"Gay hate" labelling must stop: shooting at the Family Research Council

If this had happened the other way around, just imagine the international outcry... But this week's violence did not fit the cheap-shot media line about hateful bigoted opponents of gay marriage. Instead, it was the gay side doing all the hating and shooting. The day after the largest gay-rights group in the US branded the respected Christian policy institute Family Research Council (FRC) a 'hate group', a gay activist shot the security guard at FRC (Leo Johnson, pictured) declaring "I don't like your politics".

To the credit of at least one gay-marriage-supporting writer, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, this ugly event was condemned and the underlying ugliness of left wing groups calling Christian groups 'haters' was likewise condemned.

Enough of this intimidation and unjust labelling of those who defend natural marriage and the right of a child to have both a mother and father!

For more, see Dana Milbank's Post article, which opens:

Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights organization, posted an alert on its blog Tuesday: “Paul Ryan Speaking at Hate Group’s Annual Conference.” The “hate group” that the Republicans’ vice presidential candidate would be addressing? The Family Research Council, a mainstream conservative think tank founded by James Dobson and run for many years by Gary Bauer. The day after the gay rights group’s alert went out, 28-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins II walked into the Family Research Council’s Washington headquarters and, according to an FBI affidavit, proclaimed words to the effect of “I don’t like your politics” — and shot the security guard. Corkins, who had recently volunteered at a gay community center, was carrying a 9mm handgun, a box of ammunition and a backpack full of Chick-fil-A — the company whose president recently spoke out against gay marriage.

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