Old grey Senator says NO to gay parenting (= hate speech); young gay actor says NO to gay parenting (= valid opinion)

Stranger than fiction. While the toxic sludge of the twittersphere settles on Senator Ron Boswell as its hate-object of the day (try #Boswell) for objecting yesterday (see HERE) to the marriage of two women because it stops a kid having a dad ("Who takes the boy to football?... Who takes him camping and fishing?") a suave gay actor - Rupert Everett - is saying exactly the same thing. The Senator speaks for so many people who oppose gay marriage because it means, by law, gay parenting, and that means forcing a child to live without a mother, or without a father. But because Rupert Everett is gay, while Bossie is the ungayest object on the planet, Everett can speak common sense (HERE) without comitting a hate-crime:

The star of the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love blazed a trail for gay actors when he came out as homosexual 20 years ago. However, he has been criticised by gay rights groups after giving an interview in which he decried same-sex couples who have children. The 53-year-old told the Sunday Times Magazine that his mother Sara had met his boyfriend but “still wishes I had a wife and kids.” “She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her,” he said. “I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads."

Where are the other gay men and women who are prepared to stand up for the rights of a child to know the love of both a mother and father? Where is your courage and decency to speak against a proposed law that will institutionalise the motherless or fatherless family?

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