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MEDIA RELEASE: ABC Play School celebrates the “Motherless Generation”

“There is nothing to celebrate about two little girls being deprived of their mother by two gay men”, said Dr David van Gend, a GP and President of the Australian Marriage Forum. “The Play School episode[1] on Thursday 28th showed two little girls saying how much they love going to the pool with their “two dads”,...
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POWERFUL VIDEO – gay men against gay ‘marriage’

This is a rare gem - two gay men opposing gay marriage: speaking with such sensitivity and conviction about the meaning of marriage and the rights of a child to have, where possible, both a mum and a dad. Repeat: "Two gay men opposing gay marriage". Please SHARE THIS ONE...
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Breastfeeding Equality for Gay Men!

  Breastfeeding brazilian Get with the programme: gender is a social construct, we are not mammals, mothers don't matter, there is no difference between male and female parenting. It is time to demand Breastfeeding Equality for gay men! Our nipples are as good as your nipples! Only when we have Breastfeeding...
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