest in pushing the homosexual marriage agenda are really only exploiting the fact of modern fractured families. Even the gay commentator Andrew Sullivan pointed this out when he remarked that the only reason that gays can try for marriage, using the spurious notion of marriage equality, is because normal heterosexual marriage is in such a parlous state."

Meanwhile, Jim Wallace has questioned the validity of polls showing majority support for same-sex marriage in light of the recent report back to parliament by MPs with their constituents' views on marriage. He also says, "amendments to 85 pieces of legislation by the Rudd government removed any substantive discrimination against same-sex couples. This is not a matter of discrimination."

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