VIDEO: analysis of harms of SSM by Rhodes Scholar in Sydney

This is an excellent presentation, over dinner at Campion College Sydney. Sherif Girgis makes clear the inner logic of marriage and the centrality of the child in the existence of this institution.

One passage was especially thought-provoking as to the impact SSM would have on the image of marriage itself in the minds of children born into our radically altered culture:

Think of the first generation of kids that’s growing up in a society that’s post the redefinition of marriage. From Day One they’re going to be taught a couple of things:
One is that marriage is mainly about adult emotional satisfaction and not about the needs of kids.
Two, that what makes a marriage is a certain type of emotional connection, so that when that emotional connection is gone it’s inauthentic, it’s dishonest to stick with it.
And three, that moms and dads don’t contribute anything special to parenting, that they’re perfectly replaceable, and that in fact it’s bigotry to think otherwise.
If you grow up with those three ideas from Day One, which is what you will do if the law teaches those, and through the law the educational system and culture more generally, then you’re going to have much less motivation to stick with a marriage when the going gets tough; when exclusivity and permanence start taking an emotional toll – a toll on your personal satisfaction – when you have no more motivation to stick with it for the sake of the kids (a commonplace today, but something that will make much less sense if you come to think that moms and dads don’t contribute something special)…

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