‘Sports and homophobia’: of course, this is the right thing to do


At AMF we think there is more than enough intelligence in the Australian community to keep two separate things in our minds at once:

1. that it is right not to discriminate against our neighbours in matters like sports teams just because they have private same-sex attraction (which need have no bearing on their engagement in sport);

2. that it is also right to discriminate, justly, in favour of children having both a mother & father in their life, and so keeping marriage in its timeless natural sense of 'man and woman'.

But just watch this breaking news - a worthy story about various sports codes uniting against homophobia - being used to beat the drum about homosexual 'marriage'. Anyone for a wager?

As Einstein said, "There are only two infinite things: the Universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the Universe".

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