"Love knows no limits" – nor does disgraceful bullying

Watch this new video of how the gay juggernaut is crushing a gentle old lady, a florist, who dares stand in its way.

Her long-time friend and customer, Rob, now plans to 'marry' a man under Washington State's new 'marriage' laws. The elderly florist, after much soul-searching, tells him with a heavy heart that she cannot - in good conscience - give the work of her hands to decorate a same-sex 'marriage'. Her 'friend' sues her. The civil rights union and the state attorney-general put the boot in too.

Watch and understand: the main game behind normalising homosexual 'marriage' in law is to normalise homosexual behaviour in culture with the full force of anti-discrimination law - male-male couplings are to be acknowledged by all as being 'normal' and as honourable and right as natural marriage. Or else. Victory, at last, to the sixties sexual revolution! Nobody, not even a gentle florist, will be shown mercy if they show resistance.

RIP free speech, free conscience, freedom of religious observance, freedom of parents to guide the moral formation of their children.

Will we just stand by in the face of this new oppression?

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