The ‘Safe’ Schools Program is not Safe for our Kids

Increasingly it seems that the gay 'marriage' push is tied in with a radical sex-education and gender-bending programme in our schools.

As this site has long noted, if homosexual 'marriage' is normalised in law, then all manner of homosexual / bisexual / transgender behaviour MUST be normalised in culture, especially in the school curriculum, with the full force of anti-discrimination law.

Perhaps this helps us understand the sexual radicalism of the gay 'marriage' movement. Marriage is an institution the gay movement long despised but now demands: is that because the serious thinkers in that movement know that marriage law is the way to compel social attitudes through anti-discrimination law? Perhaps the driving psychological energy behind the push for gay 'marriage' is the raging need for homosexual people to force society to approve their behaviour and legislate it as being equally right, normal and good as natural sexual relations - and to obtain the legal power to force such teaching on all children.

The Safe-Schools (sic) programme is a sign of things to come - remembering that parents can (and do) oppose such programmes now, but would not be able to once homosexual 'marriage' (and therefore homosexual behaviour) is the law of the land.

At a time when we should be teaching our girls to have a positive body image and embrace their identity, the 'Safe' Schools program is teaching them to disfigure their bodies in order to appear more 'masculine.' It's painful, dangerous and even deadly. Are they serious??? It's time to take action and put a stop to his harmful program. Find out more here:

Queenslanders, Click Here to sign the epetition to put a stop to this dangerous program


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