So much for ‘same-sex parenting is just as good for kids’

Truth will out in the end. Despite the handful of small dubious studies that portray same-sex parenting as 'just as good' as natural parenting, larger properly constructed studies say otherwise. Not that we need 'social science' to tell us the blindingly obvious - that a kid should have a mum and a dad. But here is the biggest study yet, and its conclusions include: “Emotional problems [are] over twice as prevalent for children with same-sex parents than for children with opposite-sex parents”. And no, that's not because they are given a hard time: "children with opposite-sex parents are picked on and bullied more than those with same-sex parents.” The writer makes a profound observation: that “the primary benefit of marriage for children, therefore, may not be that it tends to present them with improved parents (more stable, financially affluent, etc, although it does this), but that it presents them with their own parents.”

So why are our politicians contemplating a new institutional violation of the natural bond between a child and "their own parents"? Have we learnt nothing from the grief of children and "their own parents" from the forced adoptions era, or those children (see 'Tangled Webs') conceived by anonymous sperm-donation? Same-sex marriage, which means same-sex parenting in law, is just another way of messing with the fundamental biological relationships a developing child most needs: the bond with her very own mother and her very own father.

And why are victims of forced adoptions, donor-sperm conceptions, or even the 'stolen generations', not crying from the roof-tops that "Saying Sorry means Not Doing it Again"...

Hat tip to our friends at Mercatornet

For detailed discussion of the claim that there are 'no differences' between man-woman and same-sex parenting - follow that link to further important research on the impact of same-sex marriage/parenting on children.

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